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Onslow County, NC (Jacksonville, Richlands, etc.)

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Hi Mommas!

I was browsing & noticed several gals in this area. I need new friends! I just had several move at once.

I'm near Richlands but have no problem driving to Jacksonville for a playdate!
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Hi Shannon! I'm in onslow as well- Swansboro area, but I drive to Jax to go to the park and shopping all the time LOL and our kids are 2 months apart
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I'm in Jacksonville!!
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Hey, I know I saw more than 2 other people out there!

But HI!

Jacksonville sounds central for us three, anyway!

There's an LLL meeting on Friday at 9 am at Our Savior Lutheran Church on 24...on the old stretch of 24 right near the new overpasses.
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I'll come to that I might be dragging a bit because I have to work tomorrow night but what can you do LOL
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oops - double post
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Can't go to the LLL meeting - I have to work. But next Friday (the 12th) is my last day, and after that I'll be in school M-Th... so Fridays are free! I'm so excited; I've wanted to go to a LLL meeting forever, but never been able to.
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Oh, I'll be dragging a bit too...DD has been up late lately.

Marilyn: Congrats on being almost done!!!
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Originally Posted by MovingMomma
Marilyn: Congrats on being almost done!!!
Thanks - I've been telling people I'm getting promoted from Corporal to Mrs.
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I'm excited too- this will be my 2nd meeting as I've just recently stopped working m-f days.

Shannon- I hope to see you there! I'll have both kids with me, bman and a lil tye dyed baby
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Just wanted to say it was nice to meet you on Friday! Your boys are too cute!
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thanks you too! I met up with marily on saturday and we had a great time over knitting! very cool!

New peeps are awesome!
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Awe, you girls make me miss that area! We lived in Surf City for a couple of years, then moved to New Bern for 4 years. Now we live in stinky Florida! I loved my LLL ladies in New Bern. I miss is so much! NC will always be my home...
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Hi Ladies! I'll be moving down your way in August most likely and would love to hook up with some crunchy moms when we do.

Heather and DD 2yrs
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did I kill this thread? if not, any of you have any advice on on base VS off base housing for a no vaxing, cloth diapering organnic type? I think it would be New River housing and we are looking at DH deploying sometime next year. Any advice would be appreciated.............

Also what is the music scene like down there?
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I'm in duplin county but we go to the area frequently.
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I'm not sure about base stuff- I'm civilian, but I can assure you that you don't want to live in New River housing. are you going to be at lejeune or the airstation?

and the music scene isn't much (as in non exsistant unless you like cover bands) but we do get occasional stuff- wilmington is the closest place for live bands

I'll help the best I can, I grew up in this area so I suppose I could be rather helpful LOL

PS- Hi Laura! Its wino *snickers*
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New River housing is all SNCO and officer, so if your DH is a good ole' junior enlisted like us, you'd be in TT (Tarawa Terrace) or Midway Park. They're okay. I'm not a fan of base housing just because I don't like sharing my back yard with 5 other families. A lot of military kids are brats.

If you can get into the new housing at TT, go for it. There's still the yard issue, but if that doesn't bother you, then whatever. And the new houses are really really nice. Much nicer than you could get for BAH unless your DH is a bit higher up the food chain. What rank is he, if you don't mind me asking?

DH is a active-duty Cpl and I'm a Cpl on terminal leave (finally!!!!), so I see everything from the junior perspective.

I don't know a single person who doesn't vax or uses cd, or... anything like that. No military people, anyway. But this is Redneck City, USA, so you are not going to find too many like-minded people. I didn't know one person who could qualify as crunchy until I found MDC. Again, this could depend on rank...
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Thanks. He'll be stationed at Leguene but the only on base housing avalible now is at New River. Do you think it would be better to live out in town? That's what we do here and i love it, but he'll be deployed a lot more there and I'm wondering about pros and cons of each in that situation.

Marilyn, he's a Mustang Officer and I'm prior Navy so we've been on both sides.

Mommas, What things do you all like about the area? What are your favorite things to do with your kids? Are there good craft stores in the area? I'm addicted to scrapbooking/card making/origami and I have been known to quilt and cross-stitch on occassion and am currently trying to sew clothes for dd. Is there anything hard to get there I should be sure to bring with me?

is New Bern the closest LLL?

I'm a bit frazzled about the move, we were suppose to be here another year and I'm really not ready to leave but we have to or be seperated as a family which isn't really an option so finding some other crispy/crunchy moms would aleviate some of the stress I think

Thanks mommas
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I also play viola and am always looking for other musicians to play with if you know anyone who might be interested. Is there a community orchestra there?
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