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freezing soup

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I made a huge pot of veggie soup last night. I'm not a big soup eater but my kids love it. What can I use to freeze it in kid size portions? I was thinking the little glass jars that you use for jelly? or maybe smaller ziplock bags inside of a gallon frezzer bag?
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I freeze it in old yogurt containers. The glass jars would probably work great, too, as long as you leave a little room for the soup to expand, so the jar doesn't crack.
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Yup, I usually freeze smaller portions in smaller ziplocks and then put them all in a big one. I fill both sandwich sized bags (for if only one child wants soup) and quart sized bags (for when they're both in the mood), so we only thaw what we're going to use.
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Thanks. My FIL ended u ptaking it home with him. It was yummy.
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