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swelling ?

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On Wednesday Ds and I flew from Seattle to Florida. On the airplane my hands and feet because swollen....not too much just enough for me to feel it and be somewhat uncomfortable! I thought it was just from being on the plane...But it really hasn't gone away. It is worse in the morning than in the evening but last night it was really a pain to get off my ring. So I'm wondering is this normal? It's too early to call my midwife since her office doesn't open till 9 pacific time....and we are planning to be out all day today....any thoughts on what I can do
Oh and for those who don't know me I'm 11 weeks pregnant.
Ds just woke so I gotta run....
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Take your rings off while you still can! I almost waited too long.

Soaking in a pool can help reduce swelling.
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Drink a boatload of water....
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I haven't had this particular problem yet, but one book I read suggested making sure that you get up and move around every hour or so to reduce swelling. The author said this is good advice anytime, but especially when pregnant and especially when flying. Here's hoping that your swelling goes down!

I've been thinking of buying an inexpensive plain band in a larger size, so that I have something to wear later in pregnancy. Friends have had strangers make rude comments to them about being visibly pregnant with no wedding ring. Of course, it doesn't matter what rude strangers think, but the last thing I need when I'm emotional and vulnerable is to deal with idiot comments like that.
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