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I LOVE being the weird one!! Just wait till they see my blooming container gardens and realize I make all of my own bread!

We don't intend on telling anyone about not vaxing. For us it is a non-issue. When we are asked how Tracy takes his shots we just down play it.

Of course they think I'm odd because he is still mainly bf'ed. I guess when they hit one they expect me to give him a glass of cows milk with dinner!

Just wait till they really get to know me....they can hear the crunch a mile away!!
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When I saw the title...I knew this was the thread for me...
My oldest was the first bf baby to be in our church in over 15 years...No one understood why I didn't want them to give her a toy bottle during bible class. We heard, "you don't use a crib?!?" quite a lot. All of the other parents in our church do spank, most not frequently though. Sadly, spanking has been preached from the pulpit before.
They have gotten use to me now, though, but I'm still the "nut"
Recently we have a newer member who is bfing her 3rd and sleeps with her babies..that is until they turn 1 when she weans them AND puts them in a crib!!!
But I have converted her to cloth diapering and homeschooling...so maybe I can changer her mind on other things too.
I pray daily that I can be an example to the other people in church...I see it as my personal mission work.
They are now letting me use one of the rooms for LLL meetings...we're moving up.
I think I will always be the weird one there though.
Now that we are converting to a vegan diet, it's worse!
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You know what's funnY? It wasn't until I actually started going to church that I turned more toward the AP way of life. Though I must say straight out that I am not totally 100% AP - still learning the ropes and researching on issues!

Anyway - My church at the time was so supportive of families and doing everything you could to support your children and raise them in God's family. Yet, they weren't so arrogant as to say that they knew the only way to biblically raise children. I was never looked down upon for BFing - actually quite a few mom's would whip out a boob during service and you could hear a collective latch on! I personally did not cloth diaper (one out of dipes now and one on the verge of using thepotty), but I did run the nursery and noone ever batted an eye at cloth diapering mamas - the only issue for a couple workers was "how the heck do I put this thing on?" When our pastor did a sermon on parenting he always presented both sides/opinions of the topic. He would give his interpretation of what he thought God was saying through the Bible but was also very quick to say that we each needed to do biblical reading on our own, pray for guidance, and do what we felt God was leading us to do. I was so grateful for that church community - very supportive of all the congregation and very loving. I also felt very biblically based too. Unfortunately, we moved 6hrs away a couple of months ago and have yet to find a church like that., I was spoiled there! Don't know what the people will think of me in this town, but I guess I really don't care. As long as my kids grow up and can say Thanks Mom - you were awesome! That's all that matters!
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we were taught AP by our lovely diverse punk-rock, bible-teachin', Jesus Lovin', vineyard church in chicago, but alas things change. our new arizona church seems to be less AP and less alternative than I would have at first thought. I have met many homeschoolers, but the idea of eb seems a bit foreign. i always assume the babies at least are nursing and asked one woman if her middle child was still nursing and I got the what are you crazy look. her children had all weaned at about seven months because nursing made her feel awful. she was still carrying her one-year-old in the bucket EVERYWHERE to keep him contained and his head and feet were sticking out several inches. He rides in the car like that too!!!!!
Anyway, I have given up on the blue hair, and dh and I don't do christian rap to Lauryn Hill and Kirk Franklin hits in front of this church. we do cloth diaper and nurse for three years or so, and co-sleeping, and we are vegans. we do our best to put the emphasis on GOD when we are at church but we don't deny who we are and we are ADVOCATES for those little people popping out of mommies (many of whom need extra-prayin because they are born in those germ-filled hospitals in a drug0induced way). I can't say I feel like much of an example many days and I want to MAKE FRIENDS at this new place. How do we balance our weirdness with our desire for community, and how do we relate to other christian mommas while not alienating them with our different choices? I guess we keep on praying that we won't turn out as dogmatic and dismissove of opposition as ezzo....
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