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Is there a way for me to check my own iron levels?

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Without having to go in for the blood draw?

I've been SOOOOO tired lately - I'm getting a little worried.
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If it was me, I would simply add some more iron to my diet and see if you feel better after a couple of weeks. It's not uncommon for pregnant mamas to be anemic. What are you eating/supplementing with now?

I'm a anemic right now and my m/w suggested that I take a tablespoon of liquid Chlorophyll and some alfalfa tablets to bring my level up. Other good sources of iron are Cream of Wheat, spinach, kale. If you go with the greens, try to have some vitamin C with it to help with absorption. You could make a spinach salad and add some citrus fruit.

That didn't answer your question, but there may be an over-the-counter test you can get at the pharmacy. Wouldn't hurt to give a call and find out.
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floradix is a liquid iron supplement and it doesnt taste too bad. Ditto the PP just to up your iron intake and see if it helps.

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If you have a strong gag reflex, put the floradix in some cranberry juice (don't ask me how I know..) :-) I have done this too just taken some iron when I feel symptoms (dizzy was a big one for me) - I even do fine with the iron pills (Feosol). I did find a really nice MD who is moving toward holistic medicine. He did a nutrional work up on me and helped me go over my supplements and know what I need to take. He's sympathetic to non-vaxing too. Funny thing is he is officially a "ear, nose, throat" guy. I found him off a website with doctors who were questioning vaxs due to autism, so you never know who you can find out there!
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Yeah, I was hoping to avoid adding extra iron unless I knew I needed it as I already have a problem with constipation - sorry if TMI.

I just was wondering.

My brother in law is a physician, I could always have him call it in for me, I guess.
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I think there is a simple test that can be done with just a finger prick - my midwife was able to offer that.

Well here, but not very cheap:
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Thanks for that linkie, I appreciate it.
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i was feeling really really tired, but my blood was fine (got my iron level done at my kids' WIC appt)... 36 if you want exact numbers.

But I got some chlorella tablets, I figured they wouldn't hurt. I did start feeling more energetic but man did they make my poop dark green! LOL
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I agree with the poster that said just add some iron rich foods to your diet.

In fact, we focus so much on numbers for anemia that we are vastly overtreating way too many women. So many providers just look at the number and don't realize that a lower number mid-pregnancy is GOOD - and really iron supplementation should only come with symptoms from the mother.

So, if you're feeling tired, add some iron rich foods or a solid supplement like Floradex and if you start to feel better, you'll know.
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The other thing to remember is that those numbers are simply guidelines. Someone could technically be "low" and feel fine. Another person could be in the "normal" range and feel exhausted. Often, when the latter adds iron to their diet, they magically feel better

If you are already constipated, then try to go for the dietary changes along with the Floradix since it's non-constipating and/or some Chlorophyll. You can order both from http://www.vitacost.com.
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I liked having my blood drawn to find out what my iron levels were. It was helpful to have another piece of information to either prepare for or not worry myself about anymore.
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My pediatritian (graduate in the last 10 years, so a littler newer/cutting edge) said that by pressing on your fingernail so that the blood goes out of it (turns white) and then seeing how fast it refills with blood (turns pink again) can tell if there's an iron deficiency. She tests my newborns that way if she's concerned. I was never really 100% sure it was an effective test... the blood has always come back to my nail fast. Then, a pregnant friend of mine was over and telling me how she just failed her iron level blood draw. I did the test on her & sure enough... her blood was really slow to rush back in.
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Spark... that is super interesting! I bet it's true. My Naturopath does a lot of little things like that.
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