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I am totally new here. We just started ttc a few months ago. I am on cd 13. I was wondering if anyone one else is ttc after depo?
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Please add me AF 4/13, O'ed last week sometime. so we are on the 2WW
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MamaBearandbabybear- I put you into waiting to O, let me know if that's wrong
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Waiting to O works, although tomorrow might be a different story. Thanks!!
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Thanks for including me in the list!

I did just take a test to and got a bfn. Yuk. Oh well. So I guess I'm just in the waiting game for af. So for those of you who have gotten ppaf, did it take a while for your cycles to get regular? Can I do anything to speed it along?

Does night weaning help the process? How do I know if I'm even ovulating? Is it just assumed since I got af? Thanks ladies!
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YoBecca - goodbye and have a short stay on the other list. Do come back and let us know when something good happens (it will, it will).

Elena - welcome here. I have a 6 y.o. and a 14 months old, still waiting for first ppaf.

Good luck to all waiting...
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Wantads- This is my 3rd ppaf cycle and I am wonky. DD nurses 2 times at night. I O but it is late, my cycles are like 35 days long, and I have a short LP. I really recommend charting even if it is only for a month or 2. Or tune into your cervical mucous. When it is clear, eqqwhite, stretchy, and kind of like snot it is a pretty good indication of ovulation.
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Thank you for the welcome!

For those of you who have had your first post-partum period, have you been ovulating? If so, was it right away or how long did it take?
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Elena - I ovulated on day 27 of my cycle after my first pp period. After ovulating, I got my period five days later. The next cycle was better, I o'd on cycle day 19, this cycle, i'm right in the middle of an eggwhite patch and am on cd 17. I probably O'd yesterday or the day before. So, while not regular, I am getting there. It takes a bit for your body to "get back in the swing of things".
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Can I be added? Dh and I started ttc last month but obviously it didn't work as this is day 1 of AF Sophie is 22 months and still nursing whenever she gets the chance. My cycles have been regular since I got AF back a few months ago but the last 2 months have been a little crazy. Last month was a 23 day cycle and this month was a 30 day cycle. I actually got 2 very faint positive HPTs on 12dpo but then - hpts after that so it seems like something was trying to happen which would explain my longer cycle this month. Anyway....I'm hopeful that this will be our month! I'm going to start charting again so I can make sure I'm o'ing too!.
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I added you katie, welcome to our board
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Hey ladies! Welcome to all the newbies! We hope your stay here is really short.

Becca - hugs and hugs and you will be missed. Keep lurking and let us know how life is treating you!

rozzie'sma - Thanks sooo much for taking over!

I'm still stuck in no man's land. I'm fairly sure I ovulated sometime in April, maybe around the 14th or so, but I pos last Thursday and it was a BFN. My nipples have been pretty tender, but DD has also just gotten her top two teeth, sooooo you all know how THAT goes! ha ha ha Anyway, no sign of AF and my crampiness that I was experiencing has gone away. My cervix is high and not tender and I just don't know what is going on. I think I may make an appointment to see my midwife here in the near future, just to go and talk to someone face to face about the whole situation.

Good luck to all you ladies!
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Motheringheart - I saw that you said you were experiencing crampiness that has gone away - I'm having a similair situation. I keep thinking that af is gonna show but then nothing.

I haven't been temping but I have been keeping somewhat track of my cm. Haven't noticed any eggwhite. I just feel like my body istrying to gear up to do something????

My dd still wakes up and nurses at night. Do you all think it would be helpful for me to use a fertility monitor instead of temping? I just think my temps would be wacky.

Do any of you take any herbal supplements to regulate your cycles or bring on ovulation? I read something about grapefruit juice bringing on o. Has anyone heard that one?

Thanks ladies . . . baby dust to you all :-)
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Heyla mamas!

I'm looking for distraction during the 2WW and visiting from the "starting TTC this month" thread.

