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Dipaer bag

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Okay, what do need for a diaper bag? We seldom go out, but when we do it's like for 11 hours (daytime). We'll cloth diaper with mostly prefolds, but if it's eaiser I can just pack AIOs when we go out. BF obviously, but maybe pump a bit because I'm not sure how comfortable I'm going to be nursing in pubic.

Any suggestions, ideas, what worked for you?

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This is going to change as baby gets older. For a newborn, we pack (or wear) sling, diapers, wipes, and change of clothes. The sling is a great multi-purpose item -- keeps baby warm , can provide privacy as you're getting comfortable nursing, can be a changing pad, provide a blanket to sit on, etc. *Maybe* one of those cool haba toys for babies, usually I end up playing with them more than an infant! A sling with a pocket is great because you can fit all your items in one. Bottle of water for me. The rest is, for us, needless baggage.

When baby gets older I find I need to bring along an actual bag for solid-food snacks, small books or toys, bulkier diapers for bigger baby, etc.

I guess if you're going to be out that long you might want to bring a change of shirt for yourself (spit up, drool, leaking, take your pick). I've read to pack one diaper for every hour you are out (for a newborn). You might need a bag after all if you're hauling around that many diapers!!
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I've always been rubbish at being prepared when out and about and ended up improvising and I'm expecting number 4!

A sling is a must so you need to find a bag that you can use with a sling - an over the shoulder bag can slip a lot with the sling on which is annoying.

If you're using cloth then more liners that nappies can be a good idea becuase if the poo hasn't escaped onto the nappy and it isn't too wet you can just lay in a fresh liner. Obviously a wet bag is also needed!

A change of underclothes for the babe and maybe a top for you if you leak or as the pp said get spit up on. Also wear something with easy access to feed in like a tshirt+cardi twin-set kind of combo so you can pull the shirt up but still keep your side and belly sort of covered.

Face cloths or small wipe cloths for cleaning up and a small spray bottle for water (and maybe a little oil) fix most things from nappy change to washing faces.

I can't think of anything else at the moment but I would say don't worry about nursing in public: you do what you have to do and carrying around bottles and pumps and stuff will be a real pain.
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Just piping in, not really answering your question -- check out http://www.bluegrassmoon.com for some amazing diaper bags.
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I used to keep a big diaper bag in the car with a couple of clothes changes for baby and an extra shirt for me and lots of diapers/wipes and then a smaller bag to actually carry with me with just a few diapers and a change of clothes and some baggies for the dirty stuff. Also some washcloths for spitups or drool. Then if I needed extra stuff it was just in the car.
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i just wanted to note, the first time we went out for the day, I packed maybe 2 outfits and went thrøugh both with explosive poops!! If you are breastfeeding, know that poops can be very runny and explosive, so you may need a few changes of clothes with a newborn. I would pack just one piece things to save room.
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Okay,I"m thinking I'm just going to go with a big mongo bag... because when we do go out, it's a loooonnng time, and over an hour from home (one of the perks to living in the middle of nowhere ) Those bags from bluegrassmoon are super cute, I'd seen them before I can just leave the bag in the truck and tuck a diaper and wipes in the sling with baby I guess. Or maybe have 2, or I don't know...

what DO you do if you're in the middle of shopping and have a poop blow out? Just leave the cart and go fix it and then hopefully your cart is still there? I"m such a dork, but I am just trying to see how this would all work in Costco, yikes!

And we'll pack like complete changes of clothes for baby, maybe like 5! Who knows... it'll all work out.

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I am done with diaper bags, since I can never find one that doesn't look so "cutesy," so I have decided to carry a back pack with me where ever me and the family go. I'll keep some extra clothes, a couple bottles, formulas and the like in there, and that will be that! I'm sure I'll forget to put something important in there on occasion, but hopefully that won't be the case.
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Duh! I'll just do that... I still have a perfectly good backpack from high school. Don't know why I was so caught up in a separate diaper bag... I can fit plenty in my backpack and it isn't so dorky that DH wouldn't mind carrying it.

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I would often leave my house all day long by the time DD was 2 months.

I would pack two bags.

One small one to bring in places that went over my shoulder.
To carry a diaper, a cover, wipes, changing pad, and dirty diaper bag. Plus my wallet, cel and other items needed in store, restaurant etc.

I would also have a larger bag for extra clothes diapers etc. I would allways have an extra shirt for me because being in a yucky spit up on shirt all day was nasty.

I woulden't worry about bringing bottles they are a pita and if you are ebf and not introducing bottles regularly your baby won't accept them ( at least this is my experience).

If you are modest you can allyas go to your car or find a dressing room at the mall. Also nursing in a sling can be very discreet with the right clothes.
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you can leave some extra diapers and changes of clothes in the car for an emergency. then just carry what you need. maybe a blanket or sling depending on the outing. diapers, wipes, plastic /wet bag. snack and water for you. pads for you in the early weeks.
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