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Do any of you use a written routine of sorts? Kinda like the nanny 911 version? I am watching 2 babies, 1 toddler, a 5 year old and a 7 year old (the toddler and 7 year are mine) and I have a house to clean, I am in the PTO, hopefully soon to be on the board of directors at my boys' montessori school, and I have a 15 year old daughter. There are not enough hours in my day so i need to use them wisely, any suggestions on how to stay on track?
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I find I make them I don't use them.
1. I suggest time before bed to organize clothing, food, things for the next day.
2. connect activities to save on time (while watching tv do ironing... I don't iron that saves time After showering spray the shower.

I have set times for food, I also try to put appointments/errands on Monday mornings gets the depressing stuff over early in the week

But I'd honestly say do a time study on yourself keep a diary of sorts with what you did and your frustrations how long it took you to do things. If you are taking 1 hour to cook dinner could you do something to cut that down?
Are there things that could be handled like - dh goes to work every morning at 8am.. what could he easily do on his way out the door - trash, recycling, mailing letters, returning movies. If you have a system more than a schedual, life disrupts scheduals very easily. Keep a spray bottle of water and vinegar and after peeing spray the mirror and the sink...
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when I did daycare we had a daily/weekly schedule. I am pretty sure it was written down until I got in the groove. it was flexable because all my kids were part time (7 kids coming and going) but if I only had one they just came along on errends and what not. i found it really helpful.

also I don't kow if you are getting paid and or reporting that income but if you do any cleaning after the kids leave, prepping for next day write it all down. you can deduct rent and untilities from that time to decrease you taxable earnings kinda like getting paid. those were th ings I always made sure i scheduled into my day. I counted the hour before the first child came and an hour after the last child left.
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I wasnt aware that I could write off cleaning supplies. Thanks for the heads up. I know I can gas, food, half of my rent and utlities but had never thought of cleaning supplies, Thanks!

I want to wake up earlier and get to bed sooner. Up at 5 and down at 10 is my goal. If I wake at 5 I can get that morning coffee kid free, maybe start doing that Yoga I have been wanting to start, throw a load in, get dressed and made up, then the kids should start pouring in. After breakfast take the kids on a morning walk to the park, play, (bring snacks of course) then come home, lunch, naps, free play and arts and crafts, then they start going home, prep dinner, clean up, jump online one last time and then watch Idol lol. But my problem is sticking too it. (I am such a slacker)
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