My dd is a year and her nursing comes and goes...sometimes taking AF with it. AF returned around 7 months pp, and has been fairly consistent in a random sort of way. By that I mean AF either comes like clockwork (on a 30 day cycle) or skips the month entirely (with the next AF coming as if the month hadn't been skipped). So I should know one way or the other sometime around May 15th. Fingers crossed!
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Originally Posted by wantads
Do any of you take any herbal supplements to regulate your cycles or bring on ovulation? I read something about grapefruit juice bringing on o. Has anyone heard that one?

Thanks ladies . . . baby dust to you all :-)
De-lurking for a moment - see, can't saty away!

A few vitamin/herb tips -
Vitex is helpful in bringing back AF and regulating your cycle. It helps encourage your hormones to regulate your cycle. Possible side effects some woment experience are lowered supply, increased supply(more rarely) and for some women mild PPD-like symptoms. It comes in pill form or liquid and is also called Chasteberry. Most folks who take it do about 3 doses a day - most effective in the evening.
B-complex can help lengthen LP.
RRL tea - can't remember the point of that one. hmmmm.
EPO - can't remember that one either. But both are generally good for you, so why noy?

There are more, but Ican't remember them either.

You also asked about nightweaning - yep, it can certainly help lower nighttime prolactin levels, which interfere with your cycle returning to normal. But the decision to nightwean is personal. Some members of this thread have chosen not to nightwean just for the sake of increasing their feritility. I nightweaned at 15 months b/c my dd was ready for it - although of course I hoped it also would help Af return - and it was definitely the right thing for both of us (although my af didn't return until she weaned completley - but I'm in the vast minority)

Mizelenius - I think most people experience one or 2 anovulatory cycles upon the return of af.

Good luck ladies!! Thanks for all the good wishes!
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Thanks Becca you are a wealth of info. I think RRL tea helps with uterine tone. I am not sure about EPO either.

Wombatclay- Welcome and I added you to our 2ww list.

Well ladies I am beat, see you tomorrow
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Do you guys think when I night wean ds after he turns one, i might get my cycles back. How many of you had this happen? I am really hoping to get PG this summer: I guess I will have to wait and see but I was wondering what worked for you and what about vitex, anyone use to get PPAF? Thanks
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Ladies please forgive my LONG absence!! My dh changed our internet service and the new company STINKS!! This is the first time since my last post that I've been able to get on!

Needless to say I haven't got to read ANY posts since the horrid AF came back but thanks for all the hugs I'm sure you sent. Time has helped and right now I'm waiting to O.

Dh announced that he thinks we should wait to try until we move into our house (renting basement apt currently) which won't be until october but at the rate we are going it doesn't seem like it should matter - stopping trying that is! At any rate, he hasn't "denied" me yet and it's right in the middle of O time (should be coming soon) so I'm not too worried yet.

Becca - I'm so sad to see you go! Please do lurk and de-lurk in the meantime!! You have been a HUGE blessing to me, thank you so much!!

That's all for now - thanks for listening and I missed you all!!

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Hi ladies!
About the herbs I have been taking Vitex for 4 mths about 2 doses a day but may up it to 3. I have short LP problems and long irregular, cycles. I am hoping the third dose of Vitex will help everything out. I have weaned during the day and DS only nurses 3 times throughout the night, so hopefully that will help my fertility to Oh I also take 400 mg of Vit B6.

Does anyone know if the tincture form of Vitex would be better then the pill? I am not sure if I should just get the tincture?
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Hi - I'm checking in. Not a good sign, I have fallen behind in this thread already. I have been trying to keep up for the last few months, but I usually can't. I'll try to be more involved.

Here's my stats: I got my first PPAF 37 days ago and haven't O'ed yet (I'm temping) or even got my period. I have patches of watery CM, which is good. Actually, I seem to have watery CM more than not. I took a pregnancy test last week and of course I got a BFN.

I'm so glad there is a thread for us nursing mommies. It was very helpful to hear from a PP who said that it took a few months for things to get back into order.

It is very frustrating, the waiting game. I waited almost 2 years to get my 1st PPAF and now have to wait to start O'ing. Oh well, I know everything will work out - some days are just better than others.

Good luck to everyone. I can't wait to hear from those mommies who get BFP!!!
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