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work place yahoo

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I'm having a great day here at work! There are exercise classes offered on-site here and I have been pushing for a pre-natal yoga class. Well, I've just been told that they are going to schedule one! Hopefully they will find four other pregos who want to participte... this is the class minimum. Another cool thing is that I've been walking for part of my lunch hour to get my blood flowing and relax my mind outside... I wanted to find other pregos to walk with and so asked the fitness coordinator if she could tell me of anyone (I work in a large male dominated place). Well, she enlisted me to be a prego walking group mentor. She said that there are several first time mammas who will benefit from my excitement and confidence ... what a compliment!!! It makes me feel even stronger to hear this.

Just wanted to share my excitement at how supportive my work environment is turning out to be and encourge others to reach out in similar ways... it feels good to connect.
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Oh, this is great! You can be a great influence on those first time mamas! Lucky you about the classes, too!

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How cool - we have some yoga classes at my work as well.

You need not find other preggy ladies - surely non-preggo people can also benefit from the pre-natal yogo? You should ask that!!

Good Luck
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