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Oh my gosh Rylee! That is scary! It's terrible when our kids get into situations like that .
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oh my! that's so scary rylee! i'm glad he's okay.

i promised a pic of Aidan sitting up - here ya go!

Aidan peed on the potty today for the first time! We aren't ECing, but he's been waking up dry and flooding his diaper a few minutes later. So today I sat him on the potty - and I'll be damned if he didn't go! Rhiannon and Liam were very impressed LOL. Maybe I'll start casually ECing now.
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that wasn't the entire story.
i was just way too upset to write it all out, but here we go.

so when i get haye calmed down after throwing up of course he poops, and of course today is the one day i don't have a spare outfit for him... luckily i had enough wipes (literally, i used all 4 that i had on me and it was just enough) and a diaper in my ergo (baby carrier) so i was changing him on the seat because well, there was nowhere else to do it. and the entire time she seemed mad that i was changing my baby on her seat, so finally i was like "look, if i get any on the seat, i'll clean it up. it's definitely not a priority right now." and she didn't say anything. so anyways, the whole point of our outing was to go see derek at work quickly, and then on the way home stop for second cup (coffee, like starbucks but better) and hang out at my place i guess. so i finally get haye back in his seat and he's doing alright, and she drives to find a second cup (i wasn't paying attention at all to where we were going, i didn't take my eyes off haye like, the entire ride home)...so she FINALLY finds one (after back-tracking a few times) and it's closed for renovations. we were in the parking lot and i was just like "let's go home. i just want to take haye home now." and so yeah, we leave, and she doesn't speak to me the entire time home. so we pull up to my apartment building, and haye is finally sleeping, and she just sits in the car with it running, with obviously no intention to help me at all, so i put on the ergo and unbuckle haye (who is only wearing a diaper and it's raining outside) and put him in the ergo. then i have to magically undo the carseat and load all my shit into it, including a wallet, blanket, toys, dirty outfit, diaper etc...then i have to get it out of the car. i was so angry at this point that i was just like "well, sorry we couldn't get coffee. have a nice night" and she said "i understand. hope haye feels better." i slam the door and leave......and lost my cell phone. so i'm really hoping it is in her car, but i wouldn't know if it is or not because SHE WON'T ANSWER HER CELL PHONE TO TELL ME. ugh. and yes, this is the same "best friend" i was talking about who stood me up to get drunk and always stands me up etc... i'm so angry and hurt. hopefully i can get my phone back and just cut off contact with her.
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Rylee, that's awful - I can't believe how insensitive she was. Even before I had kids of my own, I don't think I would ever be like that. Sounds like a plan to cut off contact - sad though. I hope you find your phone.
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i hope i find it too.
i just seriously want to snuggle up with my baby and cry.
i'm going to take him to bed now.
thanks for listening and responding.
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Ryleeee--That's so crappy of her!! God I would cut off my contact with her if it were me. HUGS to you!! Never a dull moment where you are, huh! If I'd been with you I would have been throwing every outfit and diaper I had your way to help out, and I woulda taken you both to whatever house was closest for showers and a warm tea!! You need a "friend" like that like you need a hole in the head, KWIM? Just hope you find your phone. Talk about adding insult to injury!
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thanks guys.
i'm really just hurt over it all.
she's so self-centered, whereas i'm haye-centered...you know?
i guess you don't know that until you have a baby, but i still think that i would have treated my best friend (or anyone for that matter) differently.
i mean, he was choking to death. i've never seen a person that colour before in my life. god, how insensitive.
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aww Rylee, it's so tough when your friends let you down...sounds like you are growing and she's falling behind...it happens, it's sad but a part of life. I hope you can find a new best friend...one who really is a best friend.

It is so hard getting this house ready for showing but our carpenter came by yesterday(he's my sister's nephew) and his wife came along..she helped so much...my living room, dining room and kitchen and downstairs bathroom are so ready...and they look so nice...I don't want to sell

My dh and the carpenter built a new front porch deck...oh, my it's so nice and my brother is coming to roof the front porch.

So I am off to buy some plant to spruce up the place..then I have the upstairs which is pretty good...I decluttered last week. The realtor comes on Monday to take pictures for the listing. I will post it when the house is listed...we are aiming to list on Tuesday.

It's very exciting...I hope the house sells quickly and we get a good price.

Well not much time...Martina is still asleep but Sophia is very demanding this morning...better go see what she wants this time, drink my coffee and watch Coronation Street.

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derek LOVES coronation street. i just can't get into it.
we are having a 6 pack party today, it should be fun. our friends are coming over at 2:00 (everyone brings a 6 pack and something to BBQ or snack on) and we'll hopefully have everyone out by 10:00. we had one about a month ago and it was super, this one will be bigger i think but hopefully fun...i'm a little nervous. lucky for us everyone loves haye and he loves having new people around. no drinking for me, but maybe someone loves me enough to bring me an icepresso chiller. maybe i'll have to drop a few hints. ugh. and that brings me to cleaning. yuck.

i have to remember to go back through and find all the october threads and write down when haye started doing what for his baby book. i FINALLY got it and love it. but holy smokes EXPENSIVE! 60 bucks? that's insane. precious moments, it's really cute.
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Good morning everyone! How are you all today? Have you recovered from your scare yesterday Ryleeee? I was thinking about your 'friend" and the old saying came to mind: With friends like that, who needs enemies? It does stink though, but it also happens in life; it's hard to see friendships change or disappear. Hugs to you! And have a fantastic time at your party!!! I'm jealous. I'd crash it if I knew where you lived!

