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Does anyone know how long it takes Social Security to issue your newborn a number? Do they mail you a card? My insurance wants a number for my son, but he does not have one yet.
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I think it depends on when your birth certificate was issued. (longer if you're like me and only just yesterday dropped the papers off at town hall)

I want to say that I remember it taking one or two months.

I got the same letter from my insurance company, but I think they realize that it all takes a few months.

The card does come in the mail.
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Noah's card came really quickly...just a couple of weeks, from what I remember.
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We also got our card (via mail) very quickly, but the hospital took care of the paperwork. I just had to check some box that said "please request a social security number for me."
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We filed the paperwork the day after ds3 was born, and his SS card came around 6 weeks. We were told to expect 12-15 weeks. We haven't seen a birth certificate yet.
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In my town, you don't automatically get a birth certificate.
I filed our paperwork in person, and to leave with a notarized copy of the birth certificate cost $10.
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We got ours within 2 weeks. I think it does have something to do with filing the birth certificate. The hospital did all our paperwork.
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We just got ours in the mail yesterday. Ds was born Mar 15.
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