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Healing the Gut Tribe ~ May

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I took the liberty of starting the May thread - Hope you'll forgive a newbie if this is a breach in etiquette?

If you're new to this thread, please check out Jane's cheat sheet at:

This will help you get in a place where the discussions that are going on are understandable, as well as give you a foothold for where to start in your own healing. Good Luck!
As far as mini roll-call, I started the Introductory SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) this morning, as well as starting my enzymes. I'm feeling optimistic!
My acne has calmed down A LOT since I switched off the Aubrey Organics (with lots of oil) on Saturday - it has me wondering if the gluten and dairy elimination diet would have shown more clear results if I hadn't been trying the new cleanser regime at the same time. Still, the SCD diet will give me a purer answer of what may be causing the problems.
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I'm new to this thread, and I've read the cheat sheet but I must be dense, because I'm really overwhelmed! So I hope you guys don't mind if I jump in and ask a few questions.

I don't know if I have a leaky gut, or if my (9-month old) son does, but here are the minor symptoms we do have. I've had acne and blackheads since I was about ten (25 years!) -- on and off, some times better than others, but I've never had really nice skin. I was on tetracycline (abx) for that for years as a teenager.

I had one or two periods when I was an adolescent, then NOTHING. I was on birth control pills for about ten years. I went off them a few years ago when we decided to get pregnant. Of course nothing happened and we ended up injecting me with hormones/fertility drugs and conceiving via IVF.

I've never had a yeast infection, have had no thrush issues with BF'ing, never have an GI problems, etc.

My son has been very healthy (only one cold so far) and seems like a normal, happy baby, but he was a major spitter-upper, and still does spit up. He's only had a tiny bit of solid food here and there and I consider him EBF. He mostly seems to react to any dairy or soy I eat. (I eat a mostly vegan diet.)

On Friday I started some supplements in the hopes of clearing up my skin: MSM, L-Glutamine, zinc, probiotics, and a digestive enzyme complex. I haven't noticed any difference, but my son has had more restless nights than usual. He has also been waking up needing to pass gas a bit more than usual, and it seems like he's straining to poop and doing so more often.

So...am I on the right track here? Any suggestions? Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and has some advice!

ETA: I also have always had a weak constitution -- I don't get really sick a lot, but I often feel run down, and I've never been able to exercise a lot without feeling exhausted (I used to run -- meaning barely jogging! -- and never got past 30 minutes and that was going VERY slowly).
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Welcome NewMama!
I'm really really the newbie here so I don't have an arsenal of advice like the other ladies do, but parts of your experience did corrolate with mine:
My acne goes back to about age 13 (not abnormal) but it has gotten worse with age, and is now at it's absolute worst at age 28. One of the ladies here suggested to me (thank you firefaery!) that my gut could be a problem - my research on the internet showed me that I hit just about every contributing factor for a leaking gut: birth control pills, long-term antibiotic use, lots of refined grains (my acne worsening has correlated with my increase in whole grains and legumes, trying to eat "healthier", and not properly preparing them). I too have never had abnormal yeast issues or GI issues, but I am also starting to question my definition of normal.
Some of the ladies here have had luck in healing their gut and their symptoms with just using enzymes and supplements, but I do know that it's much more beneficial to cut out the offending foods and purge the toxins or microbes in your gut that are making the problem continue. There was some discussion on the April thread about enzymes and how it affected kids and bf kids.
Are you vegan out of habit, or is it a choice (spiritual or health?)? If you are open to exploring this issue, I do know that there's a lot of discussion here about vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and different types of healing diets. Most of the diets/food philosphies that are discussed here and that people have had incredible results with are not vegan or vegetarian-based. If you are open to exploring this, you may find a lot of useful information with healing diets.
I was overwhelmed too (and still am!). The other ladies will have some good starting points for you, I'm sure!

