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May Declutter Challenge

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I guess it will be me to start this. I started the January one and it went real well. We did 500 items challenge.

This time I have had a lot happen over the last few months- dd2 came early, we need to get her room ready etc.

So this challenge is to list what you intend to get done in the month of may. Make a list and do it. For example if you want to "tackle the garage" right down what it intails and get it to done.

My list-

I need to get my dd2's room ready. She will be sleeping in our room for a long while, but having her space is important. So=

Get office equipment out
give table away, move desk and file cabinet into bsmt
make and hang curtains.
get closet ready and hang her stuff in there
move dresser/changing table in and get cd stuff all ready in there.
dh will build dd1 another dresser
find rug for ground since we have hardwood floors
new rocking chair-dh wants to build as well
find a new home for laundry sorter
use up ink in printers and then buy new smaller printer to go w new laptop
take old pc and office chair to dh's office

Also since I have been going back and forth to the NICU, my playroom is a major diastar. It needs major decluttering I want 250 items gone.

if anyone wants to join, lets get going!
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Well, I joined the April one and never got started. So I am trying again.

Counting items really works for me so my goal is 300 items.

I know May doesn't officially start until tomorrow but I'm going to count some items I just got rid of on freecycle in the past few days
-2 decorations
- 5 workbooks
- 4 rubberstamping items

Gave away a game we never played to a friend
gave away free for shipping a math textbook and workbook

I'm accumulating a big pile for the children's consignment store but I won't count those until I actually drop them off.

So my total so far is 14.
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I'm in.

Counting works for me too, but I have to say that posting a to-do list should hold me accountable as well

I have to think about my list - I'll post later. I was able to get rid of 467 items last month (missed my 500 goal, however). I'm going to shoot for only 200 this month -- I need to focus more on organizing and less on purging this month.

Amys1st: Thanks for starting us off with a new challenge! And congrats on your new DD!
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Well I'm in for as long as the baby stays put.

Finished last month with a total of 220 toward my 500 goal. This month I am just going to keep going toward that so I guess my May goal is 280.

My main goal is to keep the house clean until the baby comes so I won't have to clean for a bit after that. My second goal is to get the rest of the baby stuff organized and then once we find out the sex of this one either get rid of all the pink we have or wash it and not have to buy anything My third goal is to move my stuff out of the closet that is now going to be dd's (I have been using it since we moved in 6 years ago because it is a big walk in one).

Happy decluttering everyone!
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I made a good dent in the playroom this morning before dd1 got up. I need to re arrange it a bit to freshen it up. Then if she still dosent play w some toys, I can put them away for now.
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My May goal is to get all the baby clothes and diapers I've recieved (second hand and new) washed and organized in the new dresser an MDC mama gave me (THANK YOU OntheFence!!!!)

Also to get the guest room set up as my birthing room

Beyond that, my long term May goals are to keep decluttering in prep for our move at the end of June.
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Mine is to get the homeschool/office set up and unpacked. I need to take out all the boxws that I didn't know what to do with and start tossing stuff out!!! I managed 6 boxes of stuff and a box of books last month. This month I'm going for 8 boxes of stuff and 2 boxes of books. I have a lot of books!!!
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I'm going to join in for the first time, if that's ok?

I'm setting a goal for 500 items, too. The catch is (and I don't know if this is allowable, but it's what I'm gonna do ....) some of those items may not leave my house. I'm hoping to have a big yard sale in June or July. So, I'm going to be making a "yard sale pile."
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I'm in. My reasonable goal of 200 has been working for me these past 2 months, so I will stick with that number.

My to do list:
Continue cleaning out the garage. Find a home for all those I don't know what to with items so that we can actually park dh's car in the garage.

Start cleaning out the 2 storage closets in the basement. I can probably toss/donate/sell just about everything in there. Maybe I will do another yard sale.
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I just discovered this forum yesterday. I'm not sure how counting items works, but I'd like to makea list for accountability anyway, if that's okay?

**oldest son's room -- finish overall clean, then finish organizing drawers (he's helping). closet in room, clean out
**empty storage boxes, donate unused/unwanteds, re-store out-of-seasons/keepers
**clean under futon
**big bedroom closet -- clean out, donate, organize
**set up sewing/craft room (including buy storage bins)
**buy somemore baskets for storage
**buy plastic boxes w/lids for laundry room use
**clean out upstairs freezer
**re-organize hallway closets (wejust cleaned one out and turned it into a linen closet, so now I have to work on that one and the previous linen/medicine closet)
**big bedroom -- finish sorting and organizing boxes and piles of clothes

I think that's about enough. I'd like to add the kitchen in there, we'll see how I do with the other stuff. My main goal is always to just keep it picked up but, umm...doesn't always happen

Namaste, Tara
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Ok, we are in for 100 items. We are pretty new to decluttering, and with a sick babe and homeschooling I am going to keep our challenge modest.
For projects, I would like to clean out our garage!
That alone will take major freecycling and recycling.
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Decluttering garage and house

