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My first challenge! Here is my list...

Clean out all of my junk drawers.

Use the three large drawers in the linen closet for all the blankets I clean out of Isaiah's closet.

Find some type of shelving unit for Isaiah's closet.

Get rid of the old dresser shoved in Isaiah's closet.

Find a space or a drawer strictly for my PTO and School Board paper work for the new school year.

Clean my closet and give away all the stuff we dont need in it.

Clean out the cupboards and clean them out, tossing away that mystery spice that I have carried around for 10 years.

Clean the front porch by tossing out the laundry basket full of matchbox cars that no one every plays with (they just toss them into the bushes fun fun) and all other junk finding its home on there.
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Count me in! I'd like to start modestly and trim by 150 items this month. I'm still afraid...
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Well, we are moving into our new house, so my goal is to unpack at least half the boxes (they aren't all here yet, I'm not sure when we are going to move the rest out of storage, so all is pretty far fetched) and find a place for everything and DITCH the stuff that I haven't missed in the last 6 months and/or never used before. I unpacked a kitchen box today and in it found several bizarre cooking implements I received as gifts I don't even know what they do! Why didn't I get rid of this when I was packing it?!?! We did leave quite a bit behind (I think I donated like 30 boxes and 30 garbage bags full of stuff plus other stuff to the salvation army)
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I've been reading along for inspiration and am all for public accountability since follow through is my biggest challenge. As in, last month even though you all inspired me to cleanse my wardrobe, the garbage bags of stuff only got shifted out of my room and into the basement. Arrrrgh! :

The must:
--get clothing donations out of house
--get lawn clippings out of garage
-- cull baby clothes already outgrown, move in new
--sort through at least 12 storage bins, reduce contents to fit in 6 bins
--fill 3 new boxes of household items for donating
--recycle at least 24 inches (stacked) of no longer necessary office paper
-- sell 30 books to a used book store (and do not replace!)
--fill 8 boxes for the garage sale AND price the items
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Still no to-do list, however, we made a big trip to the thrift store yesterday:
66 books, 17 videos, cassette tapes, pet items, bag of summer clothes.

I sold DD's old playgym too.

I'm counting the bag as only 1 -- so 95 items. Oh, and three old blankets to the animal shelter. So, 99 + 3 = 102

My to-do list is to make my to-do list :
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Since MAggie could be home as early as next week, we are putting it in high gear. The old office is clearing out and in goes her stuff. We have a charity pick up next friday and then the rummage sale at our church in June so we always have a truck load of things we somehow find for them

My issue- we have been on the declutter bug for about 3 years or so now. We are real good about not having it around so how the heck do we manage to find stuff to give to this sale when we have less and how do people who do not get this stuff out of their home live with it????
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Make and hang curtain for porch door

Buy a laundry sorter http://www.stacksandstacks.com/html/product34_0.htm

Sort through kids clothing so I know what I need to buy for this baby

Go through all of our clothing and get rid of un-worn, worn out, too small clothing

Put away cold weather clothing

Repair drawer on Jacobs dresser

Find a dresser for baby

Start saving for a new vacume

Declutter kids toys

I am dune in June so we'll see how much I get done.
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I am going to strive for 500 items this month...including some that will go to a yard sale AND to not buy anything that I don't absolutely have to have to survive! I have 2 large rubbermaid totes of stuff I have bought over the past 2 months sitting in my basement and I haven't had any reason to get any of the stuff out in 2 months which tells me I didn't need it in the first place!

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I laugh at my goal!

OK - I had said 500 & I'm sticking with it, but we're off to a ssssllllooooowwww start.

DH did a little on the garage yesterday & we got rid of 10 things. BUT - then we got distracted and had to quit.

So - woot! - 490 to go. The best part is we put it out for trash & the scrap metal folks came & got most of it within the hour, so at least I don't feel too bad about just tossing it in the trash.

