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Hi, Everyone

I haven't been online for awhile and just wanted to check in with you all.

I'm supposed to start Lupron this Friday, the 12th. Last time I didn't have very many side effects, but I am worried this time that I will. It seems that just being on BCP is making me . Plus, I'm already retaining some water, fat, or something because my clothes don't seem to fit. AND my boobs are already so sore I don't want ANYONE to get near them!

Leslie, it sounds like we are on the same protocol because I start Lupron on the 12th, then stims on the 25th. What day do you go in for your first appointment following stims? My first appointment after stims is almost a week later (June 2) which seems like a long time. I wish I could remember the exact protocol that I had last time.

Dust to all
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Hi, All!

Of course, after I posted here that I was worried that my Lupron period hadn't started yet, I got it! It started yesterday morning. It started as spotting like the nurse said it would, but it is now almost as heavy as normal, like yours, Jenn.

Leslie: My Lupron side effects are like yours. I am sooooo tired. I also feel bloated and I have a low-grade nausea that is a slight improvement from how I felt on BCPs. To answer your earlier question, I had a trial transfer when they did my sono. It was a piece of cake.

This morning I had my ultrasound and bloodwork. My ovaries are suppressed and my estrogen is good. So I'll be starting stims tomorrow, Saturday at the latest. The nurse was hoping to start me today, but they already had too many people starting today. I'll be on Gonal-F and Menopur. Anyone taken those before?

Alisa: I hear you on the BCPs. I remember now why I hated them so much before.

Mama to Corbin (6) Wife to Kevin
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it's been a while, but I just remembered a sensation that perfectly describes how I feel. Remember waiting in line forever at the amusement park to get on the roller coaster...and finally being at the front of the line...and sitting in the special seat...and the "seat belt" restrainer bars swing down over your torso and CLICK! into place. THAT is exactly how I feel. That moment between knowing you're completely strapped in, but the ride hasn't yet pulled out of the station. No turning back, but lots of excitement, and a bit of dread wondering what I've gotten myself into.

I had the 'uterine sounding'/practice transfer today and everything went very smoothly.

Alisa: If I'm counting right, that's a full 8 days of stim before an appointment. I'd ask the nurse about that--it seems very long, imho. I go in for my appointment on the fifth day of stims. Looks like Jenn goes in at 6 days. Perhaps they're looking at how long it took you last time?

hey Jenn--any updates on the sides? How are you feeling? Let us know how your u/s goes tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by Alisa
My first appointment after stims is almost a week later (June 2) which seems like a long time. I wish I could remember the exact protocol that I had last time.
Now that I have something to compare it to, that does seem like a long time, Alisa. I start stims tonight (Th.) and go in three days later (Sun.) for bloodwork. Then I go back just two days after that (Tues.) for bloodwork and u/s. Then I'm in every day after that.
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I had my blood work and ultrasound today. I have about 6 eggs growing and they are between size 10 and 12. I need 3 at size 18 to do the trigger shot, if I remember correctly. I go back on Sunday for blood work and ultrasound. I am still hoping for retrieval on Wednesday. I have a lot of ovary pain and I feel exhausted. But still excited!
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Yay, Jenn! It sounds like you are well on your way!

If they do the retrieval on Wednesday, will you have a transfer on Saturday?
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Thanks for your responses about my dates. I have discovered that it's the 27th I start stims and then am supposed to have my first appointment on June 2. That's better than I thought but I'm still not too comfortable with waiting six days after stimming. I like your protocol, Megan, of going in three days after starting stims.

Jenn, you are really on your way. When I read about where you are at, that's when I get excited. I still feel like uugghh so much to go through until that retrieval day : . I'm sending you follicle-growing vibes
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Thanks for the vibes! I know they are growing because I have a lot of ovary pain. Too much tmi but here goes. I am starting to get eggwhite cervical mucous. I can't remember if I had that last time. I went from extreme dryness to omg eggwhites! I think it would be normal but who knows.

I still have an estimate day of next wednesday and transfer on Saturday. Crossing my fingers. It could always change a day or two, but I am getting really excited. It seems to be happening so quickly this time around.


good luck everybody
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Just subbing... I don't know many of you, but remember Leslie from TTC a long time ago... I'm due in 4 weeks with my first baby.. concieved on first IVF, after male factor dx for IF. I'm cheering for all of you
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hey chiromama! thanks for dropping in I'm so excited for you and your upcoming delivery. I finally decided to give IVF a whirl because it worked for you and Adina. I'm hoping to join the club.

