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Happy Memorial Day-especially to those mamas who have loved ones in the Military.

OMG-I'm so glad to hear that Andrew isn't the only poop factory here! Yikes-I really can't keep up with it! And I won't even go into the scent that announces he's just pooped....

We're on the verge of Andrew's 15th tooth! It's amazing-this kid has a mouth full of teeth and he's not really using them! I did try him on goat milk recently and he really likes it (Thanks Mighty Mama for the suggestion). I just wish it wasn't so expensive. It has brought his overnight drinking down considerably and I think I may have him on the verge of sleeping through the bulk of the night-just have to get these new teeth in.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, mamas-dh is looking for a new job. He has a headhunter who revised his resume and has 3 great options for him. So long as he can find something at his current salary but with the benefits much cheaper (we cover Andrew at a whopping $300 p/m, but can't afford to cover me right now) and 401K, I'll be happy and shouldn't have to go back to work if I don't want to.

We are in a 1 bedroom place, and because dh is a flip-flopper in bed, I have Andrew in a crib next to my side of the bed. On the nights before dh's days off, he loves to co-sleep with Andrew so I let them sleep together while I go out on the sofa bed. It's very cute AND I can get a good nights sleep once in a while!

Well, I'm getting the call of the savage babe! Take care mamas!
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Hey nonny nonny all!

So the weather has gone all wonky on us...at the start of the week the temps were in the 40s and low 50s. Yesterday was sunny and in the 60s. This morning we had an insane thunderstorm that lasted about half an hour and now the temps are in the high 70s and the humidity is evil. I'm not sure what Mother Nature thinks she's doing, but I hope she settles on something soon!

This week is the Ithaca Festival...4 days of music, dance, street carnival, and random acts of "ithaculture". Last year Laia was still teeny tiny and I bought a gorgeous batik sling for us. This year I expect she'll be dancing with the best of them!

We still haven't heard from the Vet school about Mike's new job (it's been over a month since they said they want him, and we know he cleared the background check...it's just so frustrating waiting!). We're hoping they'll tell him when he can start (and get paid, and get health benefits, etc) on Monday. That would be a wonderful start to the festival week.

Lots of job hunting going on...good luck to us all (and our partners!)
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I'm so happy to hear about all your perspective job oppurtunities. I hope they work out. DH has a job lined up back in NJ. It's a county job w/ full medical coverage, which we so need as our insurance costs us $700 a month. I'm getting discouraged as our house has been on the market for 1 mth and still nothing. I shouldn't be too worried, all the houses in our area are not moving either. And the kicker is we live in an old healthy town, people are dying to live here, I don't understand..

AEZ I can't believe Andrew has 15 teeth. I think Noah has 12. I am glad those molars are in, they must've hurt..
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Hey Mamas! Can't believe May is almost over, hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Julie sleeps in a crib next to our bed, usually with the side rail down so if she lets me know she wants to come over its a little easier for her. About one night a week - for whatever reason - she sleeps with us in bed but most of the time she's happy to be right next to us in her crib. We have started a little nighttime routine of putting her in her crib and saying good night to Curious George and Peter Rabbit and then Julie going to sleep with them. This is a big step as she has always needed to be held to fall asleep until now (which wasn't such a bad thing anyway). She is pretty much out for the night between 10 - 11 pm, and sleeps until about 8 am straight through. :

mighty-mama, thanks for the sprinker idea!!! Can't wait to use it with Julie I think she will have a really good time, as will the doggies. The park right down the street from where I work also has a "play fountain" for kids, I have been thinking about taking her there but most of the kids that play in it are a lot bigger...maybe sometime when there is no-one there.
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Hey hey mamas!

We are getting some serious family time this week-dh has 3 days off in a row! Which is good, because Andrew's molars are making a final push and my poor little monkey is paying the price with little sleep. : I had to break down and get the baby Tylenol for him. He's been sleeping for about 3 hours now with just a little achy cry. He's got such terrible bags under his eyes today. I hope he's better tomorrow.