I really want to get started on the attic and/or basement this weekend.
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Originally Posted by m9m9m9
I have 2 large rubbermaid totes of stuff I have bought over the past 2 months sitting in my basement and I haven't had any reason to get any of the stuff out in 2 months which tells me I didn't need it in the first place!

I can understand! BTW- love your name Maggie!
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yesterday we took a bag of books to the used bookstore. on the way home i realized i forgot to count them, but dh says maybe 12... so that's a start -- we've gotten rid of 12 items! ooh, and he's mailing out a book today --

13 items!
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I can't remember if I posted yet

I don't see my name in a quick scan so I'll assume I didn't.

I haven't been keeping count of items but I've sent probably a dozen 30 gallon trash bags to Goodwill so far.

Every time I pick something up I try to find something to donate. Trash too of course.

Okay I have two items in my hand right now. I'll put them in a trash bag for Goodwill. I found 3 things for the trash.

I've made a vow not to buy any more storage containers. This will mean putting some clothes in trash bags but that's okay. I'm trying to save where I can and I figure 15-20 dollars for containers is money I don't need to spend. So I'm consolidating what I have and getting rid of stuff to clear containers. I have enough containers full of miscellaneous junk that needs to either be put away or leave the house.

Okay, back to work now.
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I'm going through fabric on my list. Wow, any other fabric hoarders here? This baby is kicking me into high gear, I'm throwing out fabric that I never really liked but have been keeping and packing from house to house because I might use it some day. And little tiny scraps of fabric. Sheesh! Cut all the stuff I had been saving for diapers into actual diaper shapes using the pattern and threw away all the scraps. What was a whole shelf full has turned into 1 bin, whopee! And I'm going through the rest today, about 1/2 done.

DH is working Saturday so I'll use that time to actually finish the curtains for this place. Maybe make some diapers to sell also, we had to fix the brake roaters on the truck, ooohh boy, didn't see that one coming. Had to get new tires last month, new back window last month also, that added up to a total of $1900, $1100 more than we were expecting. Don't think my diapers can set that off by too much, but they'll help. Yikes.

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Cleaned out the office and took out the computer table- bil will pick up this weekend. DH took the chair and monitor to the office and the hard drive will follow after bil reimages for him.
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My list... finally!!

1) Empty microwave cart and find new homes for ALL contents. DO NOT PILE SOMEWHERE.
2) Sell empty microwave cart
3) Plan rooms in house. Make decision about furniture. Pare down where necessary. (I'm going to start a thread for help in this dept.)
4) Freecycle/donate more household "extras" - extra shower curtains, linens, etc
5) Get DH's car back in to the garage (this involves clean-up and donations)
6) Organize DD's clothes - I'm going to try a 3 bin system. One bin for "keepers" for the next baby, one bin for consignments and the final bin for donations.
7) Plan backyard space - deck? patio? remove a tree?
8) Plan laundry room re-do

It's a big list, but the month is still young
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so i've bagged up some of dd's toys -- hopefully we'll get rid of more. and yesterday i started going through one of the boxes from the basement -- lots of letters from the last 20 years (seriously)

so between things we hope to take to the 2nd hand store this afternoon and things i've trashed, we are up to 84 items! woo hoo! this move is helping be be brutal!
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Sounds good

I'm new but would love to take this challenge too. I think I could find 500 things to declutter the house . Here we go[SIZE]
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bagged up tons more stuff to take to the second hand store as soon as dd is up from her nap, threw a bit more out, and made a small bag of stuff to take to someone at church tomorrow. we are up to 176 items! (i really do count each clothing item, i figure if it helps me keep decluttering, it's worth it -- hope no one thinks this is cheating! )
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I'm on a rampage. My garage sale is two weeks from today and we're moving in two months so anything that's not nailed down and used frequently must go!!! I need to go through the kids' closets once more and go through the boxes in the attic and outbuilding to find MORE stuff to sell! That's my goal for this month!!
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Didn't get rid of a lot of stuff yet this month, but have washed and organized tons of baby stuff.

My total so far

10 items to garbage/recycling

280-10=270 to go
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