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Problems BF caused by thrush! Any advice?

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I have been having such a hard time BF my DS for months now. Yesterday was the worse. I've posted many questions and received some wonderful and helpful advice from you MDC mamas. But when my DS refused the breast all day yesterday, I met with a lactation specialist at WIC and she wondered if I might have thrush. Went to the doctor today and I do. She perscribed treatment for both of us, but wasn't as helpful as I had hoped and seemed to really hurry our appointment.

First, I explained to the doctor that DS wasn't nursing and my concern about having thrush. Right of the bat she started writing a perscription for us. I asked what it was for, just an anti-fungal she said. She said not to nurse him until I was cured, but checked with another doctor when I made a fuss and then said she'd have to call me to let me know. She gave me no other instructions, no other information.

Do any of you MDC mamas have any other advice? I've heard of probiotics, but where can I buy that? Will my nursing problems be cured after treatment for thrush?
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Is it topical? (Nystatin?)

I was given Nystatin to squirt in dd2's mouth and spread on my nipples when we shared thrush. No need to cease nursing. It cleared up within 36 hours. This is one of the few things I chose to treat allopathically.
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You can definately nurse during thrush. It is just painful. I've battled thrush twice (7 months with 2nd kid, 3.5 months with 3rd). If it's an antifungal, just wash it off before nursing. That being said, I used antifungals and all sorts of things and they didn't work. What finally got rid of my thrush was applying garlic oil to my nipples in between feedings. The excess would wipe off onto a breast pad so my baby wouldn't get a spicy taste in his mouth. I also used oderless garlic oil caplets that I would break open and apply as well as take internally. I learned this trick from a friend in Florida who battles thrush with all her kids because it is so sticky and hot there. Garlic oil was my lifesaver and it is cheap to boot. I still take capsules every day to keep my immune system up and avoid a recurrence. Hugs! Thrush is nasty business.
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Here's some more info on thrush and treatments:


If you're lucky, treatment may work the first time. Depends on the person. But don't wait around if it doesn't clear up, keep trying to treat it. Read the kellymom info for more details.

I'd guess Dr. prescribed Nystatin for your son? I'm curious what she prescribed for you?

Probiotics can be bought at health food shops, Whole Foods supermarket etc. You can buy special ones for babies too.

I think that Dr's supervisor needs to hear about her telling you stop nursing for thrush!! I can't believe how ignorant some of these doctors are.
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Tahnk you for all the replies! Yes, my son was put on Nystatin and I was put on a 1-pill treatment for yeast (generic Dyflucan). I bought some probiotics today and some yogurt, and I planning on sunbathing topless this afternoon--sun will help kill the yeast I hear.
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FWIW, I didn't take anything at all... just smeared on the Nystatin.

Have fun in the sun... just don't get burned! I can't imagine how painful it'd be to have sunburned nipples!!!! OW!!! (And beware of nosy neighbors, as well!!!! )
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Thanks, LadyButler, for the advice (and the laugh ). I will put the Nystatin on my nipples, aswell.
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Re the diflucan - sometimes the 1 pill dose doesn't work on thrush in the breast. More info here:

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vinegar for thrush

i had thrush what seemed like constantly from month 2-4. an ibclc i know said to wash my breast pads with vinegar in the wash as vinegar kills the yeast in a petrie dish within seconds. i took this a step further ( and actually stopped using the pads altogether) and put vinegar on a cotton ball and swabbed it over my nipple area before showering daily. this way i didn't have to try and scrub it off like i did the antibiotic, plus the bonus of not having to give him antibiotics which didn't seem to help.I also stopped using lanolin as it feeds the yeast. whenever I felt like I might need to, I swabbed again for preventive measures. good luck!
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My ped had me swab Gentian Violet on my nipples and in son's mouth. Worked like a charm. Course it stained like mad so be prepared... And cutie pie DS went around with a purple mouth for a few days... but it worked fine for us.
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Oh I'm sorry you had to go through that! I went through the same thing when my younger daughter when she as three months old. I didn't notice it until I had a huge open sore on my breast. We used oral nystatin for and topical stuff for me. The deal was that I just had to apply the sutff after I was done nursing. I chose to do the nystatin cause it had gotten so bad. Boy do I remember that pain, however. I was so determind that I just nursed through it, and it got better eventually. Gentian violet does do the trick too as well, I've hear that works.
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