OK-can I say I love these cute new smilies?!:

Well, dh now has a little bidding war going on-we're hoping that he can get in a couple of interviews in during these next few days. I hope that the one he's really interested pans out because it has fantastic benefits. The benefits alone are worth the job! I heard back from one of the gallery managers about coming in to meet with them. We'll see what happens! Yikes-I'm going to have to get something other than sweatpants and a polo shirt!

Sending you good selling vibes Mighty Mama. I'm beginning to wish my mother hadn't given us that timeshare so that we can sell it for a house downpayment! It'll end up costing us more than we'll get! I wish we lived where property values weren't so high. Ugh.

Sending Mike good job vibes Clay! Have fun at the Festival! That's what I miss about the Northeast in the spring/summer. All of the fun festivals. The Lilac Fest, Grassroots, all the free concerts in Boston. : We only have hurricanes.
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The Lilac Fest, Grassroots, all the free concerts in Boston
OMG...have you been to the Grassroots festival? The people who organize Grassroots live right across the street from my parents (in perry city, aka the middle of nowhere) and growing up I used to play with their kids and sneak into the "private" grassroots party they held out there in the fields!


And 15 teeth! Ouch! Laia has 9 with another molar almost through.

The temps jumped from the 50s to the 90s and I was sick most of last night...I don't do well in hot/humid weather. Mike had to pull out the air conditioner for the bedroom and I took three cool showers, took my salt tabs, drnak plenty of water and STILL thought I'd die. Gah, not a good indication of how the summer is going to go, but then...it was snowing a week or three ago so who knows what tommorw will bring. Good luck with the hurricane season to all our coastal mamas!
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thankfully it's a little cooler here today in upstate NY. It's only 80 degress in my living room. We opened our pool and I have a little fishy. He loves it. That's the one good thing about our house taking longer to sell. It equates to More time in the pool.

Question: Does your dc's know you are mama and dh is dada? Noah seemed to used to call me mama, but now he looks at me and says dada. Dh and I seem to think it's due to the fact that I'm bald like dada .
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I'm bald like dada
I remember reading someplace that little babes (I mean little little) recognize people by their "outlines"...so they still recognize someone wearing (or not wearing) glasses as long as the hair stays the same, but if the hair changes they see the person as "totally new".

Maybe Noah is making a joke? Laia loves it when I do something she knows is normally "dada" or "baby" territory (like tring to put her shoes on my feet, or wearing Mike's construction glasses).

They're promising that the weather will break and I can't wait...I'm melting away!
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Clay-I was thinking about you when I saw that Syracuse was going to be in the 90's! My New Englander skin still hasn't gotten used to the humidity here after 4 years (and it hopefully never will). Yes! Grassroots! I used to work at a Morroccan import shop in Rochester and I tried to get them to have a booth there and I'd make custom necklaces and sell some of the other cool items they had...no go. I love that I'm in a place here at MDC where there are other mamas who know the same places & things that I do. Makes it all seem a wee bit closer, ya know?

Andrew has been struck down with Rotavirus : on top of now he has 4 upper teeth coming in! Poor baby is sooooo miserable right now. Not eating, puking when he does and those little gums so sore. : Luckily he's taken to chammomile tea w/ a little honey and pedialite. My poor little monkey.

Speaking of...monkey calls! He's also sleeping terribly, so I have to get him back down.

Happy Hump Day mamas!
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Oh hugs to you AEZmama! Byron has another ear infection (or maybe the same one didn't go away?). He has a fever and is super super cranky child.
Byron has 8 teeth and is currently working on the molars. Poor guy.
He knows I am the mum and Stan is the dada. His new big thing is kissing us repeatedly ALL day. I must have had 50 very wet kisses today (his kisses are all open mouthed) Its pretty cute.

