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congrats. my 1st child was also born on 4/28 (2000)
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Aw shucks Adina, I feel your pain on the labial tears, literally. I hope we are both feeling a lot better in a day or two.
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: : : :
I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to see the new babe! Floridex works wonders.
Welcome Brigit!!:
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Adina, Hugest congrats from the bottom of my heart - I am so happy that your wishes came true!!! What a blessing you are to little Brigit...
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Congratulations, Adina! Welcome, Brigit!
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Congratulations, Adina!!!! Welcome sweet Brigit!

I had a compound hand and labial tears, too. Yowza...I hope you're healing well. Another idea for iron is Complete Iron System by Rainbow Light. That's what my midwife gave me. Suck down that floradix!!!

Bless you!
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I couldn't walk without using Dermoplast spray and putting Tucks Pads in my undies. Try it, it worked wonders for my tearing! Also Comfrey Root baths helped too. I'm sure you're already doing a lot better though. You're making me miss my birth SO BAD! Makes me want to have another one! Good luck and enjoy that little one!
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Oh congratulations!!!! What a beautiful birth story!
Makes me want to have another little babe around here...

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Woohoo Mama!!! I'm so proud of you! Congratulations!!!
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Welcome to the world, little girl ... and mazal tov to your mommy&daddy ...

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Adina - congratulations on your new little one - she sure is sweet. The photo titled "long day" is so much like one I have of my dd about 8 hours after her birth - she's laying just like that with her little fist by her face.

Enjoy your time with Brigit!
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Yeah! You go girl! What a wonderful birth - and I the name!
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: : Congratulations, Mama Adina!!! You did it!! Thank you so much for sharing your birth story! Hoping those tears heal up quickly. Happy Babymoon!! : :
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Congratulations, Adina !!!!!!!!
Great birth story.
We don't "know" either, but I've followed your journey always wishing to read about this moment. Thanks for sharing.
And welcome to this world little Brigit.
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I'm a bit late here, but Congratulations Adina and Gary, and welcome to the world Brigit

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