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freestyler, yeah it is like pregnancy clumsiness I'm not though, I actually took a test a few weeks back. My hormones make me feel wonky sometimes, I think from breastfeeding, and I start thinking I'm pregnant. I think the extra clumsiness (cause I just tend to be clumsy), maybe just be from tiredness.

eclipse, good to hear the laundrymat was a success. Taking my 2 kids to do laundry at my apartment complex laundry center can be a project, laundrymat would be a feat

mamabeth, those are sweet peas! Sooo adorable.

Aka, thanks for the pics too, so sweeeet!

Poo - Piper is about every 3 days. But she went 3 times yesterday, and twice today but it was extra liquid. I think minor diarrhea from teething. She's been working on her second tooth forever.

I made crackers today with some sprouted spelt flour...Jakob had fun helping maek tose. They were good too!

Okay, having a late dinner with DH. Pot pie, nite ladies.
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Here are the pics of the house..I hope the link works...I haven't used this photo place before..password is knufee

No time...hubby needs puter

I have new pics of kiddos if this works...will try to upload later!

I'll be back later



password: knufee
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nice house!
are those robert bateman paintings on the walls?
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Nice house Allgirls!!
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ugh, I'm pretty sure I have mastitis. I feel like big pile of crap and my left breast hurts like hell and has a quarter sized red spot on it. I would gladly have it amputated today.
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Have you had mastitis before? Gads, it is the WORST. I've had it like three times. My experience with it is that it generally goes away within 48 hours or less, without treatment. Generally I get a SUPER high fever (like 105!) and that burns those nasty germs right out! Hugs and more hugs to you!! I can totally sympathize. Lots of warm compresses, lots of nursing, lots and lots of sleep, and some warm showers. Well, maybe skip the showers, it's too hot out! Good luck.
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DON'T SKIP THE SHOWER!!!! the only way i got rid of mine was by massaging it out in the shower.
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Massaging it in the shower, huh, glad that worked for you. Hope it works for Eclipse, too. But it's hot here (southern California) and the thought of a warm shower makes me queasy. Eclipse is even further south than I am!

Hillary is nursing and then dinner calls...A few minutes ago I came up to change Hillary because it looked like she had poop up the front of her shirt. I was like, OMG, this is gonna be U-G-L-Y, and I even undressed her next to the shower just to be able to take her in the shower right away. Guess what? It was orange juice concentrate! I was SO HAPPY not to have to wash all those clothes and diapers. The little bugger grabbed my spoon and shoved some OJ concentrate in her mouth while I was making a smoothie, and I didn't notice she was also wearing it! News flash: OJ concentrate on clothes looks exactly like baby poop. Scary.

Good night!
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allgirls, the house looks great. Hopefully we'll be moving into a house this year, we are going to start looking soon. We've been at this apartment complex for almost 6 years now, I am sooooo ready for a house.

eclipse...maybe it isn't mastitis yet but a plugged duct. Either way, ouch!!! I have gotten a plugged duct a few times on the right side. Nurse like crazy and take hot showers. I think mine was much better within 24 to 48 hours doing just that.

I met up with some local AP mommies and their kids today, it's always nice to do that. The kids entertain each other, and we can sit back a little and chat.

Piper has been getting up on hands and knees all day today! She crawls backward like that so far. I noticed her trying to stand on her hands and feet too and now I'm wondering if she'll do what I did. My mom said when I was a baby, I would crawl on hands and knees but when I wanted to go fast I'd crawl on my hands and feet! Haha, I have a cute picture of me crawling like that.

Ladies, do you ever find yourself so tired and also exasperated with your child that you can't speak properly? Yesterday I was talking (a little bit of shouting too) complete nonsense at my 3 yr old...seriously, total lack of grammar, sentence structure, and nonsense words.

