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We cut off our cable service!

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- which essentially means no TV at all, since you can't get any reception in our area w/o rabbit ears - funny how you have to pay to get 'normal' channels). It was a lifestyle choice, DH and I realizing that we were watching the tube instead of getting stuff done that we wanted to do - especially now that we have 11 month old DS, there are just not enough hours in the day! And we didn't want DS exposed to a lot of TV - we've rarely let him watch regular channels and have never played DVDs for him (we did, however, keep our Netflix subscription, for those nights that we are desperate for mindless activity!)

Have to say - it's only been off since Wednesday, and I am feeling withdrawal! Scary to know how addicting it can be. On the flip side, we are talking and reading and bbq-ing much more than before, which is a very cool thing.

Just thought I'd share....
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Good for you!!! There are days I would love to throw the T.V. out the window, but I know that it would come creeping back in!lol I am incredibly selective about the shows and DVD's 4 y/o DS is allowed to watch. It is very rare we turn it on during the day. DS prefers to listen to the satelite radio or a CD when we are in the house.
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We've never had cable, so we never miss it. We do have rabbit ears on top of the TV, but all we ever watch is the occasional DVD anyway...there are so many better things to be doing!
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Congrats! We haven't had cable either and we don't get any channels without it as well. We just got a tv a few months ago actually and use it for movies or watching our home videos. We let DD watch one of her shows (DVD episodes) most days now that she's almost 3, but we rarely watch movies on it.

It's liberating isn't it? I'm sure the withdrawal symptoms will lessen soon for you. There are so many other things to do... like be on the computer!
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Yeah!!!! We just cut ours too, although it won't officially turn off until June
6th. to you in your endeavor!
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Congrats on the decision!

If you're going through serious withdrawl, rabbit ears aren't so bad. The picture won't be as clear, but it's doable. I haven't had cable since DH and I got married 8 years ago, and I don't miss it a bit.
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You did the right thing. We just got cable a month ago, because it was dirt cheap with the internet and digital phone service. But ya know what? I think I'm gonna disconnect it, because it has changed our lives for the worse. I guess I'll go buy some new rabbit ears.
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We just did this too(disconnected cable when we moved into our new house), but we do have a rooftop antenna, so we get all the networks in. And since there's absolutely nothing on for over half the day on network television, it's been staying off. It has helped me get stuff around the house done quicker and in a more timely manner.
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