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New(ish) to slings

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I have used a sling on and off with DD age 6 months. She's never fallen asleep in it. She usually falls asleep with me nursing her. It would be really handy if she would fall asleep in the sling when I'm out and about.

Is it too much to expect her to fall asleep now? Any tips on 'helping' her doze off there? I have a hotsling and am quite big busted so it's not the easiest to nurse her in it.
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If she usually falls asleep nursing, then the easiest way to get her to fall asleep in the sling is to nurse her. If it is too difficult to nurse in your Hotsling, you might think about a ring sling for its adjustability so that you could nurse her. I'm sure she would fall asleep in the Hotsling with movement, but it would just take longer.
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