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Help...Diaper rash that won't go away

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My poor little one has had a rash for about 2 months straight.
I have used everything I know to use....creams, fresh air, homemade oils....
I change his diaper as soon as I know he has peed.
I give him fresh air on his bottom everyday.
I just don't know what else to do.
It itches him also.
So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance
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I'm gonna tell you what to use. And you might think I'm funny. But it works wonders. Its this stuff called "Boredaux Butt Paste" Its a little expensive but it works within a few days. And if she has a bad one. Put some vaseline on top of the butt paste as well. Hope something works out for him! goodluck
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I have heard that Triple Paste works wonders (also expensive, though.)

Could it be a reaction to the diaper itself? Either something in the diaper if using sposies or the detergent used if using CDs?
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DS #2 had the same problem. Took him to the Doctor and she said he was allergic to disposables. So I bought some CPF and he has never had a rash since. BTW...I LOVE cloth!!!
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DD had a rash on & off for over a month, too. it really is frustrating! especially when it starts to clear up & then comes back...
we ended up getting a prescription for Nystatin thinking it was yeast, but even that didn't work right away. Soaking in a warm bath at least once a day seemed to make the most difference. Also, if you cd, try stripping your dipes...I washed mine 4X in hot water.
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If you don't cloth diaper, maybe you could consider it, at least part time. My dd had rashes all the time too...I put her in cloth and the rashes are gone! It's way easier than I ever imagined. We have also been using calendula cream (you can get it at health food stores) as needed. The other butt creams never did a thing for us, unfortunately.
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Any sugar in the diet? In the oatmeal, for example?

Every single time a mama has told me this, I have replied, "Sugar?" They cut out the sugar and the rash magically disappears overnight. There is sugar in almost all the commercial baby cereals. And a lot of mamas forget to read labels when it's baby food.
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Nathan also had horrible rashes until we switched to cloth. I tried EVERYTHING. The only thing that helped a little was bacitracin ( prescription).
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Flanders Buttocks Cream, you have to ask for it by name at Wal Mart in the pharmacy and it's a special order item, I've used it on both of mine and it's a miracle! It's not a prescription.We call it MUD because that's what it looks like! Our Ped told us about 12 yrs ago with my oldest. Most other creams are kind of oily and seem to make it worse, we even tried the Boredaux's Butt Paste and it didn't touch it! Flanders costs about 8 bucks but, Josh is 7 months old and still on the first tube....it works GREAT!!!! I tell everyone about it!!! Hope this helps!!
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We do cloth diaper...have been since day 1.
We use prefolds and fuzzi Bunz.
Should I cut out sugar in my diet?
I make all his food from scratch...mostly rice, yogurt, fruit, tahini, H2O.
Is what I'm eating affecting him?
Thanks for all the replies so far...
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Ask your ped to do a swab....it might be a yeast infection, or jock itch, or a rash that might neet cortisone cream to clear up. A simple swab test for yeast or fungus should tell you.
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put neosporin - otc- on it every time you change him. it should be gone in a couple of days. at least, if it is the same kind we had. that's what our ped told us to do and it worked.
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Epsom salt baths are a wonder for my rashy boy. I take them myself when I have a yeast infection and they ease the irritation and itching immediately. My ped clued me in to using it on ds. I expected it to ease his irritatation and to calm the rash, but to my surprize all of his rashes started going away completely. His ezcema, his drool rash, his diaper irritations all started to disappear after about a week of epsom salt baths.

For yeast rashes (yes, my rashy boy gets those, too) I've discoverd that grapefruit seed extract works wonders. Create a dilute solution and dab it on the rash at every diaper change. Wait for it to dry before covering it up. Works wonders. I intend to use it on myself the next time I get a yeast infection.
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i'm trying the Flanders cream....if this doesn't work in 1 week I'm going to try some of the others....gse, epsom baths.
We do take baths every other night with baking soda and no soap. I thought this was going to cure it but for more than 2 weeks it hasn't.
Thanks to all you Wonderful Women!!
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Try some breastmilk. It does wonders!
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That stuff is GREAT! I agree with the other posters, if it's a yeast infection none of the suggested creams will work, you'll have to get something from the Ped. I know our Ped that suggested the Flanders said that other creams were oily and made the rash burn which makes it even worse, the Flanders kind of cools it like mud and gets rid of it....Let us know if it works!
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Hello Ladies/Mommies, I am new as of today and love the posts. In reply to the rashed bottom, try 50/50 Mylanta and Aquaphor. If there are open sores try 50/50 Mylanta and Neosporin. You should see a difference within 24 hrs.
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Name correction it is Boudreaux's Butt Paste and the website is www.buttpaste.com I've got too many relatives with that last name. It is the only diaper cream we have used on ds and it works miracles. It has cleared up yeasty diaper rashes and cleared up his butt in 2 days when it was raw from a bad reaction to something one of us ate.
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