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HOW to keep it clean?

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So my house is what I'd call semi-clean right now. We had about 30 people over on Sunday for a party. Toys picked up, vacuumed everywhere, dishes all done, and the load from yesterday is running now, bathroom scrubbed, kids rooms straightened, litter box changed ( )

My secret stash? ALL my dirty laundry is shoved under my bed. And mail/bills/kids school papers are shoved in a bag.

HOW do I keep up on this? We are having dd's birthday party in two weeks, so I'd like to not to be frantic all over again the day before. I know what I should do but HOW? Also a friend dropped off a garbage bag full of clothes for littlest dd, probably dont fit until Fall so I should just put that away. Or should I sort by size first? heeeeeeelllllpppppppp

ideas and lists appreciated.
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Get your home organized and don't buy more stuff!!! I found great toy bins at Fred's (like Big Lots) that are deep and hold a lot of toys that are awesome. Here's a pic of one (it's in the corner): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...z/dcp_0422.jpg

This has made a huge difference with the cleaniness of the kids' rooms.

Cut down on clutter, give or sell stuff, refuse to buy more, etc..Also alloting a certain amount of time each day to cleaning certain areas and doing it every day so it doesn't pile up really help!!

I know it's so depressing to have the house spotless and then 2 seconds later it's filthy..It's so sad!!
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As for that garbage bag full of clothes.... Sort through it and get rid of anything that is stained, torn, worn out or you know you just won't dress your daughter in for ANY reason. Then sort by size and season into bins or boxes that you can store in the basement, attic, under bed or wherever. Make sure the boxes are clearly labeled with the size, season, and gender or your daughters name where you can easily see it while they are stored. It doesn't take long to do and will save you many headaches!
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I've finally come to the realization that I can either clean a little bit throughout the day, or be totally overwhelmed by the mess at the end of the day and be hating life while I pick it up!

There is probably a fine line between becoming obsessive about picking up stuff, and just cleaning though Now that my house is clean and decluttered, it makes me crazy if something is out of it's place. I just clean as I walk through the room. If I see a shirt on the floor, I put it away right then. Even if it means running all the way upstairs. Or you could do what I've seen several people recommend...put baskets in each room and put all the items that don't belong in that room in the basket and then clean out the baskets each night. I just like to do it a little at a time....probably every couple of hours.
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