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OH mamma! My heart is SO full for you 3 right now!

Be Well and tell your lil one how loved she is by all of us!!
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I am so proud, happy and tearful for you! Such a journey you have been on! Thank you for sharing your pregnancy and dear new daughter with us!


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Congratulations and though you dont "know" me i've been moved greatly by this sweet miraculous event! Thanks for allowing us all to be a part and then... please.... WHERE are those pictures??? i cant find them.
Oh- i love your daughters name!
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Oh i found them!

Sooo beautiful-- every one!!! Thank you.
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YAY! Congrats and welcome Brigit Naomi!
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I don't 'know' you, but it has been a privilege being in the same due date club with you. The congratulation messages sent to you on a few threads on MDC have brought tears to my eyes (and I'm not usually one to cry just like that).
What a beautiful miracle you have now after waiting (from what I understand) so long!
Congratulations to both you and your dh!
Enjoy your babymoon with Brigit Naomi (lovely name, by the way)!
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Adina your story sonds like a fairy tale without the sappiness. I feel very privileged to have been able to follow you on your journey. Your capacity to share is incredible, and will benefit sweet Brigit so much.

The interesting thing is that now's the start.

SHe looks like she won't be a person to waste much of her life sleeping, like my Audrey. The only thing that has gotten me through many very sleepless hours is the faith that once she's bigger, I'll look back on it with joy, and she'll have more life than "normal" people.

That was some long pushing.
Jojoba really soothed my tears.
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Congratulations Adina : Welcome Brigit
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Congratulations! and welcome to motherhood
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Those nuchal hands can be pretty ouchy. You did great! I'm so so so happy for you Adina! Enjoy your babymoon and welcome to Mothering!
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YAY Adina! *WELCOME BABY BRIGIT!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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Mom to 4 daughters and ? due end of April
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Congrats Adina Welcome baby Brigit!
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Congrats Adina! Love the pictures, and her name too!
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What a great story and what a gorgeous baby!! I am so happy for you guys I could cry. Happy and peaceful babymoon!
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Congratulations -- I'm so, so happy for you!
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Awww, so awesome!!!!
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Congratulations!!! :
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Congratulations on your beautiful homebirth and your new baby girl!!:
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