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Im back from Disney!!

And, I am confused...no sign of AF - I am 2 days late now, and did 3 tests while I was there - 11, 13 and 14 DPO...all BFN's. I am now 18 DPO.

I really dont want to test again, I hate the wait and the BFN's. But, I might have my beta done tonight (I work in a lab).

Vaguely I remember with DS that I didnt get a BFP til I was almost 5 days late. And he was a 10 month pregnancy - think I just grow them a bit slower than most, LOL.

So, I guess I havent given up all hope, but, AF is probably just late due to stress of traveling, crazy hours we been holding, and the miles of walking at Disney.
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Move to first pp eggie

rozzie'sma and APintheAF - I'm also an AF wife!!! So there are AP crunchy moms in the military! Where are you all stationed? We're at the Pentagon right now, although that isn't really where DH works - he does all that secret stuff.

Anyhoo, I think my body just isn't really ready to be pregnant. I really want another baby, but I've been in the "2WW" for a month and a half now and AF hasn't showed up and no BFPs. Soooo, I think I should be in the waiting to catch the first PP eggie because I don't think I've released one yet. DD is hardly eating any solids and nurses constantly. So, while we are TTC, were not getting anywhere fast because my fertility hasn't come close to returning!
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Monocyte- I hope you do the beta. I want a BFP to put on the board and so far you are looking like the best shot.

MotheringHeart- I moved you. We are at Columbus AFB in Mississippi. If you ever get the chance pass. Dh is an Air Field systems tech. Well it used to be Meterological and Navigational systems but they just combined with radio so now he does it all. He's on TDY in Biloxi til the 18th. Rozzie misses him and nursed like a fiend all last night cause he wasn't here. Ususally she is down to 2 times.
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Please move me to 2ww!

Rozzie'sma, thanks so much for the thread!

to all!

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For the past 3 or 4 days my dd has been taking my pregnancy books off the bookshelf and bringing them to me. Think she might know something I don't?
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Kellie that's what we've been missing......... BABY DUST: : : : : : Come on Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, I went to work tonight, and was incredibly busy, so I never got my blood drawn...but, I did pee on a stick...and

it was....


I was completely shocked - and still am!!! My co-worker noticed it quickly going positive before I did, and she didnt know it was me til I was speechless and laughing uncontrollably!!

Disney does have some magic...just had to wait til I got home to discover it!
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Wonderful!! Congratulations monocyte!

I'm 6DPO now, and have a yeast infection. Man, this month keeps getting worse!
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Hi all!
Wow we already have a May bfp! Congratulations Monocyte thats wonderful.

I'm still waiting on ppaf or ovulation signs.....I did get my ovucue fertility montior in a few days ago. I have started using it, hopefully it will increase my awareness of my cycles.....yay, now I just need to O....

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I'm still here

Hi Girls,

I have been MIA the past few weeks. Truthfully, I have been bummed and just trying to ignore how pissed I am with my body. I just don't understand. I am down to only breastfeeding my 25 month old only once a day, and we have even had a few days where I don't breastfeed him at all. I had only period, WEEKS ago. No, I'm not pregnant. I on day 39 of my cycle, and no sign of af.

I just feel like crying. When I got that first cycle after waiting for months, I thought, finally, now we can rock and roll. But, now I feel like I'm back to where I started from. I hate to admit it, but I have been having a little wine, coffee, and junk food. All the things I had been trying to avoid for months. But, when my body failed me I felt like seeking a little revenge.

And, to top it off, I keep finding ALL these women who are getting pregnant while having kids SOOOOO much younger than my son. I have 3 friends who are all breastfeeding their babies less than a year old and they all have their cycles back. It just doesn't seem fair.

I am beyond discouraged and I have gone from obsessing to just feeling defeated.

Sorry for my pity party after not being online for a while...
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rozzie'sma: thanks for putting me on the list!

monocyte: yay, congrats!!:
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YAY YAy Moncyte!! : : : : : : : :

Oh and do me a favor Empty your message folder so I can pm you back!
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I think I O'd Sunday or Monday so you can move me down to the 2 week wait. DH and I will bd every 36 hours for the next few days just in case.
And I think I finally had EWCM! I've been taking primrose oil and flaxseed oil for two months now and I think it finally worked! I also drank lots of green tea the week of AF.

Congrats Monocyte!!!

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: : for Monocyte!!!!!!!!! Yeah.

Debra- Don't feel bad venting. That's one of the reasons we are here. IT's hard TTC, it's hard seeing people get pregnant without having to try at all, it's hard seeing babies and having your arms ache for one. You can always come here for a hug. I hope your AF shows soon. My second cycle was 37 days long so maybe it is right around the corner.
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Take me off the 2ww list AF is here
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Originally Posted by p1gg1e
Take me off the 2ww list AF is here
I am so sorry

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Debra Lee - I know how frustrating it can be, I'm in the same boat as you. I got my first PPAF the last week of March and I haven't seen her since. DS was almost 23 months (he turned 2 last week). Don't give up hope, I got great news yesterday - I ovulated on day 40 of my cycle. I'm in the 2 WW. Unfortunately, I have no hope of being pregnant since I didn't have any well timed BDing, but I was really excited to ovulate. I am on a TTC thread on another (more mainstream) board and one of women is breastfeeding. She got her AF a couple of months before me. She had some funky cycles during the last months - but this month she seems to be right on track. Hopefully, the same thing will happen with us.

Congrats Monocyte, very exciting. I was at Disney during the last week of April and maybe there is some magic there. I ovulated, which maybe a miracle. I had problems conceiving DS and used Clomid. I am pretty sure I was not ovulating (regular periods - just annovulatory). Hopefully this means I can get pregnant without taking Clomid.

rozzie'sma: I am not sure how the thread works since it is for the whole month. I am in the 2WW, so I should move to that but after I get my period (which I'm sure I will get), do I move back to waiting to ovulate? Do you make those changes every month, moving people from waiting to ovulated to 2WW?

Good luck to everyone. I am so glad to see we had one BFP, lets hope we get several more.
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Congrats Monocyte!! Yeah!!!!

I am unfortunately with Debra on this cycle. I am so annoyed I could scream at my body. I got my first ppaf 7 weeks after giving birth, but had annovulatory cycles until she was 11-ish months old. Since then I have had whacky cycles, partly due to graves disease (had a total thyroidectomy 3 months ago). Now I am sitting her at CD20 and am STILL waiting to O! I am really annoyed! I mean, I could go the BD every other day for the whole cycle route, but I am just too tired to do that. I have a feeling I'll O in the next few days becausemy body feels all hot and my skin is horrible, but I won't know for sure because mt BBT broke early this cycle. I am also down to my last OPK today, and can't afford to keep buying them (I started using them on cd 8 just in case). Anyways, I know I am just rambling, but it is frusterating to me!
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Originally Posted by monocyte
: Congratulations!!! :
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I'm glad I'm back on the board. It is nice to have the support and know that I'm not the only one. Today I woke up on day 40 of my cycle, still no af. I took a "just in case" test, but of course its a BFN. I am also using a fertility monitor, which involved a small fortune of sticks this month and I'm seeing an acupuncturist. I was really hoping I would get pregnant once my period came back, but it looks like that was only hurdle number 1 to jump through. now I need regular periods and to actually ovulate. Can you believe I am only breastfeedings MAXIMUM once a day (at noon) and I'm still struggling?

I wish all of the rest of you the best luck, and thanks again- I needed the hugs.
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