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Things to do

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I'm in my 7 month and I need things to do to get ready for my frist baby. I have cleaned all I can now I just have to keep up with it :. We rent so there not much I can do with the baby's room. I don't work so I have the whole day time to do things and I'm felling good. I'm a crafty- arty person. I have made a slip cover for my CoSleeper and plan on makeing a quilt. This is my frist baby so I don't real know things I sould do that will make it easier on me when the baby is here.

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You could learn how to make your own cloth diapers if you're really crafty

Easier projects: you could make your own sling, or how about creating a mobile to hang over the changing table?

Have fun!
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Oh oh I'm crafty too and would love to hear ideas! Sad to say I can't sew though... *sigh* Me and Dh are already going to make our sidecar crib that converts to have a 4th side like a normal crib if we need to (like I don't want to lay down for a nap or something)...
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Felt baby booties! (Martha Stewart has a pattern.) Easy and cute! Knitted baby booties!

But seriously, I'd spend some time making chili, lasagna, baked beans or whatever casserole-type food you like and putting it in your freezer. Hands-down number one suggestion.
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Draw up a budget? Pre-pay your bills for the first couple of months of baby's life? Ever since the birth of dd, I have found it really hard to do financial stuff.
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Crazy things that made a difference:

Finish all projects.

Make a christmas card list on the PC so you can just print labels at Christmas.

MAKE FOOD!!!!and freeze it. You will love yourself for this later.

Go ahead and baby proof. Put away all breakable, sentimental items now. My daughter has broken everything of value here. So I have a lot less. I would have rathered have it in boxes.

Have the car repairs and maintenance done now. Getting a car to the shop with a little baby is a real PITA.

Make gifts for labor support peoples, midwife, dr.'s etc.. You wont have time after baby and it will make a big difference now.

Be on the lookout for books at yardsales. I spent alot of time reading while nursing my newborn. We do not have TV so I read lots of books while sitting around holding the baby.
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Cook and freeze!
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In addition to the things suggested above, I really wish that I had gotten the final things finished that I'd need to make daily life easier once the baby was here. I ended up having my baby at 35 weeks, so I just wasn't ready yet.

Think about nursing. Where will you want to do it? Make sure there's some sort of table next to all the chairs you see yourself nursing in. If you don't have a cordless phone right now, get one.

You'll also spend a lot of time changing the baby, so get what you need to set up as many changing stations as you need. We have a changing table in the nursery, a pack 'n play with a changing table on it in the master bedroom (where baby sleeps), and a changing pad in the living room. Not only will you need a surface for changing on, but you'll need all the things that you use during a change. If you're using cloth dipes and wipes, some type of squirt bottle with water in it is good to have. I'm still looking for a really nice basket to hold everything for the changing station in the living room and wish I had done that sooner.

Also, this one isn't as major, but it took me a few nights to get a good plan for drinking throughout the night. Nursing makes you thirsty, and I don't like water out of the bathroom sink. Our master bedroom is upstairs, so I also didn't want to be going up and down the stairs all night. What I ended up doing is getting a 1/2 gallon Thermos. I fill it with filtered ice water from the kitchen each evening and use it to fill my glass throughout the night.

With all that shopping, you'll need to relax, so buy a cute cross stitch pattern to do while you sit. You can fill in the baby's name and birthdate after s/he's born.
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thanks I have done most of everything you guys said so I'm thinking I'm doing good. I will see lol
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wow Mel- would you like to come to my house & help me redecorate the bedroom I'm working on?

I will hopefully be done with work soon (shooting for end of March) & then I would love to get to some of the stuff on this list!

Did you use a pattern for the co-sleeper cover? We have borrowed one but haven't had time or space to set it up yet so I can't get a look @ what the slip cover would be like. I am also due in May so I am just hoping that having April off will give me time to get half way ready!

blessings, maria
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No pattern for the co-sleeper cover it was some what easy it is like coving a box.
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