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Hey March Mamas!! It's QUIET in here...how are the babe's??

Avery is doing GREAT, she's 5 weeks & 5 days now. And...she's HUGE, LOL!! Wish I could give a weight but I have no clue what she weighs as she hasn't ever been to a Dr. & I'm pretty sure my really old bathrm. scale isn't too accurate so I never bothered. Nursing very (too?? ) well...SUPER clingy which, strangly, I LOVE ...lemme see, what else...I dunno. Smiles & starting to make laughing sounds & likes to "talk" to us. Sounds like "goooooo" (not like "goo-goo" but like gooooo as in "go away!!") & "geeeeeee"... Maybe the best part is she NEVER EVER cries!! She's so content, as long as she's held, which Daddy & I happily oblige.

Who's next?? Anyone??
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I'm thinking we might move our discussion to the Life with a Babe forum, now that things have slowed down here!
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I have a 7-week old chub! Bf is going great.

I am struggling with trying to be an AP mom of 2, though. I would like to say Kian never cries, but he does all too often while I am rushing around trying to take care of something (like changing ds1). I use a sling, but some things I just can't do with him in the sling very easily. I feel like I'm not meeting either of my kids' needs very well.
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Originally Posted by honeybee
I feel like I'm not meeting either of my kids' needs very well.
I hear ya. I've got a 3-year-old in addition to my new little daughter. Their needs always seem to coincide, so one is forced to wait while I meet the needs of the other. DD is quite finicky about when she wants to be worn in the sling or bjorn, so babywearing (unfortunately) isn't a cure-all for us.

I'm ever so slowly getting used to the mom-of-2 thing, though. Sometimes I even enjoy it.

Maria is totally porking out, too. She's 6 weeks, 2 days today, and though I don't know exactly what she weighs, I'd guess at least 12 (but probably 13) pounds. She's got so many chins & dimples & fat rolls already! She's fast outgrowing all her 0-3 months clothes.
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I"m still here, but I've been sick with a stomach bug. Thank God for BM. Dear Ellie doesn't seem to be getting sick.

She's 5 weeks 5 days and doing great.
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Seamus is 4 weeks old yesterday and is weighing in at 12lbs already!! He was due March 24th, but came in April. He sure is keeping me busy. I never thought it would take me 2 hours or more to get us ready to leave the house!! I thought I was tough just juggling school and a baby but I really admire you mom's of multiples..woah hard work!!
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Joshua is 2 months + 1 day old. He started breastfeeding today (!!), finally, and I'm thrilled to not have to pump anymore. I even tandem-nursed him and my 29-month old this evening, which was awesome. I haven't tandem-nursed since my twins were babies. It was definitely a different experience with a toddler and an infant, but pretty cool and I felt amazing being able to make both of them happy at the same time.

Joshua is 13lb,5oz and 24" (had a doctor appointment today). He is on Prilosec for severe GERD (had an upper-GI that confirmed the diagnosis) and that makes a world of difference in his temperament. He's a MUCH-happier baby now! He "talks", grins, almost laughs and is an overall delightful little guy. I love to cuddle him and kiss his sweet little head!

Here is a picture from Monday. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...ling8weeks.jpg
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Awwww....Kate, what a fantastic baby grin! His eyes look so happy! Glad to hear he's doing well.....and WHOA what a great weight! You must be so thrilled to breastfeed, too.... for the dedication.

honeybee~ Yeah, being AP with more than one isn't the easiest thing. I think it's fine, though....being AP is more about having a state of mind when it comes to parenting, or an emotional connection to your babe. The short times when the baby fusses or cries when you're taking care of your other child doesn't mean you're not meeting their needs....it just means there's a short delay in meeting those needs. I'm sure your baby trusts that you're there for him.

Have you tried a bouncy seat? When I'm feeding my two 4 year olds, or when I'm sitting with them in my lap, or here at the computer, I can often soothe and put Noah to sleep by bouncing the chair with my foot or a hand (when the bouncy seat is on the table). It's a great way to keep Noah happy and give my other kids my full attention.

Noah's great btw...14lb 10oz as of Tuesday, and off the charts for height. He's going to be a BIG kiddo.
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Baby Luke turned 7 weeks old yesterday and is doing great! He's long!!! I'm not sure where he's weighing yet, as I also don't trust my bathroom scale, but he certainly is eating a lot I hear all of ya who have many kids. I have a three yr old and a two year old who still need a lot of my time, so I sometimes feel like I live in a zoo. It is hard to meet everyone's needs, but my boys know I love them and will get to them as soon as I can. They usually come sit on the couch with me while I'm nursing, and like to watch me change his diaper. They're pretty fascinated with him
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oops, double post!
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