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Originally Posted by MommaMoo
Shanna, in my NT book, there isn't any Rapadura in the coconut mousse pie. I believe that honey is sweeter than Rapadura, though. I don't know if the recipe would work without the honey.
Interesting - I have the 2nd edition, and it's definately a half cup of rapadura. I'll make a note of your modification in my book - even in the 2nd edition, not sure that I trust these recipes yet!
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Has anyone had any luck with the other kvass recipe in NT, the one with hops and bread and all that? Supposedly it has all these wonderful nutritional benefits. I tried making it, and it was so disgusting looking that I threw it all out and never tried making it again. Any successes?

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Just the other day I made the Basic Muffin recipe and added the raisins. I forgot to add the cinnamon. Anyway, even though I put 2/3 cup of raisins, it wasn't enough. Also, this muffin recipe was not too sweet with 1/4 maple syrup. Actually for me I would add alittle more maple suryp unless there is another sweeterner to use that is sweeter, rapadura maybe?
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In response to the desserts in NT being so sweet, I agree.
This week, I got cream from my cow share, and since this is the time of year for best cream, last night I made the vanilla ice cream recipe. I left out the arrowroot, and instead of 1/2 cup maple syrup, I used just 2 Tbs. It came out GREAT, no need for more sweetness!

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SOOOOOOOOOO, glad this thread is here.
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Hmm... shouldn't this thread move to "Traditional Foods"?
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Subbing. I've had trouble with several of the NT recipes so tucked the book back on the shelf. Maybe I'll dig it out and dig through this thread to see if I can make sense of it.
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I had to pipe in that I tried the carrot cake and cream cheese recipe, and it turned out fabulous - I know some haven't had luck with the cake recipes, but I followed it exactly and was happy with it.

I also wanted to add my $0.02 that I use the 1/2 c of maple syrup in the ice cream recipe and it isn't too sweet for us. Though we do leave out the arrowroot because the cream here is so thick.
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While I enjoy reading Nourishing Traditions, I have not found one single recipe that could not be improved in some way. I've started using the book as a reference, and not as a cookbook. Sad. It could have used some major recipe experimenting and editing.
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