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NT May Thread

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Thought I would start the May thread!

Happy Mayday everyone!!
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I will post up my square recipe sometime in the next couple of days. I keep meaning to and get side tracked with 200 other things! Sorry to all that have been waiting on it.
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Happy May everyone!

Has anyone ventured into making fish stocks? I found wild pink salmon (frozen whole w/o the head and intestines) yesterday at the grocery store for $1/lb. I bought two fish, they were both smallish. I was thinking of baking them, then using the carcasses for broth, though I have never done this before. Words of wisdom for a beginner?

Mountain mom, I'm looking forward to seeing your recipes! I've been experimenting with nut/butter/oil bars lately. Mine are yummy, but so far too crumbly.
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The only advice on the fish stock is to open window or two or do it outside!

The smell, oh the smell.
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I believe Fallon says NOT to use oily fish like salmon. That being said, I've only done it with salmon bones and part! It turned out great, though does make your house smell. Dh does NOT like fish and fishy smells, BUT I've made soups with the fish stock and he had no idea it was in there (I guess I used enough flavors to cover it up?). I've also done it with Bonito broth. Not as good, but a good substitution when you need some.
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Subbing. I've got the NT book on order and hope to be joining these discussions soon!
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Can you really not taste fish broth in things ? I've not been brave enuf to try any yet.
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Originally Posted by OceanMomma

Can you really not taste fish broth in things ? I've not been brave enuf to try any yet.
Well, it probably depends on the broth and the dish. If I had put it in a bowl and served it up with only a spoon, he wouldn't have touched it. But I think it was a milder broth and I had enough other spices and ingredients to disguise it. I could taste it, but I knew it was in there, y'know? It certainly wasn't the main taste of the dish, which I honestly cannot recall!
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The reason for not using oily fish in broths is the fats tend to rancidity with the continual heat.

Made some yummy raw grainless crackers the other day which could easily be converted to a cooked cracker if necessary. A real hit here, mainly vegetables and sesame seeds

JaneS have you talked with Carlson's about their oils being 'natural'. This question has come up on a lot of different boards lately and no one seems to be able to get an answer from them. No response to my email on this question which leaves one wondering. However it's an old and very reputable family company with a great history so

And while we're on the topic of A, I've been reading some things lately that have cautionned against using too much of even natural A. Mainly because of the co-factors. For example it needs the presence of D to prevent toxicity and conversely D needs the presence of A but it's not known why. I realize that the studies Price did involved very large amounts of vitamin A with wonderful results but it's not known what other co-factors and intangibles were involved. CLO has been considered the best way to take in a good amount of properly balanced A & D but if one also consumes organ meats and pastured eggs and butter that's a lot of A even if it's in the form of food.
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Subbing before this thread gets away from me!
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Originally Posted by carnelian
The reason for not using oily fish in broths is the fats tend to rancidity with the continual heat.
Yes, and I think mine turned out OK was because I didn't cook it as long as I do meat bone broths, which I let cook for days.
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Carnelian- That's exactly what Mercola was getting at at this last conferece.

I have contacted Carlson's and not gotten a satisfactory response. I let them know without one I would be switching brands...they just kept sending the same non-commital statement. I changed brands. All the accusations are "new." It doesn't appear that they have done this all the way along-I mean they always were among the top brands (hence the reason I was using them.) I would love to hear that someone got straight info out of them!
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Hi, I have been lurking for awhile and decided to sign on in answer to the CLO questions. This is from the WAP website:

"As of February, 2005, we recommend the following brands of cod liver oil:

In Stores: Garden of Life, regular dose cod liver oil

By Mail Order:

* Dr. Ron's High Vitamin Old Fashioned Blue Ice Pure Cod Liver Oil, 1-877-472-8701, drrons.com
* Radiant Life, Premier High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil, (888) 593-8333, radiantlifecatalog.com
* Blue Ice, High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil, (402) 338-5551, greenpasture.org
* In Europe, Healthspan Ltd., 0800 73 123 77, www.healthspan.co.uk
* In Australia, Melrose cod liver oil, email: geoff@melrosehealth.com.au

Note that 1 scant teaspoon of regular dose cod liver oil provides about 5,000 IU vitamin A while 1 scant teaspoon of high-vitamin cod liver oil provides over 11,000 IU vitamin A. This extra vitamin A helps to protect the polyunsaturated fatty acids from becoming oxidized after they are incorporated into the cell membrane.(6) High-vitamin cod liver oil also contains a higher proportion of vitamin D than does regular-dose cod liver oil, which is necessary to balance the vitamin A.

Some of the brands recommended in various articles on our website we no longer endorse because the manufacturer is removing vitamin A out of concerns of toxicity. An adequate dose of vitamin A-reduced cod liver oil may supply more unsaturated fatty acids than is considered safe.

Warning: Many brands of cod liver oil are processed to remove all the vitamins A and D and then have synthetic vitamins A and D added back in. These products should be completely avoided as the synthetic versions of A and D are toxic. For those living in Canada or overseas, where our recommended brands are not available, be sure to contact the manufacturer and inquire whether the A and D in their cod liver oil is naturally occurring or synthetic. "

Carlson's is apparently no longer recommended. I use Radiant Life CLO, and have been happy with it -- fairly mild fish taste, and I make sure I have a chaser to drink right after I take it. Also, if I mix it with butter oil, there is a more buttery flavor.

I just looked up Farberware, which is the stainless I have, and it says it's all 18/10 -- so is that bad?

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Nordic Naturals says right on the label that it has no synthetic A or D added. I know the A and D are low as far as most of the CLO supplements go but if you add in your diet as well you may find you are close to the recommended amounts. Thats what we found anyway.
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MM~ that's what I'm hoping, but I'd like a boost in pregnancy (especially since I'll be tandem nursing!) I am taking NN for the high omega's though...
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Is there really one CLO product that is going to do it all?

I'm taking NN now for the high EFA content, and taking a Carlson's natural A&D supplement. I had thought to switch to Blue Ice when my NN runs out, but it's much lower in DHA and EPA than the NN. What's a girl to do?

Here's the comparison in 1 teaspoon between them...

Blue Ice
DHA - 150-360 mg
EPA - 145-375 mg
Vit A - 5750 IU
Vit D - 575 IU

Nordic Naturals
DHA - 625 mg
EPA - 410 mg
Vit A - 1000-2000 IU
Vit D - 1-20 IU
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