There weather here is mild right now. Between 15- 20 degrees celcius. I think 20 is equivilant to 70 F. It is alright. Usually its a bit warmer this time of year....But hey, the snow is finally off the mountain.

Have a good night mamas!
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Oh Mamas Hugs to ya all! Holy teething!
DD is cutting 3 right now, I feel like I'm gonna crack: I'm SOOO tired DD will not sleep! Up till 1 AM then Up at 7am for the day w/no nap and on the go ALLL day! oiyah....
I'm off to try to sleep:
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Sleep Deprivation boat

Hello Tired Mamma's and teething babes!
We're in the same boat (THANK GOD there are others!!!)
Last night I stayed up a little late, as soon as I was ready to go to bed Tenzin got up, and stayed up until 4:30..... I am too tired to think. : I tried to nap with him today, but he wanted to nurse the whole time, so I didn't really sleep. He nurses all the time, isn't eating well, and pretty grumpy. I still have lots to look forward to, he only has 8 teeth, one of them is a molar. CAN'T WAIT!@ did I mention It's also PMS time.... feeling good......
Somehow we have been having a lot of fun during the day though. We got some huge boxes and cut doors and windows, put in a futon and some toys. It has been great fun! Guess it's time for bed. Gotta think about all those hugs and kisses they give and cute things they do all day!! I guess we'll get through it!!! Tenzin took 3 poops on the potty today- he usually just poops once a day. everything is just a little off though.
PS- Tenzin has gone back to calling us both "pappa" I use pappa a lot though, and my husband just calls me Keri, so I can see where it would be confusing.
Sweet dreams to all,
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It's kind of funny...there's another thread about using amber necklaces for teething (it's supposed to make the little one feel better). We do have a necklace given to us by a friend, and Laia wears it as an anklet some days, but honestly I'm more inclined to trust baby advil/hyland's tablets/rescue remedy/and a cold cloth but the necklace is cute and it can't hurt.

Anyway, in the back and forth of that thread I wound up pulling on my librarian hat and digging through some medical databases. There were a surprising number of studies done on teething and they ALL wound up saying that teething does not cause "adverse reactions" in infants and children, or that if teething does have an impact it is very very small and probably not noticable.

At least the studies had the good grace to say that these findings contradict the anecdotal experience of parents and care givers world wide! I wonder if any of the scientists involved have (or had) teething children at home>

Hang in there hot mamas all!
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So, more later cause we're running out the door yet again, but I HAD to share...

You know how Laia calls nursing "boom boom"? Well, at the festival one of the food vendors is Boom Boom BBQ! Mike noticed it first and today we're going to stop and get some so we can have a "family boom boom picture"!

Later all, smile on!
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We may be going to the library summer kick-off today, mostly because they're planning on having some petting zoo animals there. Tomorrow, we're going to spend a few hours at the People's Fair. I'm excited...it's going to be hot, but we should have fun.

Gabriel only has 4 teeth. If he never gets another one, it'll be too soon. : He popped the first two at 9 months, at the same time, and the second two on his first birthday, at the same time. My normally sunny happy kid turns into a crazy monster while he's teething. I don't BLAME him, but man...I could do without the waking up in the middle of the night, since he's slept through the night since he was about 2 months old--maybe a little earlier. (Of course, back then it meant 5-6 hours, and now it means 10-12. )

He's still only taking a few steps here and there, but he's REALLY concentrating on it. We went to visit my mom at work, and he flirted with her cow-orkers and the residents (she's a geriatric social worker).

He's currently talking to his veggie burger and banana. He's learning animal sounds, but right now, most animals say "Moo!" He'll usually tell you what cats say, and he'll mimic what a monkey says. He's such a riot.

Oh! And we start swim lessons next week. We went to the pool yesterday, since he'd never been. He was nervous about it, and pretty clingy, but he did great--no full on screaming or crying, just looking worried and whimpering. This gives me hope that he'll be fine with it after he gets used to it.
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