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Totally not baby-related!

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This is completely unrelated to babies, but no one I know (including DH) is awake right now, and I need to celebrate the fact that I just finished the last paper--due tomorrow--that I have to write for my master's program! Wee hee! It feels great! I guess I can relate it to the baby by pointing out that the little one is very kicky tonight, which of course I interpret as nothing but support for its studying, staying-up-late mama.
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Good for you! Congrats on getting it FINISHED! Wahoooo!
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yippee!!! virtual champagne toast to you, mama...

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Yippy! What a wonderful feeling!!! :
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Yaaayyy! Great job!

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That's a great accomplishment! I always hated writing papers, and you probably had to write a lot of them. Good for you!

I'm drinking an orange juice toast to you now.

Erin, due 9/10/06
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You go, girl!

FYI, I was probably awake.
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Hey, congratulations!! I so remember that feeling - I finished my last paper for my masters just a few months before ds was born, too! Done with one thing, on to another...
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Thanks, mamas!!

Originally Posted by VBMama
Done with one thing, on to another...
Yeah, that's how I feel. I'm sitting on the couch this morning going: huh! Here is the first day of a new era! (since I'm going to be a SAHM for a while). Now it's time to shift my thinking to what I need to do to prepare for baby.
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Congratulations! I am so happy for you.... now just relax and sit around and eat bon bons all day... ha ha ha!
I have two more weeks of classes and finals. Can't wait to join you in the party.
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Hang in there, noteworthy! I'll leave some bon bons for you. Are you graduating in a couple weeks or going back for more?
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: : :

I know this is a bit late, but, C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
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A glutton for punishment I am... going back for 2 more semsesters after this one. Then I am DONE! ( I think)
I am such a nerd, overall I love school.

What is your Masters in?

Congrats again!

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