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welcome to the area danielle!

go to the website.
It is actually EVERYTHING except fresh produce.
They even order Frontier that offer herbals and oils and vitamins etc.
You can order directly through the website once you contact Tama and
get a member number. Then all the orders are tallied and a splits list goes out on email so that everyone can help split cases or bulk grains/flour/beans/dried fruit/cheese etc.
Then the order is placed and the truck delivers in jacksonville-downtown
across from the court house at First Bible Church(i think that's the name)
and everyone helps unload and split orders and then goes home.
It used to be big with co-op babysitting and potluck etc. But now its just a food pick-up day. I haven't participated in quiet awhile. Tuesday are always hard for me. and funds are very tight. But I'm looking at placing an order this month.
If you'd like to go watch the process, pm me.
also there is a health food store in New River shopping plaza across from Big Lots off 24 near old downtown jacksonville....don't know the name
but Mavis is the owner and she is wonderful. I looked it up its called
The Natural Health Food Center 347-4721.
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Wow that sounds great!

I'm so happy there is a health food store here! The last place we were at had nothing. Is the New River shopping plaza past Western? Thats the farthest I've gotten on 24 so far. Since we live in Hubert I don't get out that way too often.
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It is just past Western.

The health food store is not that big so don't set your sites too high.
But it is a great resource for homeopathic remedies and knowledge.

Infant of Prague has a great thrift store over there too.
and New River Pottery.

If you stay on 24 past Western you'll probably notice the THRIFT STORE
written on the side of the building HUGE. and then the New River Sign
High at the entrance. That's the long way to get into the shopping center but the easiest to direct you to.

Happy Shopping! GOOO BIG LOTS! They actually have (not always)
a ton of organic stuff like UNCHICKEN soup great organic vegan alternative to chicken stock. and sometimes MUIR organic pasta sauces and salsas
black beans and chic peas etc. interesting organics 85% of the time.
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Thank you! I was hoping there was a Big Lots around here, I'll have to check it out!
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Shannon, I'd love to know a midwife here who will do HB! One of my clients wants a HB but I am new and don't have many MW contacts except in OB offices.
Anyone planning a playdate before it gets too cold to hang out at the park?
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We are always up for a playdate!! Maybe the week after Thanksgiving?
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I'd be up for a playdate, too.
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NakedHousewife, PM me w/your contact info & I'll pass it on to my MW.

A playdate sounds like fun! Monday or Tuesday next week is best for us.

If anyone wants an old catalogue for the United Natural Foods coop to check out prices in, LMK.

Also, I have a box of 6 maternity shirts & 1 nursing top in sizes S & M that I want to give away. They are in good used condition. A couple have tiny light stains. Anyone interested?
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Shannon ~ If they are l/s, I'm definitely interested. I've been looking for l/s maternity shirts and am not liking what I'm finding. The styles are so weird these days (or maybe I'm just an old fart ).
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We can do Monday or Tuesday but would prefer Tuesday. Thre is a nice park near us (Northwoods/Woodlands). Where are people coming from? I'd like to look at the CO-OP catalogue
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I'm coming back to J-ville tomorrow (Sun) and would love to hook up some time next week. Monday will be busy, but we could do anytime Tues.
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Tuesday should be good for me, too.
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Shall we say Tuesday then? Anyone know what the weather is suppose to be like?
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Yahoo weather says cloudy with high of 72
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Sounds like a great day to be outdoors..............wanna go to the park by the soccer fields in Northwoods?
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That's fine with me but you'll have to PM me directions again. Is 10 am good for everyone?
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10 am sounds great!

Is Northwoods on Henderson?

I'll bring a co-op catalogue & some shirts.
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10 sounds good to me. MW, I'll PM you directions. MM, it's close to Henderson but I'll PM you directions to, just let me know where you are coming from.
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I won't be able to make it after all. DH's truck is out of order so he needs the car. :
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sorry to hear that MM, we can try again next week if you like. Is there a park within walking distance to you in case the car is still out of commission?
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