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Hey everyone. I've decided it's time for my almost 3yo ds to get chickepox. I'm very early pg now, due in early June, so I would like him to get it now before the new baby is born and I have to wait another 2 years (unless anyone knows why I shouldn't be exposed to it while pg). Does anyone around here ever have chickenpox parties or know someone with chickenpox who wouldn't mind meeting my ds? If not now, please remember me if you hear of any upcoming events.
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it's not good while PG. i don't know if it matters if mama has had it or not, but i do know that it's not good while PG.

that said there is a lot around here in chapel hill and i've heard of cases in wilmington, too.
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Originally Posted by beanma View Post
it's not good while PG.
Oh really? I asked my FP and he said it wouldn't be a problem since I've had chickenpox but you're the 2nd person who's said it may not be a good idea for ds to get it while i'm pg. Guess I better check some more. Or did you just mean it's not good for me to get while pg?
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i'm not sure. it might just be if you haven't had it, but i'm not sure i'd take the chance of intentional exposure while pg. i've heard about folks catching it twice. it is around now so you might be able to get it in your neck of the woods if you really want to try. my kids in chapel hill are just getting over it.
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I've been exposed to it since I've had it when my older son got it so I think it's not very likely at all that I would get it again. I will definitely look into it more. How do you find out who has it so you can be around it? We just moved here so I don't know many people. My little one does not go to any type of preschool or babysitter or playgroup.
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hrmmm, well i guess posting here is as good as any way. i'm in chapel hill and just horning in on your thread since my littlest girl is just getting over it. i could put you in touch with some folks up here, but not sure down your way. good luck.
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hi beanma

we have no CP we have no CSA farms.................seems like all the good stuff is where you are
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Thanks beanma. I think Chapel Hill is too far to drive just for that. But, my sister lives in Raleigh so I may get in touch with you the next time we go up that way.
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Checking in here. I'm near Wilmington and would love for dd2 to get exposed to the chicken pox. I'm willing to travel if necessary.
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anyone know of a good thrift store/charity place to donate items? I've got some things I'd like to donate and if it's a good cause all the better.

Also I've heard rumors of a food co op 'round these parts anyone have any info?
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Hannah ~ I've just joined a Wilmington AP playgroup thing. They're on the Yahoo groups. That might be a place for you to get connected with people closer to you for CP exposure.

Viola ~ I only know of the thrift store at Camp Lejeune. It's run by the SNCO spouses club. I don't know what they use the money for.
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local food co-op

Hey Marine Wife! I didn't know you were expecting! WOW!
That's great! It was good to see you today! sorry my brain was so fuzzy!

United Natural Foods

Coastal Family Harvest is the name of our local buying club.
The delivery comes once a month on tuesdays in the afternoon.

is the email for the local ordering contact

the United Methodist church across from the garden
has a thrift store and drop box. The thrift store is great
they still sell stuff for 25¢

also by Food Lion in Richlands is the Richlands Community Outreach
I've sat on that board and was very active at one time. Great people
In addition to the Thrift Store:
They have emergency funds for rent and utilities etc and help a tremendous amount of people. If you ever want to do some active volunteering that is
a great place. My children and I would stand in line at the food drop (1st monday of the month) and take the food to local shut-ins that could not get there. It was a great experience and a great way to really feel connected in our community.
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Thanks Mercy. I haven't been very vocal about being pg because it's still so early. I'm only 9 1/2 weeks. That's what I was talking about when I said I couldn't get a normal dress for the ball. I already had to buy a maternity dress!
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Thanks Mercy, I'll check 'em out.
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Marine Wife, I took your dress comment to mean that
your choice wouldn't be normal cause your such a fun
vibrant non-conformist kinda gal ; )

Love the fun dress up evening of the ball but hated seeing
the bridesmaid's gowns or the slink slink slinkY all over the place!

There is a great dress shop around the corner from the garden that has really afordable ball gowns some cool ones too.
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Originally Posted by mercy View Post
Marine Wife, I took your dress comment to mean that
your choice wouldn't be normal cause your such a fun
vibrant non-conformist kinda gal ; )
No. Unfortunately, the dress is plain black. There's nothing to it at all, very, very boring. It's not even all that dressy. DH says I can accessorize to add color and excitement but I can't figure out how. Yeah, some of the choices people make for their dress for the ball is quite interesting. I find it fun to watch and see.
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well I'm sure there is help out there for accessories. huh viola?
and moving momma? I know your girls are close
I have a great rhinestone broach
huge triple strand of pearls(fake) and tons of earrings...actually I can make just about any kind of earring in a jiffy...I have beads galore!
OR....I have great blacks if you want to go ALLL Black!

We have a garden momma that's a hair stylist at the salon down the street
if you want to frueff or do an up do.

dress up is sooo much fun!
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Oh, mercy, are you talking about that place at the light? I've been eyeing that place. I don't know if I'll want to get my hair done but definitely a pedicure.
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Hey MarineWife..........come browse through my stuff on Thursday. I'll dig out the maternity stuff too.
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Mercy- How does that food Co-op work? What kind of things are there? We just moved to Hubert last month and I havent found a health food store anywhere. Would I be able to get things like that there, or is it produce?
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