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Hi, I'm nervous about posting here...this is the third time I've become pregnant in the past 8 months, and I'm worried about having another m/c. I need some serious sticky vibes here. I really want this baby, and I'm so happy to be carrying her!

I'm Fay, 34 year old stay-at-home mom of a 5 year old boy with autism. My miscarriages were hard for DH, and I think he'll want to stop trying if I lose this pg. Right now, I'm just focusing on growing and loving this baby.

I knew that we had conceived almost immediately, but just got a BFP test yesterday. I'm trying to come up with a good nickname for this one...yesterday I called her "Sweet Potato," today "Garbanzo." I want to talk to her and sing to her every day.
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Hi, I'm Laura (20) married to DH (39) for almost one year, been ttc a long 9 months, we had finally given up, and tonight I got my BFP!

My EDD is January 18, and today I am 5w0d.

We have no children, just two dogs and a cat, we live in Birmingham, AL and we are both estatic! and a lot in shock that we are going to be parents!
We are planning an UP/UC in the safety of our own home.
I'm looking so foward to getting to know everyone!
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Hi, I'm Sarah (have you noticed there are about 7 Sarah's in this DDC ). I'm 28 and my husband and I have a 25 month old son. We weren't really trying but dh had just said a few days before this baby was conceived that he wanted another baby and then, boom, you know how it goes . Ds was a surprise (we weren't even living together when he was conceived) so this time I feel a lot more relaxed and prepared for the journey ahead.

Ds was born at home with a midwife who drove 4 hours to be at my birth and I had a 5 hour labor so I think I need to figure something else out this time. Even if she agreed to come this far again I don't think she'd make it before the baby was born. We shall see. My biggest hope and aspiration for this birth (well, besides avoiding major problems of course) is to not tear. I did last time and man, that sucks.

Looking forward to getting to know ya'll via cyberspace.
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I'm Melanie. Married to Elyas since 1/17/04. Mama to Zaker, born 10/8/04 via induction but vaginally with minimal medication and the help of the WORLD"S GREATEST DOULA!!

And now.....mama-to-be AGAIN to someone arriving around mid-late January (edd 1/21/07) HOPEFULLY, God willing, with the assistance of the WORLD'S BEST MIDWIFE (NOT an OB, I'm not sick I'm pregnant thanks) and the WORLD"s GREATEST DOULA (already booked, I'm her first 2007 client!) I told her she would be the FIRST call I made when I got my BFP, and she was. Without an induction and no drugs, thank you, but in a hospital because I'm just not up to an unassisted homebirth....

Hoping for a H&H9
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My name is Sabrina (Citoyenne) and I am still a bit in shock that I am pregnant with number 2! Although the morning sickness is starting to set in and make it a bit more real. We were going to start TTC this summer, as we have a big trip to Europe planned in June/July, but stuff happens, and I guess I'll learn how to find saltines in various countries!

DD is 20 months old and still nurses a lot...I'm already getting some heat from folks that I need to wean her, but I'm looking forward to finding other pregnant and nursing moms.

DD was born in Tokyo in a hospital in the Japanese version of natural birth, which for me meant a week of pre-term labor (contractions every 3 to 7 minutes, but no dilation and very little sleep), my water breaking with meconium and then receiving pitocin, and 4 really intense hours later, DD being born. I am really interested in a midwife delivery this time around.

We live in the Seattle area now, I was a teacher, am a SAHM now, but hope to return to the classroom again some day...I want to cloth diaper, and want to learn more!

I'm excited to be joining this list with Mothering...its so nice to find like-minded people!

--Sabrina, dd born 9/11/04 , wife to Sean (2001) looking forward to #2, edd 1/10/07
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Hello all, my name is Paige. I am honored (and shocked) to be here with such amazing women!

I am 36 and midwife with a homebirth practice in MA and my wonderful husband of 1 + years, Geoff, is an asst dir of a library here in MA. We have 2 crazy big doggy's Lucky and Bear. I am active in promoting birth options (not just homebirth) with www.birthyearnetwork.org, and am politically active on issues of the middle east as I have lived in both Palestine and Israel.