Jenn, I'm cheering for you and your big ol' ovaries. I started the Repronex this morning and will have my first Follistim this afternoon. Doc dropped the Lupron way down to .05 today. My first u/s will be Tuesday. Thanks for the details on the sides!

Alisa, I'm glad to hear you're down to six days before the u/s -- this sounds much better. But I can totally understand your concerns. I've been bumped up to four days.

Megan? How are your stims going? Any new side effects?

I'm off to a shiatsu massage...from my acupuncturist. I told her I just couldn't handle any more needles right now. can't wait.
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I feel like a parade float!!! I just feel so big. My jeans didn't fit yeserday, and I had to change pants this morning because I felt so squished. I'm having ovary pain, like really intense and constant mettleschmertz, mostly from the right size, it seems.

When I started stims, I dropped Lupron down to 5 units, which was great. I don't have as many headaches or nausea. I am pretty weepy (more than usual!).

I had acupuncture and a chiro adjustment yesterday, which felt great. This morning my friend who is doing reiki for me called to ask if I was okay. She was sending reiki to me last night, but felt a block around me. Just yesterday we found out that friends of ours are breaking up because she doesn't want kids and he is in love with someone else. So maybe there is some negative energy or worry lurking around me.

Tomorrow I have bloodwork bright and early. I can't wait to see what's going on!
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I started Lupron yesterday. I'm so glad to be off of the BCP. Hey, I'm all for women having reproductive control, but does it have to come at such a price?

Has anyone had any sharp pains at the injection site hours after the injection. Today, about five hours after the injection, I had a sharp, sudden pain. It probably lasted for less than a minute, but it was still weird. I don't remember anything like that last time.

Megan, I'm excited to hear about your bloodwork tomorrow. You are getting so close. I think when I start stims is when I may start to get excited about my own cycle.

Leslie, You've been bumped up to four days...that just makes me feel even more that 6 days is just too long. I wonder if they would work with me if I requested to to be seen sooner. I'm trying to believe that they know best, but still it makes me wonder...

Korin, congratulations on your IVF pregnancy and impending birth! There's nothing like hearing about IVF pregnancies; gives everyone hope . We are also dx MF and have previously had success. I guess I'm just hopin' for more of the same .
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Yipee! I have my trigger shot tonight and retrieval on Tuesday morning! Transfer on Friday! I am so excited!
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Hurrah! You're there ! I can't wait to hear how many eggs they get.

Take care of yourself this week and post when you can
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Excellent news Good luck!!!
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congratulations Jenn! That is sooo exciting!! I hope your butt doesn't hurt too much from the HCG

Alisa: No pain from the Lupron for me. I hope that side effect is short lived!

Is anyone else on Repronex? It's 150 IUs of FSH and LH. It bruises--I have these tender reddish little lumps, one for each day. I suppose it could be from the shot itself, but dh is doing such an amazing job.

Follistim: I'm so ticked at my RE's office. : I got 300 IU cartridges for 225 IU injections. But not enough medicine to use a new cartridge each time. So yesterday I had to have 2 Follistim injections: one to use up the 75 IU in the last cartridge and another from a new cartridge to reach my full dosage. I called the nurse to make sure this was right, but she just got all defensive and blamed the pharmacy and other staff for the problem. Then she put it all back on me, saying "so sorry you just have to take two little shots--not a big deal."

Life goes on. Today I have to go in to pick up more syringes for the Lupron (why they weren't ordered in the first place I'll never know) and tomorrow I have my first bloodwork/ultrasound.

I'm so sorry that it sounds like I'm complaining. There are just so many "little" problems with the coordination/organization of this process with my RE's office that it's really getting to me.

thanks for listening!
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Leslie.. complain all you want. An extra shot may be no big deal to the person on the phone, but you can bet your sweet ass, she's not the one with bruises on her belly from needles!
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Jenn: Yahoooooooo! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning! Please let us know how it goes when you can.

Leslie: I am so sorry they aren't being nice to you. Like this isn't hard enough without having someone be snarky to you. My RE was kind enough to order everything I will need all at once. I wish yours had been.
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Leslie, During my previous experience, I did get welts from the Repronex. After everyshot I got a welt that would last a couple of days. That's rough about your re office because of anyone they are the ones that are supposed to have their sh*# together and make sure you have the stuff you need when you need it in the easiest form possible. This whole process can be so confusing and leave you with feeling of being out of control. Of course you would call to make sure that everything is correct with your meds because if it gets screwed up it can screw up everything! Wow, I guess that was my little rant. Sorry

Jenn, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning!
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Hi all. I just got back from the retrieval. They took 14 eggs! I was so surprised since they only got 6 last time. I go back Friday and I will keep you updated.

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