I'm in. I'm 33wks prg and I want the garage organized. We have move 4 time in the past 2 years and there are some boxes that who knows what is in them. I need to find baby stuff, because it kills me to go out and buy things that I know I have, just because I can't find them. But that's what I do and I will do it no longer . I will edit back and make a list of things when I make it myself.
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I'lld like to join this month too...I think I'lld like to set a goal of geting rid of 500 things too. I am going to be working on setting up more systems...I am going to work on organizing all the baby clothes again as Noah is growing out of so many, and I really have a ton(hand medownsetc..) and put in age size season baskets or bins. My books also need to be better organized and weeded through and last but not least getting to the recycle center on saturday...I have a months worth of recyclables but do not get pick up..Anyway Imrambling. Am happy to join up...
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This is my first ever post on mdc. I am so in for this. 200 items! We are having a garage sale in 2weeks and its OUT OF HERE! What doesn't sell will get donated. How fun!
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Yippee! I participated in the February challenge which was the first one I've ever done. We plan to move from Indiana to Denver sometime in the next 2 weeks -2 months, so we can definitely use another one.

I am going to try the 500 item thing and also work on the following three things (suggestions from my dh, who will definitely be my partner in at least the middle one)
1. dd's toys -- getting rid of tons are either very similar or that she is growing out of -- she didn't start with tons, but suddenly has lots. ideally i could sell them for teeny bits of money, but one way or another we need to have lots less toys moving with us.
2. sort through boxes in the basement -- this is still leftover from the february challenge, though there is certainly less there than there was at the beginning of february. we need to go through the boxes, get rid of a lot, put the remainder in smaller boxes, and label them extremely well...
3. Kitchen paraphernalia - we have stuff we never use and we have things like spatulas that really just need to be replaced and knives that really don't cut.

so those are our main goals!
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I'm still pretty new to this whole site, discovering new fora all the time. My main goal I can't fit into the month of May: all of our stuff is in storage in western NY state, and we are living in Chattanooga, TN. Needless to say, going without my "stuff" for over 3 years has really depressed me! I figure if we can get our stuff down here at tax time next year, we'll be doing fine.
As far as what I can do for this month, hmmmm..... need to organize the front porch more so my honey has a work space, and I can hang up my laundry. (We live in a small trailer for now. Not allowed to have a workshop outside, nor a clothesline.)
*organize my file cabinet to a more manageable level
*hang pictures on walls to get them off my bookshelf
*make books more accessible on shelf, meaning find places for the other things on the shelf!
*dun out the clothes... we have too many for the space we're in.
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Posting for accontability also I'm 21 weeks pregnant and want to get everything streamlined before baby gets here. Because I seem to have more excuses than ambtion to clean up lately, here's my list :

[ ] Shelf in the cat closet (hall closet became the cat's room so that it can escape from the dogs... but now my AC, fan, vacuum, BBQ stuff are displaced!

[ ] Dump old equipment from old job that apparently doesn't want it's equipment back

[ ] use that above space to put all our financial stuff in one place

[ ] Put officy type stuff in a box (envelopes, current bills, etc) instead of on baby's dresser

[ ] Buy fabric and make a diaper stacker to corall the piles of baby's diapers

[ ] Realistically go through fabric in storage and dump ruthlessly

[ ] Cut remaining diaper fabric into diaper peices

[ ] Clean bottom cupboard and make mouseproof

[ ] Dump old mouse traps so cat doesn't get stuck in them

[ ] Go to dump

[ ] Dump most of the toxic cleaning supplies, assemble a cleaning caddy with the rest

[ ] Organize DH's and my closets again

[ ] Sew curtain for my closet

[ ] Sew curtians for the kitchen, living room, hall

[ ] Go through stuff stashed under our bed

[ ] Clean out freezer

[X] Clean out fridge

[ ] Organze cleaning rags (any ideas? We use a ton of rags since tryign to break the disposible paper towel habit!)

[ ] Sew dust covers for mixer, grain mill, espresso machine, coffee maker

[ ] Dishes daily

[ ] Vacuum daily
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I'm new to posting to this forum ( I've been lurking!) and wanted to join in this month. I am going to try and declutter and get rid of 200 items for my first month!!
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oh great lots of joiners! This will keep me honest in my quest!

I hit the plyroom today and weedled out a ton of junk etc that seemed to find its way in there. I also have a big box going in the living room that I added all kinds of odds and ends to. Also I donated 10 hardcover books to the library today- they were very happy w the selection.

I arranged for a pickup of a charity too so this will all be gone before long!

dh is going thru his clothes tonight since his dresser is filled to the brim and add the big garbage bag I have going in our bedroom.
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Welcome everyone!!

We had a pretty successful night -- we got rid of two large chairs and a bookcase Our area has a list like Freecycle, but you sell things very cheaply. So, we made $45 too

I was planning to think about my list while DD was napping today, but I am wiped out and napped too

Tomorrow's plan is another load to the thrift store (books, clothes, VHS tapes)
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