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Starting out w/ NT?

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I have the NT cookbook, it is so overwhelming to read! I would love tips on how to ease into it. What do I need to make first, to get the basics down. ALso, where do you buy all those bones and stuff for the stock? I have some beef ribs from the beef we buy yearly (no anti, hormones, ect.) but I'm not sure where to purchase good quality meat/soup bones. Should I just call the local locker plant, and tell them I want only a hormone/anti. free leftovers And is my soup pot the same as a stock pot, or do I need to purchase a seperate stock pot. Recomendations? Tips? Help me!!!
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Feel free to join the May NT thread. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the beginning. I found that Eat Fat Lost Fat has better details on how to start. Cupboard cleanout/shopping trips/detailed menu plans.

Are you new to whole foods diet? What type of diet where you on before.

If the soup pot is big enough it will work for stock. I llike the big stock pot I have as it holds more.

Buying bones? have you looked for local farmers? eatwild.com maybe. I bought a 1/4 cow last year and it included lots of soup bones. Can always start with a whole chicken too.

I can't think right now, gotta get the babe, but in old nt threads I know someone mentioned the top 5 things to do first.
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answering quick, but we have been eating a whole foods diet for about a year, I got a grain mill in Jan.,and a bread machine, so I make my own bread w/ those. I get my food froma food co-op of mainly organics, ect.

Thanks! I will check back tomorrow to see if anyone has any advice for me.
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I just keep getting the NT cookbook out of the library every once in a while, and here's been my easing in solution - I'm just trying things that are the easiest transitions for us right now, and then once they become habit, I'll get the book out again and start doing other stuff! Unfortunately in Canada it's illegal to sell raw milk, so I'll have to be creative in finding a source for that, but I use organic whole milk products as the best I can do for now. Some of the things I've started doing are: Making whey and using the curds to make our own cream cheese. Eating more raw foods in our day, especially making a point of eating far more raw veggies and fruit, but also fish as that's the easiest. Upping our egg intake. Soaking oatmeal overnight, and now I've started soaking my whole grain flour for pancakes overnight. I've been buying saurkraut but would like to experiment with making my own soon - next step! That, and really committing to making my own soup stock! There are tips at the back of the cookbook as to essential changes to make, and those helped - but beyond that, it's been a process of figuring out what works for our lifestyle to start with! I'm curious to hear what others have to say!
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Spend some time reading old NT threads from the past few months, and visit westonaprice.org
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