ETA: I just posted a "Support for the Intro SCD diet" thread in Nutrition and Good Eating.
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Metabolic typing diet- william wolcott

i believe acne and numerous issues are directly correlated with how acidic your body is. i have break outs when i get off my diet.

the metabolic typing diet by William Wolcott does a comprehensive job of explianing this- i would read this and get a comprehensive blood work at a wellness center. I recommend Mercola in Schaumburg, Il. www.mercola.com
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Subbing, thanks Shanna!

Oh, thank you, JaneS, for the cheat sheet-it is so helpful, even after all this time of reading these threads, to have it in one place! Great job!
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subbing and aking a few ?'s before they get buried in a very busy thread, lol.

I think someone mentioned (or maybe it was the thread on bad skin) butters that are better. Was Kerrygold (or is it Kerrigold) mentioned as a grass fed good quality butter? I do have access to grass fed organic butter but it is sooooo expensive. Costco carries the Kerrygold so wondered if it was a good compromise.
Second question is if anyone has done a hair test for leaky gut. I saw them listed on the link given earlier for various tests. Wondering if it is reliable.
Finally, I wondered about muscle tests using enzymes. I am so scared of the enzymes since lots of mamas have problems w/ them (someone replied to me earlier on this to help ease my mind--thanks) so I was thinking of asking my cranio-sacral therapist to do a muscle test w/ the Standard Process enzyme. Thoughts?
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I think the hair test is mostly for heavy metals, but I'm just parrotting what I think I remember someone saying about it. I spoke with my Family Practitioner about a test for leaky gut, and he was dismissive when he saw that I was doing an elim diet, saying that would give more information than a test could. I'm still not sure if I agree, but by that point in the visit I was feeling like I probably knew more about this than he did, so I let it go.....
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Kerry Gold is grass fed. I didn't know Costco carried it. I get mine at Trader Joe's. That's what I get for cooking.

Hair tests
Some will just give heavy metals, some will give both metals and minerals. Hair mineral levels are good for some minerals but not for others. The tests are about $50 through your doc or closer to $100 through directlabs.com

I think you should consider that Metametrix electrocyte test which includes minerals and metals. I would start with you and include your son if you've got the cash.
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Subbing. I have been lurking along, but thought I would properly introduce myself. I started looking at healing the gut because of a very distended stomach, constipation and gas that I have been dealing with since January. My doctor diagnosised it as IBS, but I am not convinced of that. In any case, I feel like I was finally reading something useful reading Jane's cheat sheet. I have been following Eat to Live since last summer and before that (mostly) vegan, but with more grains.

I have no idea why I got this "condition" all of the sudden, and why it hasn't left, but I finally started making a bit of progress but cutting out all grains and sugar as of a week ago. I have also upped my fat intake. Still have lots of distention, and some sort of inflammation in the beginning of the large intestine.

Probably could ask lots of questions, but will start with this:

Is it worth making yogurt cow's milk dairy with pasteurized milk? I just made cashew yogurt and added some of the Baby Jarrow's probioitics that I have on hand. Thinking about making cococnut yogurt too. I did just make cococnut water kefir and coconut cheese.

Ok, my battery is about to die, so I will leave it there.
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moonshine-Yougart made with pasturized dairy is good. Have you read much about celiacs? It is often confused w/ibs by dr's.

What if we adopted the pecanbread siggy rule and signed with whatever diet we are following and how long we have been doing it? I think that may help us talor responces to each other better w/o having to keep asking who is doing what and for how long etc.

Patty- Fanitical scd for 10 weeks w/ nursling 2 y-o dd for candidia and suspected celiacs and other auto immune issues. DH does it too for moral support and some gi issues.
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Hello there new mamas!
There really isn't a test for leaky gut. You can test for food allergies, heavy metals, mineral deficiencies, amino acid deficiencies and on and on...all of these things will point you in the direction of leaky gut. I dont' know of anything that will come back "positive" for a leaky gut. A test that we did came back so high on yeast and food allergies that my doc said it was clear that it WAS a leaky gut thing...but again you are at square one-why is your gut leaking?

If you have someone who does a great job at muscle testing-do it. In the hands of a skilled practitioner it is a great tool.

