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ultrasound *update*

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We went and saw the specialist in Denver yesterday. He was a great doctor and real knows his stuff. The baby does have a 2 vessel cord but couldn't find anything wrong with the placenta. So it was good news in a way. We are lucky so far because the baby is measuring a week bigger so right now she is getting the nutrients she needs to grow. The heart and kidneys look good and everything else looked good. We do have to have a ultrasound every month to measure growth and then at 32 weeks we will have to do stress test on the baby every week to check fetal movement. He said we were still a high risk pregnancy but, the baby looked good. We were really impressed with him. He did let us know all the things that "could" go wrong just so nothing "slaps" us in the face but, he thought she should be okay. So right now we are doing good- we will just play it day by day.
Thanks to everyone -- you really helped. You don't know how much your support and information you gave me helped. Oh great here comes the tears. Thanks again. LOL

PS. They confirmed that it was a girl!!! They showed us all the "girl" parts.
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That is wonderful! I'm glad she's big and healthy. Have you overloaded on pink yet?
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Glad to hear things went so well & she is measuring well.
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I am so pleased!

Thanks for the update, we have been all waiting to hear.


It is a great thing to have found such a gentle and wise doc.

Best wishes,

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glad to hear the appointment went well, the specialist had good manners and was also honest but gentle. you sound a lot more at peace now and i will continue to send you lots of peace and wisdom...

congratulations on the girl news!

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Oh I'm so happy that everything looks good! Congrats again on your baby girl
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I'm so relieved!! Thanks for the update, and keep us posted. I'll be thinking of you and your lovely little girl!
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