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Getting ready to BF #2- Questions? TMI...

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Hi ladies- Im due June 6 with DS #2 and I want "prep" my breasts for the long haul ahead. With my first son , I did nothing to prepare for breastfeeding, had no clue what I was doing but was committed to BFing. I wound up with mastitis and my DS and I were back in the hospital less than a week after his birth b/c he wasnt latching on right and wasnt getting any milk. It was a horrible horrible nightmare, and so scary. Thank god for my pediatrician and the LC... they helped me get things on the right track and my DS #1 and I BF'ed for almost 3 years. It turns out my nipples were "flat" and there wasnt much for DS to latch onto. I wound up wearing those shell thingys for a while until nipples were drawn out. I feel like I should start wearing those shell thingys again, but I really cant remember how long it took for my nipples to pop out into something latch-able. Any suggestions re: when to start wearing them? Also, I remember leaking a lot of milk with them. Will my wearing them make my milk arrive early? Will I lose colostrum before babe arrives?

Probably Im overanalyzing this- I am SOOO good at over analyzing things -
but if anyone out there has any ideas or thoughts for me, I'd sure appreciate it...
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Don't worry about your milk arriving early or losing the colustrum. When you deliver the placenta, that is the trigger for your body to start producing milk.

One of my nipples was a bit flat but I didn't do anything to prepare for my 2nd. Didn't have any problem with him latching on, at least not for that reason. I guess it depends how severe it is.

You'll probably find it all a lot easier the 2nd time around.
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well thats a releif about the placenta starting milk production, i wont worry about that part of things. im still not sure if i should "bust" out the shells or not (ha ha)....
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I wouldn't recommend (for what it's worth) using nipple shields while BFing. You can certainly use them before birth to see if it helps. Dr Jack Newman recommends using a (needleless) syringe to suction out the flat nipple right before BFing, then BF as usual.

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I agree with the last poster. I have flat nipples, one worse than the other, and with my first I wore those nipple shields wihle pregnant and I didn't find they made any difference at all. After the birth someone showed me the suction trick and it worked so much better. It takes a few weeks of breastfeeding before your nipples will be consistenly "out" more.

Dont' worry about the colostrum. Your body starts producing milk near the beginning of the third trimester. Think of the women who nurse an older sibling while pregnant...your body simply continues to make colostrum as needed until your "real" milk comes in a few days after the birth. It's all hormones, and your body knows what to do!
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(pssst, Noah and Dylan are my 2 favorite names in the world, my 1st son would have been Dylan and #2 would be Noah if only I could have gotten DH on board...)

OK, No nipple sheilds for me. I still am "out" a little from nursing #1, so I can probably do the suction trick if what I have now does not suffice. Where can I get the syringes? I be having CS #2 at the hospital so probably someone there can help point me in the direction of some suction, or the LC...I assume...
Oh theres my screaming 4 yr old....... must go... thnks ladies...
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you might also be able to use a manual pump to draw out the nipples before feedings. I did that a little bit at first with mine because before giving birth my nipples didnt get hard very often or for very long. Now they are much better at staying hard for her to latch onto.
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thats a good idea, too. jeesh i have so much to do in the next 4 weeks. I have no idea where the GD pump is in the 1st place.
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Here's an extractor for you that can be used for other things too.

Forgot about the manual BP.
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Ina May Gaskin

says to have your DH suck on your nipples. No husband? Use a puppy.
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I was thinking that but didn't know if I should write it, except for the puppy part.
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