I love metabolic testing. It's fascinating and most people are too acidic...but more importantly most people don't eat THEIR proper diet. I'm one of them. I jsut took the testing (for the third time...now I'll listen!) and I always come out an extreme protein type-fabulous for a vegan, no? Yeah. It was one of the many wake up calls that I needed.

New mama- you are definitely on the right track! Sounds like your little one is starting some die off. Hopefully we can help you out!

I am a non-fanatical SCDer with the help of enzymes, supplements and homeopathy. We started SCD last year (August?) and have gotten progressively looser with our foods as we saw improvement. I plan on going back to the beginning to see if celiac disease can truly be cured.
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Book Suggestions

I am trying to get an order together-and qualify for free ship

Any rec's for a compliment to BTVC? We will be moving to NT-have that-once we heal. Cookbooks, science behind the diet types-thanks!
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Compliment in the way of info or recipes?
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muscle test, hair analysis, constipation, and grass fed everything

i have done it all. the best test by far is metabolic typing questionaire, comprehensive blood work at a wellenss center in conjuction with saliva testing (thyroid and hormone)

Muscle testing is great check and balance to confirm issues in the blood work as well as for heavy metals which can be used in conjuction with a hair analysis. a hair analysis is a good idea only if you have someone very experienced in explaining what it all means. For example, i had toxic levels of mercury on mine as well as elevated copper. The muscle testing also suggested this. it made sense because i only ate fish and vegetables for 2 years prior. i also went to a biological dentist and i didn't have any mercury in my mouth. the only other issue could be from childhood vaccinations. turns out the high level of copper is triggered by long term use of birth control! In any event, there is a six month time lag on the hair so my body could just be getting rid of it. regardless, i decided to do a detox. more details www.mercola.com

as far as grass fed products, http://www.grasslandbeef.com/index.html-

wonderful resource.

With respect to constipation, U probably have a magnesium MALATE defciency and not eating the right way for metabolic type. can go to mercola. com or The metabolic typing diet- by wolcott- CHANGED MY LIFE

for all the above tests, i would go to Mercola.com
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Originally Posted by Bubbles
Finally, I wondered about muscle tests using enzymes. I am so scared of the enzymes since lots of mamas have problems w/ them (someone replied to me earlier on this to help ease my mind--thanks) so I was thinking of asking my cranio-sacral therapist to do a muscle test w/ the Standard Process enzyme. Thoughts?
This is how we began our journey toward healing the gut. (Well, that and reading lots of posts by JaneS!)

Our homeopath, through muscle testing, determined dd to have a weak gut. (Me too but we were focusing on her.) He gave us our first jar of enzymes. It can't hurt to have muscle testing done but I would say not to worry about them at all. If you start very SLOWLY, you'll be okay. The key is slowly.
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Test for leaky gut?

Somebody from another group just forwarded this to me:

There's a third way substances can pass through. The spaces in between the cells that line the intestines are normally sealed. These tight junctions are called desmosomes. When the intestinal lining becomes irritated, the junctions loosen and allow unwanted larger molecules in the intestines to pass through into the blood. These unwanted substances are seen by the immune system as foreign (because they aren't normally present in blood).
This is exactly what dd's allergist/immunologist explained. I was so excited that he actually understood leaky gut!

more. . .
Leaky gut syndrome is associated with the following conditions:
Autoimmune disease

Celiac disease

Crohn's disease

Environmental illness




Inflammatory joint disease / arthritis

Intestinal infections

Pancreatic insufficiency

Ulcerative colitis


Chronic fatigue syndrome



Food allergies and sensitivities

Liver dysfunction

Rheumatoid arthritis

Irritable bowel syndrome

Causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome / Intestinal Permeability
Chronic stress

Intestinal infections

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth

Environmental contaminants

Excess alcohol

Poor diet

NSAIDS and other medications
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Hmmm, I'm going to read more about this and post later...
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Originally Posted by firefaery
Compliment in the way of info or recipes?
Umm, yes to both! Ex.-EFLF? Worth it or borrow from library?
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