I have always wanted to be a mom and Geoff has always wanted to be a dad - he is so wonderful with children! This is a dream come true...we have been ttc for over a year and a half.

We started seeing an RE in March and after our first round of iui's, and also intercourse we have concieved! :

You can read about the adventures here:

It is strange to be here, It doesn't seem real! Think sticky thoughts y'all!
My wheel says...January 23rd, 2007 but who knows?!!!
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My name's Traci. Sammy and I have been married for 4.5 years. Our first son and the light of my life, Hayden, was born April, 2003. EDD for #2 is 1/7/07 and we could not be happier! I stopped taking the pill the first week of April, hoping to be pregnant by the end of the summer. Surprise! Conceived the first month off the pill.
I have had one m/c before getting pregnant with our son, so we are praying everyday that this pregnancy goes well.
Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Hi all!

I got a BFP yesterday, for the first time in my life. DH and I have been trying for five years and were about to start with fertility testing next month!

My EDD is 1/27/07 until the Dr says differently.
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Hi! I'm Heather, mother of a 2yr old boy. Just found out we are pregnant again and I am so excited! I haven't been to the doc yet, but am figuring Jan 21st is around the date. I just gave my 2 weeks notice here at work and I look so forward to FINALLY being a SAHM. I look forward to posting w/ you all! Congrats!!
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Hi, my name's Braann(24). I've been married to my husband Sean(23) for 4 years now, and we just found out that we're expecting #3!! Ds #1 will be 4, and ds #2 will be 18 months. I'm a sahm and loving it!! Feeling less sick with this preg, but more exhausted. Looking forward to walking this road with you all!
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My name is Carmen. I've been married to my DH for 8 years and we have 2 children, 3 1/2 and 20 months. DD was born in a hospital with a nurse midwife and DS was born at home in the tub. We are planning another home waterbirth for this baby.
I am an aspiring midwife (when the kids are grown) and a soon to be certified childbirth educator. I work part time at a Birth Center as a midwife's assistant. I only work 1 day a week in the office and then am on call about 7days a month for births. I LOVE it!! It's perfect for me...I get to be home with my children almost every day, but still get to work in the field of childbirth.
Baby is due mid Jan. Jan 17th is the EDD, but we're expecting him/her a bit earlier since I have never made it to my EDD yet. There's a first for everything though, so who knows...
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Hi I'm Nicola (34) I am really happy to be expecting again, even though don't know HOW I'll survive chasing after my DS when I'm the size of a house. #2 is due on #1's 3rd birthday - January 13th

We live in Wilton, CT although originally we're from the UK. Teddy was born in Japan so things are going to be a bit different this time.

I have visions of having a home birth in the middle of a snowstorm. Got some convincing to do before DH buys into that one!
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Originally Posted by Nicola
I have visions of having a home birth in the middle of a snowstorm. Got some convincing to do before DH buys into that one!

Nicola, I had the same thought...especially since my dear friend/midwife lives over 2 hours away!

I bet others here have had this thought as well...home, bc or hosp, it will be snow season for some of us.

But I have missed births before and fast labors, where one would miss the birth, never seem to have time to compromise the babe. This always gives me peace. I am not sure if it really would worry me at my own birth, maybe for a minute but then...I wonder if I would try to listen with my doppler or if I would just do it? I wonder how much of a midwife I will be at my own birth?

Ah, I am such a green primip! Elderly primip, that is.
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I am Suzy (31), this is our second baby on the way and we couldn't be happier or more freaked out!
We're hoping for another hospital Bradley Birth but this time with a doula. Last birth was an unmedicated hospital birth with pitocin. OWIE!
I look forward to getting to know you ladies and hearing your tips on pregnancy with a toddler at home!
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Hello mamas-to-be! I'm Allison, 32 (33 when baby is born) mother of a 2 yo still-nursing ds born in April 2004, & wife of Jason since Sept 1998. We were kinda-sorta TTC. We want more kids but were not overly anxious for it right now.. just were ttc in case it took us awhile, since charting hasn't been working for me (temping doesn't work right now due to ds's night nursing keeping my sleep erratic and spotty). Two months later here I am. I got a 2 weeks ago and decided to pop in here and join the fun. Based on probable O date, which I guessed by CM and O pains, my edd is 1/19/2007, and is more or less the same as edd based on lmp.

