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He calls it his "bobby."
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My DD calls it "nee nee" or "mommy milk"

Mary...ten years and 3 months of nursing..two different kids without a break.
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My dd calls it 'boob' it comes out more of a 'b boooob'sort of thing. I taught her boob mostly to iritate my mom b/c she thought I should teach her something more 'appropriate'. I think it is cute. she ponts at everyones boobs and says 'b booob' even her own!. I even caught her trying to suck on her own yesterday in the shower! it was so funny
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Udder side

signs "milk" while saying "breast"
I call it milk or nurse but since ds has learned body parts uses the word breast. fortunately he only pronounces 1/2 the word so out in public no one knows.. yet. when he is done signs "all done" and gets really upset if i don't pull my shirt down. sometimes will point to one side and sign 'all done' When switching b/t sides says "other" which sounds more like "udder" to me!
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"Mama", or "other side" (which sounds more like "uh shai"). Usually while patting his chest enthusiastically.
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Nipple Waters??!! :rofl That is too funny.
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Everyone's terms are SO cute!!!

All of my babies/children call nursing or even just my breasts "milkies".....which I love!
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as in "do you want some milkies?"

that;s silly I know.
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All the names are so cute! My son calls it "mommy milk" and he calls my breast "mommy milkers" When he lifts up my shirt he says "I opened your mommy milkers"
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my son calls them 'mama sides' which is a blending of what he first called them 'mama' (while making the milk sign) and 'other side' as in 'do you want the other side?'

i will never forget showering with him one day where he looked at me with a lusty grin and said '2 mama sides!!!!'
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My dc call them nursies and use a sign we made up (index finger to the lips, similiar to the water sign but only the index finger). My two year old loves to say "Nursies PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! pause NOW!" Of course, she still lisps a bit so its hard to make out unless you know what she's talking about.
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Milkies here too, though as his vocabulary explodes you never know just how he'll request --

Milkies, mama!
I NEED MILKIES, no, not these milkies, OTHER WAY milkies!!
Mama, please, some super-duper milkies!
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dd has always said "nursies" -- as in "Can I have some nursies from your nursies?"

i may try to encourage something less conspicuous with ds. My parents and in-laws seem to have adopted a "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding our nursing- which is OK with me-- but it's kind of funny to see them pretending to ignore a screamy fit that ends with "I'm tired and i need nursies, in the bed, NOW!" dd is rather articulate that way.
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Parker used to say "booby" (thanks dh) but now says "nurse please."
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My son calls nursing "Ta-tash". He says "tata" for please when he wants something, and he started out calling nursing "sssss" for nurssssssssss, and that kind of evolved into "shhhhhhh" for nurse. Put them together : "tata shhhhhhh" and it becomes a new word: "tatash".
Our whole family now uses tatash as our codeword for nursing. Screaming kid in a store: "Uh oh, someone needs her tatash."
DS will hear a baby crying in a store or somewhere and say "Baby sad. Baby wah wah wah. Baby need tatash."
the actual STUFF (the milk) is now called "Mama Milk" .
He has named my breasts: lefty is 'Sip', and righty is 'Switch'. I used to ask him if he'd like a 'sip of mama milk', and when we'd change sides I'd say "switch!".
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DD is 18 months, so she still has a limited vocabulary, but she says "cup" and then tries to pull my shirt up, when she wants to nurse.
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i love this thread! how appropriate for this site!!!

my ds nursed until 3 1/2, and my dd is 2 1/2 and is still nursing. my ds started calling it ma-moo, and sadly i do not remember why! my dd is a funny gal, and will say "i want that boob" when she is ready to switch sides, sometimes the back and forth gets to me after about 5 switches from one boob to the other and i tell her to pick a boob, so now she voices her request!
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They are collectively known as 'nana', but individually named 'more nana', and 'other side' (it sounds like "ahh sai"). He is very precise about these names, and laughs at me if I get them 'wrong'.
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DD says "nur" for nursies, but usually actually says/signs "more" and also signs the nursing (milk) sign. She's been signing that since 6 months!

I think one of the BEST names I've ever heard is a mama on another forum I belong to, her DS calls it "cheetas", which is spanish for boobs. I love it!!!
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No kiddos for me yet, but when I was a nursling I called it ninny. I don't really remember much else, but I know it was ninny, lol!

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