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Okay, going back and reading some of the posts in my IVF in April thread....


guess i felt some twinges and gas bubbles!
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I had some twingy cramps during my 2ww... and I was on strickt bedrest for 2 days and modified bedrest for 3 more. I also felt bloated, but I had a pretty big cyst on one ovary that didn't go away until about 6 weeks preg.

: jenn!
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Korin~ Been thinking of you. How are things? Only a couple weeks left? How exciting!!!
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Thanks for asking Brenda.. I'm good. Starting to get nervous... and thinking it's time to quit working. Strangely I'm just as nervous now as I was right before starting the IVF cycle... not sure what to expect, and terrified of the outcome either way!!!
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Okay, wow! Just checked out your blog and your hair is too cute!!! LOVE it! And your yard! Hair, Yard, Baby...what's next?
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Quick question. I am over analyzing everything here. After the transfer how soon can you poas? I know the trigger shot has the pregnancy chemical in it so when does that leave the body? Oh, I hate this 2ww!:
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I didn't POAS at all I was too scared. But i'd say do it at 7 dpo (7 days past retrieval) to see if it's out of your system. Then the soonest i'd POAS again would be 12 DP retrieval.
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I'm back!

I had my retrieval this morning, and everything went well. The anesthesiologist had a hard time getting my IV in because I have terrible veins, so that delayed us a bit, but then everything else was fine.

So, here's the magic egg number: 28! Holy cow! So I'm thinking of starting my own village.

I have been feeling crampy, but have had no bleeding since I left the Dr. The crampiness just sort of feels like I have big gas bubbles in my abdomen.

Since we are doing IVF because DH had a vasectomy, his sample was already there, frozen, and has been for a month. They kept forgetting this though and kept talking about DH being ready to produce a specimen! While he was in the waiting room they called him and put him in another room, which he figured was where he would be waiting for me -- until he saw the "adult content" written on the video tape! So he went out and told the nurse that he was pretty sure he didn't need to be in there!

They will call me with the results of fertilization tomorrow and give me a time for my transfer on Thursday. I was the first retrieval today so they thought I might be the first transfer as well.

Jenn: I can understand your anxiousness! I don't know how long I will be able to hold off POAS!
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Wow 28! That's amazing. Congrats!

Jenn~ DO NOT POS!!! You're right, if you POS too early, it can just detect your trigger shot and give you a false +. I say WAIT for your beta. Your beta can be as low as 5 and still have a meaning of "pregnant". The POS doesn't even detect anything under 25. I repeat...DO NOT POS!
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Wow 28! Forget village, you can start a whole city! I thought my 14 was a lot!

Brenda, you are right. I really Need to keep busy for the next 8 day! Lets make a list of things I can do.

go to playground (look at all the new babies)
go to library (take out birthing books)
go to mall (look at maternity clothes!)
read a book (one that Julia picks out!)
eat (pretend I am eating for 2+)
sleep (not with an 18 month old around)

any other suggestions

Jenn waiting waiting waiting
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Incredible! 28! Good lord, I feel like my ovaries are about to explode and I only have 15! Congratulations!!

I am right behind Megan. I just got the call: HCG tonight at 9 p.m. and retrieval Wednesday morning.

Seriously though, my ovaries just hurt. Swollen, huge, hurt. I'm really looking forward to Wednesday.
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megan~ How many follicles did you have? Did they get an egg from each one? Holy crap! I still can not get over 28! AMAZING!
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Great pics!

hey Korin~ had to check out the blog after seeing Brenda's email. Not only is your hair cut really cute, but those pregnancy pics had me in tears! They are soooo beautiful! AND you have a bungalow! We have a registered Historic Chicago Bungalow that we l.o.v.e. love. (even if it is a money pit)

Question about transfer...
Not to get ahead of myself here, but we (hopefully) have to decide how many embies to transfer. I turn 38 in August and we have "unexplained" infertility. My doc recommended putting 3 embies back in...and then gave the 'selective reduction' speech. I have no intention of reducing. I'm totally ok with twins but am afraid of triplets. We're seriously considering just going with 2. Any thoughts?
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Thanks for the compliment Leslie

Regarding how many to transfer.. Frankly I'd look at the numbers. What are the statistics for 3 live births with 3 transfers in your age group? The CDC has a great page that shows each individual clinics success rates. I'd have a good long talk with the embryologist and doc and then follow your heart. If the likelihood that 3 embies for your age group will yield a singleton... then go with 3. Also, it may all depend on the quality of your embies at transfer time. They may look at them and tell you that they have some that don't look as good as others. I'm sorry you have to make this difficult decision... I was glad that ours looked good and that two was all we were rec'd to transfer.
I also think it's good to know ahead of time what your thoughts are on selective reduction. I knew ahead of time how we felt about it, so going in it was easy to know where to start.
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Thanks for the compliments on my many, many, many eggs!

Mom2Ellis: At last count I had 9 follicles in one ovary and 10 in the other. That was Saturday. I don't know if they got more than one egg from certain follicles or if they just weren't able to see all the follicles because there were so many.

Leslie: Yahoo! I am so happy for you and will be thinking of you on Wednesday! I know how you feel with the giant ovaries. I was "this close" to getting a wheelbarrow to carry those girls around in.

As for the number of embies to transfer, I am having 2 transferred. I will be 38 in October, and my doc said that if I were closer to my birthday that he would transfer 3. That would be with the hope of getting one. I hope that helps give you another perspective to help in your decision.
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Leslie~ I would say it depends on whether you are going to do a day 3 or day 5 transfer. Personally, if doing a day 3, I would go ahead with the 3 embryos. If doing a day 5, I would do just 2 embryos. It all depends on the quality of the embies. If 2 make it to a day 5 transfer, I think they are both more likely to stick. I never had to make any decisions like that, so I can't even speak from experience. We only had 2 perfect embryos and one fragmented one. The doc didn't want to put the 3rd one in the the good ones because she said that if it were to die, it could be toxic to the others. Who knows if that's true or not, but it made my decision easy. Go with your gut.

Megan~ I'm pretty sure that there is only one egg per follicle (if there even is an egg -- I had 11 empty follicles). My guess is that they got an egg from every follicle from you. That's pretty amazing. You should be in the book of world records!
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I just have to say: 28 is incredible, Megan! You're doing a three day, right?

Jenn, you're new mantra: PEE STICKS ARE EVIL. Just keep saying it for eight days

Leslie! Wow you're "already" triggering! I'm ITA with Brenda about the number to transfer. I'll be 39 in June and we're going to do a five day transfer with either 1 or 2, depending on what they look like. If we were doing a three day, I'd transfer 3. Can't wait to hear from you on Wednesday!
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Good morning everybody

I am still amazed with 28!

I hope everybody is doing well. I feel better today. I don't feel as bloated but maybe I am just getting used to it. My stomach just feels tight and weird. I have a tmi question. I know that the cervix changes to a blue color during pregnancy, but I checked my vagina last night in the shower (not the cervix) and it is really dark (purple blue). Is that a sign or am I once again obsessing?

Really sorry for too much info. But I NEED something to do in the next 8 days since you won't let me poas!
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uh oh, Did I break the thread with my tmi question?
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Originally Posted by juju's mom
uh oh, Did I break the thread with my tmi question?
I think you ought to get the mirror and have a look at your cervix. You've got to entertain yourself somehow!

I don't know, Jenn, but I sure hope all your signs lead to a happy ending!

Still feeling pretty crampy here....
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