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toothache and freaking out

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It is almost 5am, and I have been sitting in my bed with an ice pack on my face for almost 5 hours...

I have had this bad cavity for a couple months now, and I was stupid to ignore it. I am really afriad to get any dental work done while pregnant, and it hasn't hurt at all.

Well, I woke up at midnight in terrible pain. Obviously, my cavity has become something else. I am sure it sounds whiney to be this upset about a toothache, but I have a pretty high pain threshhold and I would call this an 8 out of 10 type pain.

I am due on Sunday though. I can't even think straight right now. I will call the midwife around 7am I guess and ask her opinion. Right? Is that weird?
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Definately call your midwife & then your dentist. If it has abcessed, or become infected in any way, it can be of concern to your health & baby's. I am sure there are ways the dentist can help you that are safe. Good luck & let us know how you make out.
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Definately call! The last thing you want is to be miserable and trying to adjust to life with a new baby. You also don't want the infection to spread!

I know completely how you feel about any dental work during pregnancy. I'm the same way. I also let something minor slip by because I was waiting until baby arrived. In February it became abcessed and infected and I was awake in pain for days straight. I ended up going to the dentist and got stuck with vicoden to sleep and penicillin for the infection, and then a partial root canal to remove the cavity. I was so upset. Nothing homeopathic, natural or even OTC would help at all. I have to go back a few weeks after baby is born to complete my root canal (have temp filling on it now) since he only did the absolute minimum to relieve pain while pregnant.
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I called the midwife and she told me that I needed to get the tooth taken care ASAP. I was able to find a dentist that was able to see me right away. That's the good news.

The bed news is that I needed TWO!! root cannals and was in the dentist's chair for almost 2 uncomfortable hours. And my face really hurts even though he put shot after shot of novicaine in my mouth. And it set us back $4k after the crowns are in. I am so over-the-moon upset about it because we have been saving really hard for me to stay home this year.

I know it is just money and a few days of pain, but I am so tired and achey that I am really having a pity party.
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I've been in the process of getting my first root canal this past month. I was putting things off when nursing, then I got pg again, etc. Finally a month ago, I decided to go in. Not good. Luckily, I have just had novacaine and it's been fine. I get the crown this Wed. since my dentist is nice enough to finish it for me before the baby. She said that she didn't want it to be killing me with pain while I was in labor or at home with a newborn. It really stinks, though.

Hope you get it all taken care of.
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Ouch. You poor thing - I hope it heals quickly. I know my dentist adventures set us back about $2600 which was totally unexpected and just added to the pain of the tooth. Glad you got it taken care of though.

Get lots of rest and heal quickly!
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