DS was born with an OB in a hospital. We had a doula and nearly had an all natural birth, but I ended up with a dose of narcotics halfway through. This time around I am hoping for a home waterbith, but that will depend on whether we can get the money together.

What else... in my life outside of kids, I was a technical writer before staying home with ds, I do some web design, I'm a labor doula, and a big breastfeeding advocate. I love reading, playing games, pilates, bellydance, running, and knitting. That about covers it

Congratulations to you all - thinking sticky thoughts for everyone.
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Hi. My name is Rebekah, I am 24 and will be 25 when this baby is born. My husband is 25 and will be 26.

This pregnancy was a surprise since my ds was only 4 months old when I conceived. I never thought I would be one of "those people" that have babies so close together. I am a bit nervous to say the least. They will be about 12 months apart. This one is due Jan 16 but my babies usually come two weeks and a couple days early... if that is the case this one might be New Year's Baby!

My first, my daughter was born 2 weeks early and was 7 lbs and 14 oz. My second, my son, was also born 2 weeks early and was 9 lbs 12 oz, he had shoulder distocia. So I am really scared that if I follow my previous pattern that this one will be HUGE! I am really scared this one will get stuck too!

My midwife rocks!!! She works in a hospital, but this hospital is all about natural birth and the midwives are there more than the doctors. I love it! She has delivered both of my babies and I didn't tear with either one!! With my son I did it natural, he was huge and his shoulders got stuck. After all that I never tore... I give her a lot of credit! Not to mention my nether regions seem to have been built for babies.

This one will be our last. I am just praying to get to 12 weeks. We had a miscarriage between dd and ds so I am a bit leery whenever I get pregnant.

Hope to see us all stick around!!
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New..And Very Glad to Find this site!

Hello! My name is Christy. 26 years old, married to my high school sweet heart and love of my life Richard. Love with all my heart my step daughter who lives with us Olivia, 5 years old.

I am a Registered Nurse. Attended ETSU where I got my BSN and specialized in high risk pregnancy and deliveries. Live in East TN and LOVE my life. I am highly energetic and love to have a positive outlook always.

Love my job but I will tell you that it is hard to do this for a living and then relate it to a personal level. I miscarried on New Years Day of this year and have been very skeptical since beginning to try to concieve 1 1/2 ago. When I do get pregnant, its so fantastic its like its to good to be true. I know that things are norm, feelings, worrying, etc. but IT FEELS SO GOOD to be able to talk to other people experiencing the same thing to reassure me. Its like when you go to the Dr. and they tell you that everything is alright and you are thinking to yourself..."What is it that they are not telling me?"

EDD: 1/26/07

Its all I want to think and talk about! Its always on my mind!
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Hello, my name is Micheline (35).

Dh and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in Aug. We have 3 children already. We had our first 2 in hospital and our 3rd at home with a midwife. Have not decided yet on where #4 will be born.

We are only just and were somewhat surprised to be . We weren't trying, but weren't preventing either.

I look forward to sharing the next 9 months with you!
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Hello! I'm Jill. I just took a test to confirm my pregnancy yesterday, but I was feeling kind of pregnant and all of a sudden my clothes were fitting funny last week, so I was kind of suspecting. I just got my period back in FEb., so we had just started to kind of try. We're still surprised.

I have a 20 mo old ds who nurses about 100 times a day and is very energetic and demanding. I'm married to a minister. We live in central Saskatchewan, Canada.

Since there are no midwives available in this area and I don't even have a doctor since mine moved last year, I will be giving birth in the hospital, probably with the help of whoever is on call (we live in a fairly small town, and its hard to attract doctors). Ds was born in hospital with an OB because there was a possiblilty of complications, but there weren't any.

I'm a SAHM. I used to teach highschool English and Drama.
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I'm ellie, preggo with number 2! My first is almost 1 : I'm getting married on June 2nd to Chris. Yeah! I'm so happy to be here
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