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weird headaches

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I have never really had a problem with headaches much before, but here lately I've been getting them almost every day. Before they weren't too bad, and if they were Tylenol would usually knock it right out. But now the Tylenol is not even touching them. They're weird because they seem to radiate from one spot on the right side of my forehead. That area is really tender when I'm having one of these headaches and it hurts to press on it. Any idea what would cause this? At times it get so bad the whole right side of my face hurts.
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I've had sinus headaches like that and migraines too where my whole head is tender to the touch... was your bp okay when you went in the other day for your prenatal?

I hope you're feeling better!
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I'd let your mw/doc know cuz my mw always asks if I've had any headaches at all.

Hope you feel better.
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My blood pressure has always been fine. I haven't mentioned it to my doc because up until recently they haven't been too bad. She does always ask about headaches though. I'm going to tell her when I go back on Monday though. I wish I could see her before Monday though- in labor and delivery!
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Sometimes not drinking enough water will give me a headache, are you getting enough fluids?
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I think so. I've been guzzling water like it's going out of style. I just can't figure it out. I'm hoping they'll go away after the baby is born. What's so weird to me is that it's that one spot that hurts so bad.
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I considered preeclampsia, but my blood pressure has been fine, no swelling whatsoever (big change from last pregnancy!) and they check my urine every time I go- the last time was Wednesday. I am going to tell my doc about them Monday, but I'm thinking it's sinus stuff now. My allergies have been acting up and now I think I'm coming down with dh's cold.: Of course, he's been in bed for three days (except for the time he's had to work), while I of course will have to suffer through and continue taking care of ds and keeping the house in order so it won't be a wreck when the baby comes, 9 months pregnant or not.
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Originally Posted by merrick
I'm thinking it's sinus stuff now. My allergies have been acting up and now I think I'm coming down with dh's cold.:
OK, here's my miracle cure for that - get a neti pot and learn how to use it - sooo helpful for sinus issues. It seems really wierd at first but it works.
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