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How many waterbaby twins do we have here?

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I just noticed in Elliesmom siggy that her twins were born in the water. Mine were and so were Sarahloughmiler's. I think I read one of lovehomebirthing's was born in the water, too. Add yourself to the list, I would love to hear stories. My midwife had done 7 sets of twins before me and I was the first twin waterbirth. It doesn't seem to be very common.
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Yup mine are waterbabies. We didn't really plan for a definite waterbirth. I just wanted to have the pool in order to be able to labor in water. I was only in the water for about 10 minutes before I started pushing and I wasn't about to go anywhere!! They are just 14 minutes apart, so there wasn't time to get out of the water even if I'd wanted to (which I didn't). I have been meaning to post my birth story for a while now...I'll do it soon!

We were the 6th or 7th twin birth my mw had attended, and I'm not sure if the others were waterbirths. She attends alot of amish women, so I am guessing not. I do know a few other moms whose singleton births she attended around the time my twins were born and they were all waterbirths. I think my mw really likes to do them. She really encouraged me to get in the pool...I was in transition at the time, so I would have probably birthed upside down on the roof if she'd suggested it at that point! Seriously though, it was a beautiful experience.
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Yep, my first twin was my waterbaby. I wanted to give birth to the 2nd one in the water as well but I wasn't progressing fast enough for my own taste so I got out to speed things along. FWIW, my waterborn twin is the laid back one of the two. My waterborn singleton was also more calm (as a baby) then my land born singleton.
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Mine were born 15 minutes apart both in the water. I got in the water right away and tried to get out once and it was horible so back in I went and stayed! My twins were the 1st set and probably the last that my midwife has done.
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Yup, mine were waterbabies. Actually all 4 of my children are waterborn babies. I just posted my story in the homebirthed twins thread. They were 9 minutes apart and my son even opened his eyes in the water and looked around before his body was born.

I think it would feel strange to have a land birth. My twins were also the first waterbirthed twins my midwives have witnesses/attended.
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