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much love, casina
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Happy Mothers Day! I told ds it is Mothers Day (not that he understands what that is) but he grabbed his guitar and started singing me a "Mommies Day" song. Omg, it was so cute! I had tears in my eyes.
Now THAT is the best present!
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Happy Mother's Day!!!
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Happy Mother's Day Mommas!!!

ps don't forget to call your mothers

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I called my mother. She didn't even send me a card.
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Liz happy mommas day!

happy mothers day everyone!
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happy mother's day to you all as well
subbing - now off to read

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Leah, how are you doing?
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Hey there.

I'm ok. Not good, but not suidical, so just ok.

I went through all my pictures today and pulled out all the doubles of Julianna and made books for her to take with her. I kept tons and tons for myself. (All these years I always got double copies specifically for this reason.) And I made her a new baby book so I could keep mine. It made me feel really really weird. Like I can't explain it because I've never felt this way before. I feel heavy inside, but empty at the same time, tired but I can't sleep, hungry but can't eat, YK? I just keep asking myself if there's anything I can do to stop the situation, and I know there isn't so that makes me feel worse.

And seeing all the pictures we took of Julianna growing up reminds me even more of how close she and Zachary are... They are together in almost every single picture, just the two of them.

Anyway, I don't want to keep coming here and bringing everybody down, so I'll check in when I have something interesting to say.

Carrie, are you comin' over?

I've been wondering, Rynna, how is the new baby and her eyesight issues?

Love you all, thanks Mamas...

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Leah, I was just thinking of how lucky Julianna is. I've heard (or read) somewhere that the first 3 years is what really shapes the core of who a person is. Just think of what an awesome person Julianna has the potential to become- because of you. there is no way she could have gotten the amazing parenting that you have given her from her birth parents (or even other foster care from the sounds of it) There will always be a part of Julianna's heart that will hold the love you and your family have given her, that will never go away. You have given her the foundation, and that is the most important part. My heart breaks for your whole family every time I think of you guys. And seriously, Julianna is so lucky! I know she will be an amazing person because of you.

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Please mama's humor me w/ doing this poll...

I'd like to know what an average days food in-take is for your 3 year old.

your ds's weight/height: (31lbs- 38 inches)
average breakfast: 1 banana and 1 yogurt drink
average lunch: pb&j (1/2 sandwhich...) OR noodles (1/2 cup...) or veg nuggets (maybe 3) & raw broccoli or cooked gbeans.
average dinner:usually nothing ack*
snacks thru out?: he may have a piece of fruit or crackers at day care

**also, are there days when your ds does not eat at all?

I asked 'cause there are days when my ds may only consume a yogurt smoothie in the AM and then REFUSE (to the point of making himself puke) to eat any more. And It's really really really making me freak out and worry. He's in like the 20th percentile for weight and lately he has complained of not being able to "keep up" w/ his daycare friends (ummmm HELLOOOOOOO eat some food KID and maybe you'd be able to keep up). My dh is gettin gpissed at me for getting so angry about the lack of food intake by ds.... on and on...
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Okay I'll start with this...

your ds's weight/height: 29 lbs./not sure of his height (but not tall enough to go into the ball pit at Ikea)

average breakfast: Oatmeal, dry cereal or toast with fruit and sometimes yogurt, too

average lunch: quesadilla, perogies or somesuch with squash or beans (green, black, pinto, kidney...he eats them all) and fruit

average dinner: Noodles of some sort, veg (see lunch), salad (tomatos, peppers, carrots, cucumbers) sometimes chicken and fruit (he loves all fruit)

snacks thru out?: He does snack. Usually fruit, crackers, yogurt, pretzels, smoothies

**also, are there days when your ds does not eat at all?
There has yet to be a day when he doesn't eat at all. My dh seems to think that he doesn't eat enough, though, so I'm interested to see what other 3 year olds tend to eat. I think dh is just paranoid about his eating because he is small for his age.
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I'm new here and mama to a new 3 yo but I'll add my info to the list

your ds's weight/height: ~29 lbs/37" or so

average breakfast: several pieces of bacon or a sausage patty - a muffin or some frozen berries

average lunch: a bratuwurst or slice or two of ham; a 1/2 tortilla; sometimes chips and hummus

average dinner: this really varies but he usually eats a nice bit of meat and some quinoa also some garbanzo beans and if I am lucky some peas or broccoli

snacks thru out?: 2 bananas - 1/2 a smoothie - muffin or ice cream - more frozen berries

**also, are there days when your ds does not eat at all?
not really, unless he is sick. But somedays all he does is nurse and eat bread and jam.

It is so easy to worry about food and nutrition. I get all worked up about possible food intolerances and balancing sugar and good stuff.

I have no other advice to offer...my ds is in the 20th percentile for weight too whereas his cousin weighs almost 51 lbs!!!!

Is he gaining weight? I would be worried about the not being able to keep up too. Good luck figuring it all out.
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Z is 30 pounds, J is 35 pounds, and they're both about 39 inches, I think.

