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Montessori Daycare Centers?

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Does anyone know if there are any Montessori style Daycare centers? I have never heard of any for this young age group but I am looking to go back to work and I would prefer this type of environment for ds who is 13 months old.


Edited to add:

I have my Masters in El Ed but I was looking to work as the ass. dir/ or director (I think, known as head of school in AMI?) of whatever daycare I place my son in so that I am right there if he needs me. I have always been interested in Montessori education so I figured why not pursue it.
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It depends on your area. I'm in colorado and yes there are Montessori Daycare centers though they vary as far as how Montessori they really are. I worked at one that had AMI Directresses (teachers) and was a true montessori environment consisting of several Nido's (infant rooms) and IC's (toddlers) Children at our center were from the ages of 6 weeks to 3 yrs.

There are several chain Montessori childcare centers here that are not "real" IMO as in they have cribs, bouncy chairs, highchairs, etc just to name a few of my complaints. They may have some montessori manipulatives and do some things the Montessori way...anyone can call themselves montessori and charge insane tuition amounts. Anyways end of my rant

As far as being a director you would need to have director qualifications and that varies depending on where you live. I happen to be a few classes short of a director (in my area) though none were attained during my AMI training. To be a Director (as in head of the school) in Montessori you generally need to be trained in Montessori plus Director qualified and usually a degree in early childhood education as well as management experience.

I would find out what's available in your area and then see what they require for the postion you are interested and go from there. Goodluck with it all
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What's the difference between AMS and AMI, also I noticed on another thread that you can get trained in an alternative method.

There aren't any AMI affiliated schools in my area though.
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My dd's Montessori school has a toddler program that starts at 18 months. I don't know of any around here that start younger than that.
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Same here, our school starts at 18 months. We do not have one in our area that starts at a younger age.
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