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Aloha! Leilani Richert is here!!! Update: Birth story post 13

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After a very fast unplanned unassisited homebirth 2vbac Leilani Richert arrived safely this side of heaven early Friday morning May 5 @ 3:47 am weighing in at 8 lbs and 6 ozs, 20 inches long. Mom and baby are resting comfortably at home. Birth story to follow...
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Welcome Leilani!

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Sounds exciting!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
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OH I have ALWAYS loved the name Leilani! How BEAUTIFUL! *CONGRATULATIONS!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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Wow, congratulations!! I can't wait to read more about it!
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Congratulations, can't wait to hear the exciting birth story!!!
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Congratulations beautiful name
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YAY! Welcome Leilani!

Looking forward to reading your birth story!!

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Woohoo, congrats and welcome baby girl! Another very cool April baby name
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Congrats Kimberly!!
We both finally had our naturaL BIRTH.

Mom to 5 daughters
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OH how cool!!!! I cannot wait to hear the birth story Congrats and welcome baby Leilani! What an amazing name.
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Update: unassisted homebirth story

I was awakened at 2:33 am by my youngest to use the bathroom I noticed I was having contractions and after sending her back to bed I laid back down and started timing them. They were 3 to 4 minutes apart and 1 minute long and getting uncomfortable. At 3:00 am my husband asked "What is going on?" and I told him that I couldn't lay down anymore and that I needed to get up. So I got up and sat on the birth ball and tried to get comfortable and I just couldn't. We called my doula and she said "Well, do you want to come here or should I come there? (I had the option of birthing at her house if I didn't think I would make it to the hospital 40 minutes away, she designed her home for just that as she had put in a double jacuzzi so the husband could get in as well and a boudoir(?)) She said to think about it and call her back. Well I needed to go to the bathroom and had a huge contraction on my way there. I sat down and my waters broke. I was on the phone with her telling her to come and she could at least help me to the van and follow us to the hospital... I stood up and I felt the baby slide down and then had a contraction that completely over took my body and I just went with it and bore down and felt baby moving down. Next contraction I felt the head come out. I could hear my husband on the phone telling our caregiver for the girls who was coming with us that we were going to the hospital and I said "Bob, the baby's here." He said "What?!" He looked saw the head out and I said "The next contraction baby is coming out." and she did just that as he got down to catch her, He said "It's a girl!" I said "okay let me have her" and he handed her to me and I sat down and held her oh so close to me in utter disbelief and amazement that I just had her at home and unassisted at that. Our doula hurried in 10 minutes later and my wonderful midwife a minute after her and took over to the great relief of my husband. They both helped me up and birth the placenta. She was born at 3:47 am. Weighed 8lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long. At 6:15 am my midwife then got a call that another mama was in labor and so she had to go, (she was busy that morning as that mama gave birth at 9am out on a lanai (porch) in a birthing tub, how beautiful.) My doula stayed until just after lunch after she cleaned up my place, went shopping with my husband for some things and did my dishes. She was wonderful!

What a wonderful experience to give birth at home, I would do it again in a heartbeat!
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What a BEAUTIFUL birth story!!
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