They eat a ton of different foods, but I'll go through the usuals...

For breakfast they may eat a bagel, toast, cereal, eggs, yogurt, applesauce, or just fruit.

For lunch they usually have a salad with a garden burger (cut up like a steak), chicken nuggets (they like them cold ), mac 'n' cheese, quesadillas, etc.

For dinner we have the usual dinner stuff, all meat and veggies included. I try to make stuff the kids will like but sometimes they don't like it (too spicey, too weird, etc.) so we give them kid food.

Snacks? Sometimes we snack all day and never really make it to meals! They like fruit, carrots, nuts, raisins, cheese, and I let them eat crackers and chips too. The staple snacks right now are apple slices with peanut butter, oranges (tons here in AZ!), strawberries, trail mix, string cheese, and baby dill pickles. They all love steamed broccoli. They all hate green beans- which I find interesting because they were my favorite when I was little! Of course my mom and I grew and canned them, so that adds to the flavor.
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BeanBean is about 33 pounds, I can't remember how tall he is but I wrote it down somewhere... maybe 34 inches? He's very densely built, so he's much heavier than he looks like he ought to be. Very large bones, and a very muscular physique-- the kid is ripped.

Breakfast-- he refuses breakfast as often as not. Sometimes he'll eat about 1/4 cup of cereal with milk, sometimes just the milk, sometimes a slice of cheese.

Lunch-- 1/2 cup mac & cheese, juice (mixed 50/50 with seltzer); sometimes I can get some fish into him, or leftover chicken from dinner the night before. If we're in the car, I can get him to eat chichen nuggets but he typically refuses them at home.

Afternoon snack-- tater tots, cheese cubes, a cup of yogurt, some fruit; usually only one of these things, but BeanBean often goes for a second cup of yogurt.

Dinner-- chicken & rice or couscous (they love couscous!) and veggies. Sometimes ice cream or fruit for dessert; usually not.

Last Call-- ice cream, juice, and/or cheese cubes.

I think that BeanBean eats a lot, but he doesn't eat as much as his (younger!) sister does; BooBah can really pack food away, and often finishes BeanBean's plate after he loses interest.
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Lindy's weight/height: 31 lbs, 36 in.

average breakfast: 3/8 c. (before cooking) oats, mixed with a bunch of fruit and a little yogurt or cottage cheese. She might eat all of that and want something else besides, or might just eat part of it.

average lunch: Yesterday she had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and ate it all but a few crusts. I also gave her some rice with lentils, turnip greens, and cheese in it, but she only nibbled at it. The day before, she had a lot of the rice - probably at least a cup - and also at least half a dozen graham cracker sticks dipped in milk.

average dinner: This is probably her smallest meal, typically. Often it's a small amount of something we're eating and then some snacks later in the evening.

snacks thru out?: Lots of snacks most days - fruit, tomatoes, cheese sticks, cookies or candy or donuts :, bits of whatever we're eating

I don't think there's ever been a day when she ate nothing. A few times when she was sick she ate almost nothing, but that would never happen if she weren't sick.
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Well, my ds surely doesn't seem that small compared to all your other 3 year olds! And, I have to admit I'm relieved to see all those skinny meat-eatin' kids too... I'm so sick of hearing my uneducated family say "... well, if you gave that kid a hamburger he'd be bigger..." :
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Hi mamas! Can I join in?

My dd is 38" tall and I'm not sure about weight since we don't own a scale. Edamommy, we're veggie too - my son is vegan and a healthy, hearty eater. My dd, on the other hand... I really do worry about her nutrition - she has food aversions and any little cold virus that seems to barely affect dh, ds and me, really gets her stomach upset.

Anyway, for breakfast: dairy yogurt with a little drizzle of honey and / or frozen blueberries stirred in or homemade granola and soy milk or Ezekiel wholegrain toast with almond butter and low-sugar jelly. Sometimes we have pancakes over the weekend, but not often since my children have a sensitivity to wheat

Lunch: fruit smoothie (soy or egg powder for protein). Sometimes more toast.

Snack: apples, apples, apples, apples, apples, apples .... I'm sure there's a clue in here about what's going on with her. Sometimes 2 or 3 peeled baby carrots. A small handful of nuts.

Dinner: nothing. Sometimes a piece of tofu. Sometimes another piece of toast or a smoothie.

As you can see - not a single veggie beyond those occasional baby carrots. And I worry....
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My kids love soups. I can sneak veggies in that way. They love it when I add some alphabet pasta or wackie mac or something fun they can play with. Not sure if other kids would be too keen on it, but that's how I get my kids to try new veggies.

Also, they love all raw veggies dipped in Hidden Valley ranch. :
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We got tickets for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young this July, and also Roger Waters (from Pink Floyd, he's doing Dark Side of the Moon) in October. We're taking Z and J (if she's still here) to Roger Waters and they are SO excited! Zachary can now say he's been to The Dead, Heart, Roger Waters, Keith Urban, and The Wiggles.
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