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"Na Na" here. And dd signs milk - which I think is so cool.
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Mama Snacks here. Little ds will be 3 in July.
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"Milkies" or "Mama Milkies" most of the time. If we visit a certain friend, she calls it "nur-nur" for awhile when we get back.

She's also been known to just ask to nurse and also ask for a boob. Mostly it's milkies though. In fact, when she rolls over in her sleep, half the time she mumbles "milkies" before setting back into sleep.
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My dd calls it "NUP". We used to call it "num-num" and she just one day , out of the blue comes up to me and asks for " a-nup". Well, it stuck.
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We call it me-me and when she wants the other side she says "titch"

Our little 19 month old neighbor picked it up and asks her mom for me-me too!

A friend of mine calls it night-night which is convenient in a crowd...I want night-night!!! Amanda, I haven't talked to you forever...are you out there?
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My ds loves his mimis!
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"urse" "urse" and always "side" to switch. now he says "done", pops in his paci and jumps down. sometimes he laughs and says "milk" or "boob"
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DS calls it "mommy milks" or just "milks" for short.

about a year ago he was twiddling : and i asked him what it was (my nipple) and he thought about it for a while and then said "button. milk button."
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My ds calls it agua. He actually calls all liquids agua. He either points to my breast or I ask which type of agua and he says "mommy agua"
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"Boon-boon's!" or Boonie's (Evolved from boobies Im thinkin')

My son just says "EGGHH?" and grabs my shirt still, although I know he knows what the sign is! He's only 16 months though, so im looking forward to what he calls them.
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Na nas. Recently he's taken to saying "open your nanas, please." I think he means open your shirt so I can nurse.
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ds is 13 mo, and within the last week has introduced nUUUUUUUUHHH to his vocabulary, usually accompanied by a forceful full-body flop into the crook of my arm.

nursing must be darn important to him if it's in his first 10 words, eh?
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They're name has evolved from:


to "mama na-na"

until one day he decided to put them together and say "manna"!

Now, at 2.5, it's "milky manna" for some reason.

Sweet goofy kids!
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DS, 2 1/2, has speech issues and used to call it "est". Trying to help him pronounce it, I stressed the beginning sound by saying, "No honey, it's BREAST, b-b-b-breast."

So now what does he call it? Ba-ba-ba-best! Works for me!
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DD asks for "creamies". She says that it doesn't taste like milk but like cream.

DS just announces to everyone that his sister still eats nipples.
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My son calls it ninny. It's an easy word to say that's also discreet. My mom used it with my bros and I when we were all little, so that's where I got it. She told me that's the word her momma used, but my dad's mom used the same word. I wonder if any MDC mommas use it?

I tried to teach DS the difference, or maybe the similarity, of ninny to cow's milk, which he also drinks. I got him to say "momma's milk" and "ninny milk" and he'll call it that sometimes.

My friend has tried to get him to say "boobies," but luckily it didn't stick.
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dd#2 calls nursing "deedee", but sometimes we shorten it to just "dee". DD#1 said "noiwse", like nurse, but with a thick jersey accent, and we've never been to New Jersey! LOL!!
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DS calls it "mama's milk" when he wants to nurse. He calls my boobs "boobies" and my nipples "nibbles" .
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My children call is 'snackies'.
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I always said "nurse" or "nursies"....

First DS called nursing "nay-nay"

When DS was learning to say his first words, he called me "mama" DH "dada", nay-nay became "nana"

Now we are Mommy and Daddy and nursing (and my breasts) is called "nanny"

There are four kinds of "nanny"

1.Nanny-boppy (for when he wants to nurse on the boppy)
2.Nanny-stairs while signing "sleep" (for when he wants to go upstairs to bed!)
3.Nanny-shyyde (for the other side)
4.Nanny-buhbye for when he's done and is getting down to run off to play right after!

Oh and MIL is Nanny Jenny!!! So when DS said "nanny", she thought he meant her--she was so excited! We told her what it meant but I think she keeps forgetting cause she still gets all happy when he says it.
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