Okay, guess this is turning into a ramble. Nite mamas!
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morning...hope you all had great sleeps.
i had CRAZY dreams. yikes.
i don't really have anything to say yet.
i'll come back when i'm more awake.
i just wanted this back on the first page.
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Ryleeee---You're a total nut case
I'm not awake either.....
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hahahaha. i know i am.
haye's new favourite toy is a cardboard box.
i put it on the floor and put his small toys in it (like peek a blocks etc) and he always dumps it and rolls around with the box, i think it's really funny.
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Who needs toys then!!! Annika is sitting on my lap right now playing with the phone book! She's having a great time with it. It just fell on the floor, I better pick it up for her!
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Dh is scrubbing the kitchen floor and cooking! And he played with Jakob in his room while the baby was sleeping, so I got to work out today

Piper has been sleeping for 3 hours now..maybe she is tired out from graduating from the army crawl to the real thing! Since yesterday she's been getting on her hands and knees, rocking, and just a bit of crawling. Mostly backwards, but sometimes forwards. I need to peek in on her.

Tomorrow, I get to go out by myself and take photos. I will come back and nurse Piper as needed and go back out if I need to. The photos are for a correspondence course I'm taking. I'm excited!
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my sister in law just told me they are expecting their second january 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have only told her mom and sister. i'm sooooo happy
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WOO HOO! Congrats to Ryleeee's SIL!

Omg, Caia is now on her hands and knees...not much longer now!
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haye doesn't really have any interest in crawling at this point.
i think that's partly my fault for letting him be in his jumper for hours a day if he wants to jump. it's just so hard to resist! he gets so excited when he sees it. and up until a month ago he hated being on his belly, so we weren't really making him do it often. he likes to roll around and play on the floor, and he can spin and army crawl but no actual getting up on hands and knees yet. hopefully soon. oh my gosh, he FINALLY went down for a nap. he got up around 10:30 and it's now 1/4 to 3. he's been super cranky for the last couple hours, eating a lot, playing, eating, almost sleeping etc...
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Wow! I was visiting my dad following my grandmother's death, and I came back to find this thread already four pages long. Riley, congrats to your family!

Things have been crazy here. Ethan just started crawling, which is amazing to me. His sister started at 9.5 months. We're in for it. We're no longer particularly babyproofed; we're showing our house; we're moving in six or seven weeks. Oy. Other than crawling, he's doing okay. He has gone from sleeping beautifully to being really gassy at night, and I'm feeling incredibly stressed by that. My daughter dealt with reflux and nighttime gassiness until she was three, and I just never, ever got any sleep. I feel really terrified at the prospect of facing that again. We switched Ethan to Prevacid and he seems to have made a tiny improvement. My fingers are crossed. I'm also taking him to the naturopath who helped Abby as soon as we get back to Boston.

I'm in a solid foods tizzy. Ethan REALLY wants them and has every sign of developmental readiness, but the reflux makes it a trickier situation. We tried a few bites of apples (which did NOT go well) and I'm debating what / when to try next.

Our house is on the market and I'm stressed about it. We've been out of town for the first ten days or so of showings (my DH is home), and I cannot imagine how we're going to keep it in show-ready condition with two kids in the house. Also, it's just stressful. We close on the house we're buying in a week and a half. It would help us out if ours would sell, kwim? I'm so excited to move but also feeling overwhelmed. It's sad to leave the house where I had my babies and scary to move to an entirely new town. I'll be glad when it's over.

Ethan is soooooo cute these days. We were going through the airport yesterday and he was wearing a little duck baseball cap and grinning at everybody. Probably twenty people burst out laughing when we walked by. It made me feel .
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Hi ladies! I'm feeling a lot better today - not 100%, but not like I'm about to die. The red spot on my breast is almost gone, so I guess that means I'm on the mend. I never actually had a plugged duct, which is weird because I always hear about mastitis stemming from a plug that won't release, but apparently it's pretty common to have it come on out of nowhere. I'm glad to have dodged the antibiotic bullet, as I'm extremely suseptible to yeast.

Aidan sat unassisted today for the first time for longer than half a second! I even took a few pictures before he fell over . I'll post them later - he's yelling to tell me that excersaucer time is OVER!
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oh my goodness.
the scariest thing ever happened just now.
we went up with my friend to see derek at work and on the way back haye started coughing and puking and threw up everywhere, then he was choking on it and turning purple, no joke. i had to take him out of his carseat well before we had pulled over because he was choking to death. it was the scariest moment of my life. then of course, he pooped and i didn't have an extra outfit. just enough wipes though. man. that was horrible.
i barely have stopped shaking.
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