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I promised DH that I would be ready at 4 weeks... that is next Friday. I was told to wait 6 weeks, but everything basically has felt fine since about 1 week PP. So he is counting the minutes and I'm praying that nothing rips!

Lydia- congrats on taking the plunge! I think I'm going to be the same way regardless of how in the mood I've been!
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With my first, I had no desire until my cycle came back when she was around a year old. This time, baby is 3 1/2 weeks, I had sex dreams last night and I'm actually kind of looking forward to DTD! Of course that makes me paranoid that AF will return too soon.

So, yeah, relax, take it slow, and use lots of lube. I think we had to "try" several times before I actually enjoyed it.

This time I'm not going in for an exam until 8-10 weeks because I'm going to get the Paraguard IUD and MW wants to wait until my uterus is completely done shrinking back down. I'm actually glad to have the extra couple weeks because I'm scared of having the speculum in there right now, even though everything feels fine. It just feels a little different. And I know it won't hurt...it didn't hurt last time at 6 wks but I'm still scared anyway.
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Ummm. I could have written your post! Does that answer your question?

But, suddenly today something dawned on me. I PASSED AN 8 POUND KID FROM DOWN THERE! WHY AM I AFRAID OF THAT LITTLE THING?
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But, suddenly today something dawned on me. I PASSED AN 8 POUND KID FROM DOWN THERE! WHY AM I AFRAID OF THAT LITTLE THING?

There is a skit from Mad TV where the mom has just delivered and the dad is like..wink wink..lets go honey..and she tells him..are you crazy! that would be like a pencil in a mine shaft!!!

cracks me up every time i see it!!!
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I remember a joke along the same lines, but that one called it "throwing a hotdog down a hallway"
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Speaking of which, how long is it supposed to take before your muscles go back to "normal"? I've been doing kegels, but I think it's going to take quite a while longer before things seem like they were before the baby came out.

Is that too much TMI for ya?
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We finally took the plunge when I was 4 weeks post partum and it HURT! We used lube... I'm terrified to try again. I read online that breastfeeding women can expect this to be the case for a few months up to a year because estrogen levels are much higher than normal. Sigh... Luckily my mate is so busy finishing up grad school that he's fine with waiting. He's even more sleep deprived than I am!
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Well, we finally did it last night. Saturday will be 7 weeks. I had prepared DH for what I needed from him (slow, gentle, etc). So, last night I got ds nursed to sleep, put him in his swing, took a bath, drank some wine, shaved my legs, lotioned up, put on a pretty gown, turned on some music and took our time (used lube too!).

It wasn't that bad! I did have to remind him twice to be gentle, but all in all...not nearly as bad as I had expected. I enjoyed it...I'll put it that way.
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