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Amy Jo is here

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Amy Jo arrived May 4 at 7:19pm .
Weighing in at 9lbs 11ozs 19inches long.
She was born at a birth center 2 hours and 19 minutes after arriving!
My first drug-free birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom to 5 daughters
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Congratulations, welcome baby girl. Your husband has his work cut out for him, 6 Girls, I love it!!!!
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Congrats on your newest daughter!!!
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Welcome Amy!

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Congratulations Allison!! way to go on your birth!!

Welcome baby Amy Jo!!!!

: : : :
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Congrats Mama and welcome Amy Jo!!

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congrats!!!! Isn't it such a high to do it without drugs?!? I felt so wonderful, too!!!

Welomce Amy Jo!!!!
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Congrats Allison and welcome sweet baby gil!
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