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Anyone planning a brazilian wax before their birth? TMI! - Page 2

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I had DH shave me with his electric beard trimmer. He had plenty of fun doing it and it was pain-free. The RN at the hospital was surprised to find me shaven, said she'd never seen anyone come in prepared like that and did I mind if she asked how I did it? DH was there and I said, "He did it." She said, "Wow, great idea!"
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Before dd I had full brazilians done monthly (including the butt strip ). It was great. However, I went almost my entire pregnancy not doing it until 38 weeks. OMG, it was awful! I bled so much, which had never happened before! I kept asking the tech to stop and let me breathe. I don't recommend it unless this is something you are doing throughout your whole pregnancy.
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Originally Posted by Sweetiemommy
I usually get brazilian wax, but I don't do it during pregnancy or before birth. I feel like the hair serves to prevent infections from passing into the vagina. I don't have any research to back this up, but I feel like it would help prevent things like strep b or even just help to keep bacteria out after your water breaks. That is just my thinking, but I am all about the brazilian wax - it is really not that painful if you have a good experienced technician. It is a small area .
kind of like nose hairs?
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I did it at 38 weeks pg...not bad at all!

I went ahead and had one at 38 weeks pg and was nervous because I've had them in the past and they hurt. I was very surprised to find that this one hurt MUCH less, in fact I was hardly uncomfortable! I did take 2 tylenol before and practices my hypno birthing techniques during the waxing though, so maybe that helped!
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Originally Posted by Mermaidmomma
I have an electric Lady Remington. And I LOVE it. I get a nice CLOSE shave and the blade part never even hits my skin. Got it at a Walmart
Yep! I have that one too. Works great. Waxing would rip my skin to pieces.
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full brazilian "lover" here

I had a full brazilian done last week (including the butt strip too...) and I was 30 weeks. I do full brazilians regularly though. It didn't hurt more than usual. But I won't recommend it unless you are used to do it for years like I am.

Be careful with shaving because the hair grows more quickly afterwards.....

It's true that hair can prevent infection. However, I hate having hair "down there" and if I don't wax, I get ingown hair and that's disgusting.....

Good luck in finding a solution that suits you!
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Snopes's take on shaving.
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I got waxed 1 month before birth, I reallllly hurt but so worth it IMO.
Midwife said it is safe.
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I know what you mean about the hair getting in the way. I still shave down there, but can't get all up in there like I usually do. It's usually all gone except for a little circle above the goods. Now it's pretty much just the part that would stick out of a bikini that's gone.

I thought about getting a wax, but 1) blood?, and 2) ouch!
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Originally Posted by jenmk View Post
I don't understand how sugaring would hurt less than waxing. Both are pulling hair out by the roots in big chunks . . .
It doesn't hurt less and i never said it doesn't hurt... I just said I've been doing it for years and you kindda get used to the pain after awhile!!!
So anyways I wouldn't reccommend if you haven't tried before..
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I had a brazillian done a few times, but I kept getting strange red bumps / whiteheads - each and every time i had it done. I don't know why.
It wasn't unbearable or anything. Otherwise, shaving is my main means of hygiene. but, that is getting harder and harder. I told DH that he's going to help out soon. he's okay with that.

I'd like to know if sugaring was available in my area. I'd totally try it out!
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without even reading the other replies, all I can say is waxing during pregnancy....especially that far along is torture...let alone having a Brazillian done. I went into labor with 70's bush. I had nobody to impress with my bits and pieces.
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I thought I was the only one wondering what to do with "the bush" before things get up close and personal next month, when I have dd#2.

I intend to enlist dh in the cause...hadn't even considered a wax. This is the best TMI thread going, IMO.
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I just use the Lady Remington. I've had no problem using it while very pregnant. I wax my eyebrows while pregnant, but I don't think I could consider a wax or sugaring of that area.
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Rather, I gave up saving my pubic area (I just trimmed along the sides with my regular ol' razor in the shower) when I became pregnant. I didn't want to mess with the area at all (shaving cream, or even thinking about the area) when I m/c'd and early on in the pregnancy. Then I decided I'd let it all grow out so it'd look nice instead of half-grown-out, esp with all the appts and stuff, and not being able to get down there eventually anyway. What the heck, women must have had it work for them for centuries
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i just used a beard trimmer, what's a couple mm of hair? Actually I also have a great product called bodybare which is excellent for keeping your crotch "bare" without ANY risk of nicking yourself. It's a little time consuming though, more than shaving.. less than epilating so if you have a toddler the option might be out hahah. My 1 year old loves vibrating machines like electric razors, his dad touches the base of his razor to the baby's cheeck when he shaves in the morning, but when I'm concentrating on that area I don't feel like sharing my hair removal device with the baby.
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I regularly get a wax down there, and have had one about four times during this pregnancy....it doesn't hurt that bad really. I think it's totally worth it for the nice clean feeling....
I'm struggling now though to figure out how to fit it in. I'm "due" for one about now, but I'm due for another 7 weeks, so i'm wondering if I should put it off till nearer the time i'm due, but not too close in case I'm early!

One of the beauty therapists told me that she had a woman come in once who's water's had just broken, but she was determined to stay active so she walked there, had all her waxing done (actually had some contractions on the table) and then walked home again and later that day gave birth!
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I shave and trim myself. Cant stand the hair collecting everything

I made the stuff for sugaring and tried it. While I liked the result I didn't care much for the pain.

Dont think I am brave enough to have someone else wax me unless of course dh did it. Dont think he would be willing to subject me to pain though
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I've had regular brazilians (yep, butt strip too ) every 4 weeks for . . . six? years. That sounds right.

I'll keep doing it through my pg - if it gets too uncomfortable, I'll have to figure something else out, but I'm pretty darn used to it, and ITA about not wanting to trap any more PP blood than necessary. . . . .

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I had my first Brazillian this past weekend, I am 18 weeks. I had a bikini wax before and it was very painful but that was years ago. I had heard that it had a lot to do with the person that was doing it which I think is definitely true in my case. This time I was obviously pregnant (wasn't last time) and did the whole thing! I was irritated that evening and a bit the next day. I got red bumps and some whiteheads but that is almost gone. It is my plan to go every 4 weeks or so until this baby arrives.

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