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[QUOTE=Leslie in Chicago
I tried to find a smilie that fits for this situation but I'm not having any luck.[/QUOTE]

I'm in the same boat with Leslie. So I'm just going to send lots of and hope that with Friday comes some better news for you.

Take care, Jenn and hang in there.
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Alright, I just made a huge mistake. I hate the fact that it's possible to look up so much information on the internet. I do believe there is such a thing as knowing to much.

I got my E2 level back this afternoon and it's only 231. This is totally depressing me as I am 5 days on stims and everything says that I should have a level of at least 300 by now. In three weeks I am going to be 39 and I'm taking 3 amps each of Repronex and Gonal F because of my advanced age (HA HA). I'm afraid that I'm just not responding.

Thanks for reading...I'm going to bed.
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Alisa~ I had an E2 count of 65 on day 4. My doc tweaked my meds and those numbers shot up. She added a Repronex vial and kept my Follistim high instead of lowering it like she anticipated. Has your doc recommended any changes?

I know, I'm all over the internet on this stuff too. If only we could get all this info from our doc's offices!
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Alisa ~ I forgot to mention that my doc also cut my Lupron dose in half, from 5 units to 2.5. (technically I suppose that's .05 to .025)
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I just wanted to say that I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope that your numbers change, but if they don't, we will be here for you.
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Jenn, ditto what Megan said. I've been thinking of you all day and will be tomorrow, too. Whatever the results, please do let us know.
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I got the results back on my blood work today. Hcg is a negative and I am meeting with the doctor on MOnday to discuss what we are to do next. Hopefully I will be right behind the rest of you!

Sticky vibes to you all and I will check in often to see how you all are doing.

Thanks for all the support but I really am ok. It believe it helped that inside I just knew that it wasn't going to be. With my dd, I just knew I was pregnant before they told me. I guess Mother's Instinct kicks in early for me.

Good Luck to you all
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You sound like you have a healthy attitude about this.

It's horrible what we have to go through with IF. So, I'm sending you lots of
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I couldn't get online last night but I wanted to say for your support about my E2. They did not change my meds at all.

Today I went for another E2 and an ultrasound. There are some follicles growing but they are small. I'm just now realizing I didn't get my E2 results. Oh, well, it's probably better not to know.

I go back on Sunday and hopefully everyone will have grown numerous and plump and they'll tell me to trigger that night. My ovaries are feeling ultrasensitive so at least it feels like stuff is going on in there

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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I'm sorry, Jenn. I am glad for you that you're feeling okay.

Please do check in on us and let us know what your next steps are too.
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Jenn~ I'm glad you're feeling ok, but honestly I'm sad about the situation. I admire your acceptance and readiness to figure out where to go from here. Are you considering doing a FET? It's great that you were able to freeze four.
Still thinking of you!

Alisa's follies~ grow grow GROW!!

Megan~ Looking forward to hearing your test results...
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I think we will actually be discussing wether our chances of using the 4 frozen embies or going thru the whole process again would be better for us. I know the chances of conceiving with frozen ones is not as high as "fresh" ones.

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FET is frozen embryo transfer The chances of conceiving with an FET is lower... but also much less expensive than a fresh cycle. We have 6 in the freezer, and I'm sure we'll be using them before we do another fresh cycle. Jenn I'm so sorry your cycle didn't end successfully.
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Just wanted to pop in and lend my support to all the mamas and mamas to be doing/ending cycles this month. I come to this thread every day hoping to see some good news, and grieving with the mamas who have not had good news.

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Dena~ thanks for the encouragement! I hope this is a week of good news.

I have a progesterone question. Did you all get P4 levels tested in the week after the transfer? Did it result in any change of dosage? I was scheduled to get one, but the day before the nurse said I could skip it and just come in for the pregnancy test. At the time I didn't think twice about it, but now I'm all worried and wondering if my P4 levels are good. I'm going 1cc of PIO every evening.

Yes, this was insensitive nurse who it turns out doesn't like to draw blood. I'm not sure if her suggestion to "skip it" was more for her or for me. I'm hoping she got the ok from the doc, too.
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Neither of the clinics that we went to checked PIO until the pg test. Our second clinic was very very careful, so I am pretty sure that skipping it is ok. I can't imagine a nurse cancelling a patient's test just because she didn't want to do it, but I am sure it happens far more often than we even know. Sad. Hopefully she is the only one at your clinci who is like that.
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Dena, thanks so much! I feel better already. I'm having some serious 2-days-til-beta jitters...

Alisa, what's the word on the follies? Is it retrieval time?
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Oh, boy, Leslie, do I remember those!

One minute I would be sure I was pg, and the next sure that not only had the cycle failed, but I was a miserable excuse for a woman who would never ever ever have a baby in her life. My poor dh. The fact that he stayed married to me through three, yep, THREE IVFs is testament enough to his love!

Hang in there, mama to be! This board looks to be due for a whole rash of good news, and I vote you to lead us off!
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Jenn~ I am so sorry it didn't work out for you.

Leslie~ They didn't test my P4 levels, but just had me doing the 1cc injections every night until 8 weeks. They just said it was "standard". Only 2 days till your beta!!! How exciting! Are you feeling pregnant at all?
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Hi guys. I just got off the phone with my RE. According to my insurace, if there are more than 3 frozen embryos I MUST do a FET before a fresh cycle. I know my chances go down but I am hopeful. Thank goodness he told me or my insurace would have rejected the claim and it would cost me an arm and 2 legs! I get so upset when I hear what most women have to pay.

So, tomorrow night I will start birth control and go with my next cycle. So hopefully Late July? I don't have a calandar in front of me.

I keep checking in for good news!

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