Hillary went on a serious bender last night! I'm so tired from the non-stop nursing I feel like I'm gonna drop dead from exhaustion. She nurses like every 90 minutes all day and then every 3 hours at night, and now I have to drink a LOT of water and have a snack before bed, just to fortify myself for the night feeding frenzies. I feel like I'm sleeping with a bed full of sharks sometimes, and they're all after me!! I still love nighttime though---having a small baby curled up on my chest or tucked under my arm or snuggled against my side is just soooooo yummy. She loves it and so do I.

Speaking of sharks, the other day the kids and I found a dead shark on the beach. A very small one, but still...a shark is a shark!! People always make fun of me for saying I don't want to swim in the ocean because I'm worried about sharks, but now, well, there's proof I'm not crazy! Maybe I'll re-think my plan to start ocean kayaking when Hillary is not nursing so much. Maybe just swim team is enough. No sharks in the pool!!
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Ryleeee that was super insensitive and immature of her to act like that. Poor Haye and poor you! (((((Ryleeee)))))

There is major sickies here in the house! Jakob starting puking little bits of water at 5am. Now all day, everytime he drinks water or breastmilk it is up 5 minutes later. This is the first time Jakob has had vomiting, and he's taking it pretty well. He gives a little warning cough and I know to have the bowl for him, he does his thing and he's fine. I think this is why Piper slept 3 hours yesterday. She is napping now, maybe she is fighting off better than us with breastmilk and sleep. She hasn't puked but had a diarrhea dipe this morning. I have that tummy stuff too, no puking though. So I guess I don't get to have a day to myself after all Hopefully this is just a 24 hour thing.

Okay, time to go sit next to Jakob with the bowl while DH runs to the store for us.
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she had my cell phone so that's greaaaaat.
mmmmmm yeah.
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well, at least it isn't lost. hopefully you can get it back soon and never have to see her again.
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Worldshakerz, sorry your "day out" got postponed. Hope the kids are feeling better.

Allgirls, lovely house - you must be so excited! Good luck to you and Rachel on selling your houses.

ryleee, yep, dump that "friend." : What a jerk.

We spent most of the weekend in the yard. Dh built me some flower boxes to hang over 2 of our balconies, and I planted some hostas, etc. by the patio. He's also going to build a pergola for over the patio...yay! It should be a nice spot to set a swing. We went to a wildlife refuge on Friday and got to do some hiking. It's been so nice to be outdoors!

Oh, dh had Sam in the ergo on his back while putting the finishing touches on the flower boxes. You've gotta admire a baby-wearing man!

Because I enjoy getting to know you mamas so much and not just your babies, here's a game - everyone list 3 things someone wouldn't know about you, please.

3 things you wouldn't know about me:

1. I'm a published author
2. I have weirdo small hands - my wedding ring is a size 3 and 3/4 - even though my height and weight are average
3. I received a full scholarship to college at the age of 26

Now you go.
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Rylee- your friend sounds like my old best friend. Once you have a kid, they're hard to keep around because the priorites are so different. My "best friend" lived 10 min away from me, but has not ever seen my dd, too long of a drive I guess. Heck she doesn't even know that I moved across the country. As much as it sucks, they are not really worth your time. I hope you find a new best friend who understands that your child almost choking to death may be traumatic for you. Is he doing better? Did he just throw up from being sick still or was it typical baby spit up?

Freestyler - I'd be scared of the sharks too! Even though I know the chances of being bitten are so slim, it's still freaky. I swam with sharks once, but they were just nurse sharks so I wasn't too scared of being bitten. That must have been pretty cool to see though.

Operamommy - what a good idea! hmm 3 things about me...
1. I was thisclose to joining the Marines out of high school (hahahaha now I look back and laugh, I woulda never survived, anarchists don't do to well taking orders in the military)

2. I have gone topless on a public beach. My parents asked why all my vacation pics I showed them was of my neck up

3. I moved in with a guy that I met on match.com the first day I met him in person - that guy is now DH.
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Operamommy, cool. What did you publish? How did you get a full scholarship at 26? We are feeling much better, I feel like a truck hit me but the tummy is much better.

Bailey, that's wild how you met DH. Totally cool, you topless anarchist you!

Okay, 3 things most people wouldn't know about me:
1. I have very small ears..most people don't notice but when they do they're like WTF? haha
2. I was a premie, born 7 weeks early at 4lbs 10oz or so, 19 inches long. Now I'm 5' 10" and I don't want to tell you how many pounds.
3. My IQ is 141. (But I'm totally lazy and undecisive, so I'm barely finished with an associates degree at 28)
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This is cool! I like this idea! I'm dying to read everyone's answers. Gotta run and make lunch though, and do a smattering of math. Three things about me:

1) Speaking of big/small body parts....my feet are gigantic, women's 12 wide, even though they look normal (thank god). Buying shoes is impossible, I wear men's Teva sandals everywhere! If I can't wear those sandals to a function, that means that function is too fancy, LOL! I'm only 5'6 and normal weight but my dad had boat-sized feet.

2) I speak Russian and French fluently and lived in France with a French guy for four years. That was cool and interesting and hard! I wouldn't live there again, except maybe for 6-12 months but not more.

3) My brother and I have a beautiful island in the Canadian Great Lakes--Georgian Bay--and I love love love kayaking there. No sharks, either!

4) Not smart enough to pass an IQ test!

Bye all!
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Freestyler, did you say you have an island? I'm totally jealous!
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my Ergo is here, my Ergo is here!!!! It just came, and it's very pretty. I haven't tried it yet, but I wanted to share my joy with you!
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No teeth here still, but Ali is all over the place. She's been 'army crawling' for awhile and last Tuesday started real hands and knees crawling. And then today she pulled herself in to a standing position! Shocked the snot out of me; I definitely wasn't expecting it.
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