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Hiya! I guess this is my catagory. DS is nearly 22 mos and I'm waiting for my 4th pptm AF. We had a bit of an "oops" during my last o window, so I guess I'm waiting to know.

BTW, if we're not already pg, we would like to try for a girl. I've been reading the Shettles' book and they specifically mention not to ttc a specific gender while BFing but don't go in to detail about why. Is it because it is much more difficult to chart while BFing hormones are still surging through my system? Does CM lie in BFing women? It's not a huge deal to either of us if we end up with a boy or a girl, we just thought we would try.
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Slingnmom- I would up to three times a day. I read it takes a few months to reach therapeutic levels as well. I don't know if the liquid is more potent than the pills though.

blastomom- I have no idea about why shettles wouldn't work bf'ing. cycles do tend to be wonky though

jen&james- nightweaning can help, but it's not a guarentee. alot but not all moms, seem to get AF back between 1 year and 18 months. i still night nurse and my cycles came back at 15 months. I think what helped and i know this sounds crazy was being around my sister gor a month. 2 days after her AF, I got my first ppaf. the lower nightime prolactin levels that come with nightweaning can help, but it still kind of seems like a craps shoot.
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Hi, just wanted to poke back in to say hi. Looks like there were lots of BFP's last month. I hope you get as many in May.

I was on this thread for so long (even though I left in Feb when my 3 yo weaned). I'm happy to say I just got my BFP. Seems like I was one of those unfortunate women who wasn't going to be able to get and stay preg while nursing.

My best to everyone! Monocyte special to you. And for everyone
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rozzie'sma: Could you move me to the 2WW list. Thanks a bunch!!
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congrats bemommy! Thanks for the extra luck!
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We are just starting ttc this month. I have a quick question though....

I was supposed to O last Friday, and we BD'd. Now whenever I nurse my babe I am sore sore sore (it really does hurt!) Could this be a sign? I am not usually sore like this with AF.... Now I am on my 2ww. I am ready to know now though.
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Kelleybug I added you and it could be a sign, a little early but who knows with these things.

So many mamas in the 2 WW. Come on ladies Give me a BFP to put up on the board.

Josh leaves Sunday and I am going to O while he is in Biloxi. It just stinks to have to waste the month. oh well......................
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Can I be moved to 2WW?

I think I o'd....I think. We'll see, I guess.
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Hmmmm....I'm not going to test till the 13th (I should have O'd around the 26th or 27th, but with dd I didn't get a bfp till 7 weeks after AF failed to show up!) but just to enhance the agony of the 2ww I now have:

-sore nipples and aching breasts
-crampy sensations
-light one time spotting this morning

This could be a flu bug...or perhaps AF arriving a week and a half early for the first time ever...or general stress...or me paying WAY too much attention to my body. So I'm not getting my hopes up yet. But still, there it is!
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Those sound like good signs wombatclay, but I have been known to read to much into my body as well
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Subscribing. 5 dpo. First cycle TTC #2!

DS is 20 months and still nurses about 40ish minutes a day--give or take.
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I am in the 2ww, tomorrow I'll be 6dpo.
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Looks promising wombatclay!!!! Here's hoping! Although I am impressed with your resolve to wait. I stink at that!
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Alright ladies, I need some insight. Looking at my chart, it seems obvious to me that I o'd on CD 16, but ff isn't saying I did. Can you take a look for me and let me know what you think? I'm still fairly new at charting, this is my third cycle doing it so I could be wrong.


: http://fertilityfriend.com/home/shalena :
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DH is back..let the BD begin!

I used to post here until my dh left for 3 months to georgia for school. I am still nursing my now 2 year old and we are still TTC. I am pretty sure i O'd yesterday. I have now had 5 post partum periods and they are regular and i get the same symptoms every time. Right when i am ovulating i get major pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, cramping(bad), increased appetite, sore nipples, very tired, etc.. We BD last night so who knows what is going to happen. Today i am very crampy still but thats it. I so want to be pregnant already. Allison has cut back alot in nursing but still no where near weaning. I do have some news though..2 weeks now she and her big sister have been sharing their own bed! Its been 4 years since dh have slept side by side in our bed together without any children. They haven't even woken up to get in our bed. At first i was sad and i couldnt sleep. I had to have the monitor on so i could hear them breathe, they put me to sleep. lol ANyhow..we are getting alot of BD since they have been gone. We always have had a regular BD life but now its even more. TMI

Later mamas
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Hi Mommas,

I have a 9 mo and have begun to TTC. Dd has just night weaned herself. She is very much into solids, and is a big nurser during the day. Still no PPAF here but we hope we can catch the first PP egg or whatever, we give it a try.
I like this thread you are full of advices and useful infos, so I decide to join you guys.
Maybe just :here for a while but i hope you don't mind.
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Hi! I'm new....

It's great to read your posts...Makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only one dealing with this!

My DS is 13-months and nursing 4 times a day. He cut back dramactically about a month ago on his own (from 8 times a day or more to 4!!!!). I had my PPAF, and we decided to TTC. But it's day 19 and I still haven't ovulated or had any of the signs....
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Shalena it looks like an O to me.

SAHMinHAwaii and Clavicula welcome. Liv I added you to our list feel free to lurk and de-lurk as you wish.

Ladies we have A LOT of people in the 2ww. Let's get some BFP"S soon. I still have no May success stories to post. I know they will happen I am just antsy.
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TRs_mummy. I know what you mean. last cycle I didn't O until CD 27. Very frustrating
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Cheers everyone!

Rozzie'sma - Ok I think I need to be moved out of the 2ww, I'm not deserving yet b/c I really don't think I've ovulated . . . ehhhhh. I have NO idea what my body is doing . . . gggrrrrrrrrrrr . . . . I wish one of you wise ladies could tell me :-)

I'm so glad that you're all here and I'm not in this alone. Anybody have any insight for me as to why I had a tiny bit of blood (sorry tmi) in my cm over a week ago, every day I feel like af is gonna show but she doesn't, neg hpt . . . what is going on??? Is af coming or what?

This is craziness!

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